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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 16 March 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Arceneaux, Annie "Stella" Tabor
Barlow, Ronald David
Beatmann, Amelia Blanche
Blundell, Gordon Lane, Sr.
Brocato, Stella Jenkins
Broussard, Mable Hulin
Caballero, Herbert "Cabbie" W., Sr.
Coogan, Gregory Brian
Cook, Johnie Younger
Cooper, Gayle E.
Crockett, Ethel Mae Jenkins Hunt
Dammann, Elois Evelyn
Drury, Elizabeth Quinn
Egan, Madelyn Lastras
Estopinal, Mercedes
Faciane, Vivian Fricke
Fisher, William B. "Bill"
Fontana, Rosalie "Salena" Carollo
Galloway, Madeline Martha
Garretson, Joseph Randolph, III
Ginn, Trobie E.
Gould, Janice Mary Sissac
Hazard, Joyce Van
Hendry, James B., Jr.
Hester, Geraldine
Hewlett, Ada Ligia Gomez Diottau De
Howard, Helen Watkins Clesi
Kaufmann, Margaret Mae Steinberg
Kirn, Margaret
Landry, Thomas Hugh "Tommy"
Langenhennig, Dorothy  "Ducky" Dicks
Lee, Columbus C.
Lee, Virginia
Leitz, Jemison "Jim"
Marange, Ophelia Ann "Pet"
Martin, Lucille Flaune
Mauthe, Catherine Meyer
McGill, Shelton Craig
Melancon, Clark L.
Malter, Kenneth
Michna, Donald Joseph
Mondello, Frank J., Sr.
Moore, Mack Elree
Murphy, Michael Alan
Olivier, Homer A.
Palmer, Miriam T.
Roper, John Mack
Savarino, Darlene Marie
Schaus, Elizabeth Ann "Betty"
Schmidt, Stella Thebault
Shaneyfelt, Pamela Jane
Sharp, John Paul "J.P.", Sr.
Slaughter, Michelle Fate
Smith, Dicie "Leva"
Smith, Rowena Fair
Sommers, Albert N. "Paw"
Thames, Jennifer Marie
Walker, Mary Lee
Walle, C. S. "Sonny", Jr.
Welch, Agnes Edith Heath
Wood, Rita Yvonne
Zapata, Carlos Roberto, Sr.

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