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St. Tammany Parish, La.
January 2008

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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 11 March 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Alba, Beverly Hamilton
Archie, Melvin
Badeaux, Reginald Thomas, Jr.
Banish, Charles Alexander
Barattini, Marsaline "Marcy" R.
Bell, George Edward
Bieller, Michael "Micky" W., Sr.
Bollmeyer, Dean Edward
Bourg, Genevieve Marie LeBoeuf
Boutte, Edward W., Jr.
Chatellier, Charline Perilloux
Coats, Ruth Evelyn
Comeaux, Lawless Joseph
Constantine, Robert "Bob" Louis, Sr.
Constanzi, Judy A.
Crowe, Carrie Jacob
Daussat, Ainsley Karyn
Dewitt, William
Downey, Albert James, Jr.
Dugas, Paul Clifford, Sr.
Eastman, Walter Frederick
Ernest, Paul Hesper
Fabre, Jules "Pete" Joseph, Jr.
Farmer, Andrew Antonio "Little Nino"
Fischer, William "Bill" K., Jr.
Foil, William C.
Foley, Robert
Forbeck, Alice Binns
Gigliotta, Joseph
Guichard, Donald Joseph, Sr.
Guerin, Chad "Chunk" Steven
Haydel, Dennis Joseph, Sr.
Jahncke, Carol Saunders
Jarrell, Julia "Nena"
Jennings, James "Earl", Jr.
Johnson, Lurene M.
Kivett, Annie Lou Carr
Koepp, Jacqueline Findley
Kuhn, Amy Denice
Landon, Leichester Llwellhynn "Les"
Laurent, Ike Carter, Sr.
LeBlanc, Herbert "Herb" Dale
Magee, Archie "Pee Wee"
May, Frederick William "Fred" Jr.
Meiners, Carrie Mae
Mendow, Judith Ann
Moore, John P.
Morgan, Betty Jean
Moss, Michael Robert Preiss
Nelson, Howard "Buzz" Clayton, Jr.
O'Keefe, Jeanne Marie
Ose, William Joseph, III
O'Sullivan, Rita Stockstill
Pierce, Junior Earl
Quintanilla, Juan Jose "Crochi"
Rantz, Lillian Gallioto
Regenbogen, Anna Ray Simkin
Rushing, James Matthew
Sampson, Margaret "Peggy" Jerome
Schroeder, Ella Fontnot
Sharp, Ronald Owen
Sihvonen, Thelma "Pon" Marie Beatrice Ruiz
Simoneaux, Wayne
Starbuck, Brylee Noel
Valley, Lorraine McGuire
Vernaci, Joseph Marion
Wanner, Donald Claiborne
Weems, Jay
Willis, Kathleen Young
Wilson, Walter "Nanny", Jr.
Wood, John T.
Young, Davis, Jr.

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Get Involved! We are looking for people to donate transcriptions of cemeteries, deeds, censuses, Bible records, etc. If you have a parish file you'd like to donate to help other genealogists and the USGenWeb Archives Project, submit it to or contact the Terrebonne Parish file manager Louis Lavedan. It only takes a few minutes a day and it can help so many people.

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