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August 2017
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Starting with August 2017, the detailed obituary is discontinued
and only a summary is given.
Enough information is provided to obtain further data
from other websites specializing in newspapers and cemeteries

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Abram, Leatrice C. 93 yrs 7-Aug-2017 Jones Morgan City Cem. 12-Aug-2017
Alpha, Casi Lynn 43 yrs 3-Aug-2017 Hargrave N/A N/A
Amos, Catherine Hebert 14-Aug-1944 24-Aug-2017 Twin City N/A N/A
Andrews, Sonia 54 yrs 9-Aug-2017 Otis Patterson Mem. Cem. 10-Aug-2017
Borne, Freddy Allen 30-Mar-1978 1-Aug-2917 Ibert's Cremated Private
Brent. Forest "Peenie" 16-Feb-1957 26-Aug-2017 Dixon N/A N/A
Burgess, Terri Lynn   10-May-1963 6-Aug-2017 Twin City pending pending
Burkee, Frances Seaneen Malloy 19-May-1963 24-Aug-2017 Ibert's N/A N/A
Callaway, Danielle Nicole 33yrs 1-Aug-2017 Hargrave N/A N/A
Casso, Billie Jewel Lasseigne 9-Apr-1931 6-Aug-2017 Twin City Berwick Maus. 8-Aug-2017
Charlot, Barbara 63 yrs 27-Aug-2017 N/A Home Industrial 3-Sep-2017
Chassion, Gerald "PJ" 80 yrs 16-Aug-2017 Hargrave Morgan City Cem, 21-Aug-2017
Chauvin, John 64 yrs 16-Aug-2017 St. Mary Now N/A N/A
Cheval, Josephine 97 yrs 11-Aug-2017 Jones St. John-Jeanerette 18-Aug-2017
Colbert, Coleman 15-Jan-1936 25-Aug-2017 Dixon Macedonia Baptist N/A
Cummings, Carolyn Barnes 71 yrs 13-Aug-2017 Jones Special Provedence 19-Aug-2017
DeMarco, Erin Michael 27-Jul-1988 5-Aug-2017 Ibert's Perpetual Park 11-Aug-2017
Deruuen, Keith David 6-May-1971 2-Aug-2017 Ibert's N/A N/A
Evans, Sybil R. 50 yrs 1-Aug-2017 Jones Morgan City Cem, 19-Aug-2017
Fitzpatrick, Joseph Emmett 9-Oct-2017 30-Aug-2017 Twin City pending pending
Foret, Edward Peter, Sr. 187may1941 1-Aug-2917 Twin City Patterson Prot. Cem. 5-Aug-2017
Gaspard, Mike James 4-Mar-1969 16-Aug-2017 Twin City Ch. Of God, Belle R. 20-Aug-2017
Gilmore, Joan Wannage 14-Dec-1953 19-Aug-2017 Hargrave N/A N/A
Harvey, Myrtis Louise Kober 25-Feb-1935 17-Aug-2017 Twin City Morgan City Cem, 20-Aug-2017
Hebert, Barbara Ann Campbell 75 yrs 15-Aug-2017 St. Mary Now St. Josept-Thibodaux 18-Aug-2017
Henderson, Mary Black 68 yrs 18-Aug-2017 Otis Berwick Cemetery 27-Aug-2017
Hughes, Robert "Tommy" Thomas 7-Jan-1949 5-Aug-2017 Twin City N/A N.A
Jennings, Derrik Michael 10-Dec-1955 27-Aug-2017 Twin City St. Joseph Paatterson 31-Aug-2017
Jones, Celia T. 94 yrs 22-Aug-2017 Otis Franklin Cemetery N/A
Kraemer, Carroll Joseph 21-Dec-1941 31-Aug-2017 Ibert's St. Francis 2-Houma 4-Sep-2017
Kullerd, Ted B. 2-Sep-1936 11-Aug-2017 Twin City Pending pending
LaKaunie, Mary Robicheaux 28-Dec-1947 1-Aug-2017 Ibert's Perpetual Park 19-Aug-2017
Leger, Edwin Ray, Sr. 10-Nov-1947 4-Aug-2017 Twin City N/A N/A
Marcel, Edgar Peter 31-Dec-1938 23-Aug-2017 St. Mary Now Morgan Cty. Maus. 26-Aug-2017
Marsh, Pdeal 77 yrs 6-Aug-2017 Otis Special Provedence 10-Aug-2017
Martin, Bonnie June Marshall 18-Sep-1934 26-Aug-2017 Ibert's St. Joseph-Patterson 31-Aug-2017
McBride, Clarence, Sr. 71 yrs 25-Aug-2017 Jones N/A N/A
Mickler, Golden Grow "Aunt Poodle" 20-Oct-1920 9-Aug-2017 Twin City Edgewater Cem. Fla. 15-Aug-2017
Mire, Martha 70 yrs 11-Aug-2017 St. Mary Now Morgan City Cem. 15-Aug-2017
Monceaux, Bobby Ray 29-Aug-1937 13-Aug-2017 Twin City Berwick Maus. 19-Aug-2017
Moreau, Lorraine Bernucho Brownell 26-Mar-1922 25-Aug-2917 Twin City Morgan City Cem. 2-Sep-2017
O'Prien, IdellCharles 86yrs 31-Aug-2017 Jones Morgan City Cem. 7-Sep-2017
Oldfather, Daniel Anthony 24-Sep-1957 21-Aug-2917 Ibert's Ibert's Mem. Park N/A
Olivier, Joan Crappell 39nov1944 10-Aug-2017 Twyb City N/A N/A
Randle, Cassandra 59 yrs 21-Aug-2017 St. Mary Now N/A N/A
Robisheaux, Solly Marvin, Sr. 19-Nov-1927 13aug20177 Twin City Morgan City Cem, 18-Aug-2017
Rose, Sarah Ellen Overby 18mmar1942 8-Aug-2017 Ibert's Franklin Cemetery 12-Aug-2017
Rose, Sarah Overby 18-Mar-1942 8-Aug-2017 Ibert;s Franklin Cemetery 12-Aug-2017
Suttoon, Eve 61 yrs 9-Aug-2017 Hargrave N/A N/A
Tardy, Steven K. 8-Aug-1964 15-Aug-2017 Dixon N/A N/A
Thomas, Cai'lyn 2 mo. 11 da. 26-Aug-2017 Jones N/A N/A
Thomas, Ervin Ray, Sr 1-Aug-1959 25-Aug-2017 Twin City Morgan City Cem. 1-Sep-2017
Tillman, Rodney, Sr. 27-Apr-1955 10-Aug-2017 Dixon N/A N/A
Wern, Larry J. 29-Dec-1951 22-Aug-2017 Dixon N/A N/A
Wiggins, Gloria Morrison 12-Apr-1930 16-Aug-2017 Twin City Holy Cross-Mor. Cit. 17-Aug-2017

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