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Sabine Parish Funeral Surname Index Mj-Mz

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Filename Soundex Yr. of Death Submitter
Mobley, Euna Bell M-140 1992 Pat Berel
Mobley, Neta M-140 1951 Pat Berel
Mobley, Vernon Minus M-140 1987 Michael LeRoy
Mobley, W.A. M-140 1963 Pat Berel
Moffett, Josehine E. M-130 1971 Pat Berel
Moffett, L.B. M-130 1962 Pat Berel
Moffett, Laura Lee M-130 1988 Pat Berel
Moffett, Patrick Osborn Rev. M-130 1961 Pat Berel
Moffett, Spence Wade M-130 1969 Pat Berel
Monk, Bonnie M-520 1993 Michael LeRoy
Montano, Norman Sander M-535 1982 Pat Berel
Montgomery, Everad Alton M-532 1988 Pat Berel
Montgomery, Florence Christina M-532 1965 Pat Berel
Montgomery, John Dewey M-532 1983 Michael LeRoy
Montgomery, Rena M-532 1992 Pat Berel
Montgomery, Sidney M-532 1958 Pat Berel
Montgomery, W.C. M-532 1954 Pat Berel
Montogemery, Alton V. M-532 1970 Pat Berel
Moody, Jesse Robert M-300 1990 Michael LeRoy
Moody, Mary Idalia M-300 1980 Pat Berel
Moody, Raymond Earl M-300 1996 Michael LeRoy
Mooney, Emma Bracey M-500 1981 Michael LeRoy
Mooney, Louis Virgil M-500 1954 Pat Berel
Mooney, Vance Nelson M-500 1978 Pat Berel
Moore, Albert William M-600 1978 Pat Berel
Moore, Angelea Darlene M-600 1968 Pat Berel
Moore, Avis M-600 1980 Pat Berel
Moore, Baby (Black) M-600 1950 Pat Berel
Moore, Carrie M-600 1988 Pat Berel
Moore, Ellis Monroe M-600 1977 Pat Berel
Moore, Elmer Ester M-600 1968 Pat Berel
Moore, Eura M-600 1996 Michael LeRoy
Moore, George M-600 1959 Pat Berel
Moore, George Cecil M-600 1977 Pat Berel
Moore, Gertie F M-600 1976 Pat Berel
Moore, Harris Leroy M-600 1973 Pat Berel
Moore, Hollis E. M-600 1994 Michael LeRoy
Moore, J.W. M-600 1963 Pat Berel
Moore, Jessie M-600 1984 Pat Berel
Moore, Jodie Ray M-600 1983 Michael LeRoy
Moore, John M-600 1971 Pat Berel
Moore, Johnny Ray M-600 1991 Michael LeRoy
Moore, Josie M-600 1961 Pat Berel
Moore, Kate M-600 1952 Pat Berel
Moore, Katherine Elizabeth M-600 1958 Pat Berel
Moore, Kayle jean M-600 1979 Pat Berel
Moore, Lena M-600 1957 Pat Berel
Moore, Marie M-600 1976 Pat Berel
Moore, Mary Susan M-600 1962 Pat Berel
Moore, Mittie M-600 1995 Pat Berel
Moore, Olin Dean M-600 1950 Pat Berel
Moore, Ollie M-600 1993 Michael LeRoy
Moore, Oma M-600 1983 Michael LeRoy
Moore, Pearl Lee M-600 1991 Michael LeRoy
Moore, Raleigh E M-600 1978 Pat Berel
Moore, Sam M-600 1982 Pat Berel
Moore, Sidney Albert M-600 1969 Pat Berel
Moore, Tommy James M-600 1989 Pat Berel
Moore, Willie M-600 1991 Michael LeRoy
Mora, Bessie M-600 1995 Pat Berel
Mora, Jerry M M-600 1956 Pat Berel
Mora, Letha Inez M-600 1986 Michael LeRoy
Mora, Lonnie E M-600 1989 Pat Berel
Moran, Bennie Ray M-650 1976 Pat Berel
Moran, Charles Edward M-650 1973 Pat Berel
Moran, James E. M-650 1954 Pat Berel
Moran, John Wesley M-650 1992 Pat Berel
Moran, Kenneth Wayne, Sr. M-650 1994 Michael LeRoy
Moran, Lillie Mae M-650 1972 Pat Berel
Moran, Lizzie M-650 1963 Pat Berel
Moreland, Elsie Pearl M-645 1990 Michael LeRoy
Morgan, Donald Lee M-625 2000 Pat Berel
Morgan, John Levi M-625 1955 Pat Berel
Morrie, Edgar Daylon M-600 1977 Pat Berel
Morris, Edgar Walter M-620 1952 Pat Berel
Morris, Genie M-620 1966 Pat Berel
Morris, Ivie Otto M-620 1984 Pat Berel
Morris, James Cecil M-620 1984 Pat Berel
Morris, Juanita Fern M-620 1990 Michael LeRoy
Morris, Lon (Mrs) M-620 1960 Pat Berel
Morris, Lonzo M-620 1978 Pat Berel
Morris, Maggie Lorene M-620 1993 Michael LeRoy
Morris, Mary Francis (Fannie) M-620 1987 Michael LeRoy
Morris, Ruby Celeste M-620 1971 Pat Berel
Morris, Semanthy E. M-620 1949 Pat Berel
Morrison, Kenneth David M-625 1963 Pat Berel
Morrison, May M-625 1965 Pat Berel
Morrison, Oscar Clifton M-625 1952 Pat Berel
Morrison, Thomas Daniel M-625 1990 Michael LeRoy
Morrison, Vilma Valerie M-625 2001 Pat Berel
Morrow, John Bradshaw M-600 1954 Pat Berel
Morvan, John Glen M-615 1996 Michael LeRoy
Morvan, Mary Agnes M-615 1982 Pat Berel
Morvan, Peter Craig M-615 1999 Michael LeRoy
Morvan, Victor M-615 1986 Michael LeRoy
Moseley, Betty M-240 1991 Michael LeRoy
Moseley, Gene Earl M-240 1990 Michael LeRoy
Moses, Charles M. M-220 1949 Pat Berel
Moses, Horace Greely Sr. M-220 1984 Pat Berel
Moses, Ivis M-220 1987 Michael LeRoy
Moses, Lenora Emma M-220 1963 Pat Berel
Moss, Andrew M-200 1954 Pat Berel
Moss, Ella M-200 1960 Pat Berel
Moss, Emma Rilla M-200 1987 Michael LeRoy
Moss, Enock Leon M-200 1997 Pat Berel
Moss, Ernest Manly M-200 1991 Michael LeRoy
Moss, Minnie Olivia M-200 1968 Pat Berel
Moss, Robert Lee M-200 1964 Pat Berel
Moss, Rollie R. M-200 1949 Pat Berel
Mothershed, Allen Elson M-362 1991 Michael LeRoy
Mothershed, Berley Jean M-362 1996 Michael LeRoy
Mothershed, Bobby Dale M-362 1986 Michael LeRoy
Mothershed, Ella Mae M-362 1999 Michael LeRoy
Mothershed, Ivy Allen M-362 1983 Michael LeRoy
Mothershed, Jimmy Allen M-362 1980 Pat Berel
Mothershed, John Carter M-362 1972 Pat Berel
Mothershed, Lora M-362 1972 Pat Berel
Mothershed, Manie Iberia M-362 1996 Michael LeRoy
Mothershed, Maryverna Corley M-362 1958 Pat Berel
Mothershed, Ponder Leon M-362 1991 Michael LeRoy
Mothershed, William Ora M-362 2000 Pat Berel
Mott, Ocie Edgar M-300 1987 Michael LeRoy
Mouser, Charley M-260 1954 Pat Berel
Mouser, Doris M-260 1955 Pat Berel
Mouser, Gladys Raye M-260 1981 Michael LeRoy
Mouser, John David Buck M-260 1997 Pat Berel
Mowad, Catherine M-300 1958 Pat Berel
Mowad, Ellis Joseph M-300 1997 Pat Berel
Mowad, Fred M-300 1975 Pat Berel
Mowad, John Edwin, Sr. M-300 1994 Michael LeRoy
Mowad, Mary C M-300 1973 Pat Berel
Mowad, Thomas M-300 1967 Pat Berel
Mueller, Carmen M-460 1982 Pat Berel
Mueller, Cothar Charles, Jr. M-460 1995 Pat Berel
Mullens, Earl Luther M-452 1984 Pat Berel
Mullens, Michael Wayne M-452 1970 Pat Berel
Mullinax, Roy Washington M-452 1987 Michael LeRoy
Mullins, Jessie Troy M-452 1988 Pat Berel
Mulloy, Audrey Louise M-400 2000 Pat Berel
Mulloy, John Edward M-400 1983 Michael LeRoy
Munden, Dorothy Janet M-535 2000 Pat Berel
Munden, William Donald M-535 2000 Pat Berel
Murdock, Charlotte M-632 1951 Pat Berel
Murdock, Lloyd Allen "Bucky" M-632 1998 Michael LeRoy
Murdock, Lloyd H M-632 1970 Pat Berel
Murdock, Mildred M-632 1984 Pat Berel
Murphey, George Wahington M-610 1951 Pat Berel
Murphey, Viola M-610 1969 Pat Berel
Murphy, Annie Lee M-610 1972 Pat Berel
Murphy, Clarlie M-610 1966 Pat Berel
Murphy, Dewey JB M-610 1982 Pat Berel
Murphy, Juanita B M-610 1973 Pat Berel
Murphy, Katie Viola M-610 1979 Pat Berel
Murphy, Kitty Lavera M-610 1986 Michael LeRoy
Murphy, Lonnie Cleve M-610 1978 Pat Berel
Murphy, Minnie M-610 1961 Pat Berel
Murphy, Other Kirklin M-610 1995 Pat Berel
Murphy, Robert L M-610 1972 Pat Berel
Murphy, Sam J. M-610 1951 Pat Berel
Murphy, Turner Robert M-610 1972 Pat Berel
Murphy, William A M-610 1956 Pat Berel
Murray, Amanda K M-600 1969 Pat Berel
Murray, Artis M-600 1979 Pat Berel
Murray, Cheba M-600 1951 Pat Berel
Murray, Clara M-600 1993 Michael LeRoy
Murray, John Travis M-600 1969 Pat Berel
Murray, M.F. "Buster" M-600 1994 Michael LeRoy
Murrell, Eula Mae M-640 1985 Michael LeRoy
Murrell, William Thomas M-640 1974 Pat Berel
Murry, William Leslie, Sr M-600 1958 Pat Berel
Muse, Elsie M-200 1988 Pat Berel
Muse, James Robert "Shorty" M-200 1998 Michael LeRoy
Muse, Lillian Marie M-200 1984 Pat Berel
Muse, Melvin "Jake" M-200 1997 Pat Berel
Muse, Mollie Ann M-200 1949 Pat Berel
Muse, Robert E. Lee M-200 1952 Pat Berel
Muse, Rosa Elizabeth M-200 1969 Pat Berel
Muse, Willis M M-200 1971 Pat Berel
Mushaway, Elwin J. M-200 1951 Pat Berel
Myers, Charles Preston, II M-620 1998 Michael LeRoy
Myers, Dollie Cora M-620 1967 Pat Berel
Myers, Jeffery Lynn M-620 1987 Michael LeRoy
Myers, William Henry M-620 1980 Pat Berel


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