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Sabine Parish Funeral Surname Index Mc

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Filename Soundex Yr. of Death Submitter
McAllen, Hoyt D M-245 1988 Pat Berel
McAllen, Lylia Mae M-245 1966 Pat Berel
McAllen, Willey Maud M-245 1985 Michael LeRoy
McBride, Gregory Scott M-216 1988 Pat Berel
McCall, Evalyn Marie M-240 2000 Pat Berel
McCan, Patrick Charles M-250 1966 Pat Berel
McCartney, Mrs. C. C. M-263 1961 Pat Berel
McCartney, Mrs. C.C. M-263 1969 Pat Berel
McCartney, C.C. M-263 1969 Pat Berel
McCarty, Beulah Mae M-263 1997 Pat Berel
McCary, James Leonard M-260 1972 Pat Berel
McCary, Lela M-260 1973 Pat Berel
McCauslin, Ella M-224 1978 Pat Berel
McCauslin, Thomas R. M-224 1959 Pat Berel
McCauslin, Truly Leon M-224 1985 Michael LeRoy
McCauslin, Wilma M-224 1976 Pat Berel
McCauslin, Woodrow Wilson M-224 1987 Michael LeRoy
McClanahan, Alf (Black) M-245 1954 Pat Berel
McClanahan, J. Wade M-245 1955 Pat Berel
McClanahan, Lacynthia W. (Black) M-245 1954 Pat Berel
McClanahan, Wade James M-245 1977 Pat Berel
McCleary, James J M-246 1997 Pat Berel
McClellan, Carroll Gordon M-244 1992 Pat Berel
McClellan, Elizabeth Jane M-244 1971 Pat Berel
McClellan, Henry Donald M-244 1960 Pat Berel
McClennan, Robert M-245 1969 Pat Berel
McClintock, Charles Donald M-245 1999 Michael LeRoy
McCloud, Bessie M-243 1972 Pat Berel
McClung, Irena M-245 1955 Pat Berel
McClung, Pauline M-245 1950 Pat Berel
McCollister, Ben M-242 1976 Pat Berel
McCollister, Benard Sylvester M-242 1992 Pat Berel
McCollister, Edna C. M-242 1983 Michael LeRoy
McCollister, Effie Gertrude M-242 1990 Michael LeRoy
McCollister, Eula M-242 1961 Pat Berel
McCollister, Gladys Mae M-242 2001 Pat Berel
McCollister, I.N. M-242 1975 Pat Berel
McCollister, Isham Nettles M-242 1951 Pat Berel
McCollister, John M M-242 1976 Pat Berel
McCollister, Lona Lucille M-242 1991 Michael LeRoy
McCollister, Mary Jane M-242 1956 Pat Berel
McCollister, Thomas Jefferson M-242 1983 Michael LeRoy
McCollister, William Arthur M-242 1998 Michael LeRoy
McCollough, Bryce Carl M-242 1999 Michael LeRoy
McCollough, James David "Dave" M-242 1993 Michael LeRoy
McCollough, Joyce May M-242 1966 Pat Berel
McComic, Amanda M-252 1964 Pat Berel
McComic, Amos M-252 2000 Pat Berel
McComic, Andrew Jackson M-252 1983 Michael LeRoy
McComic, Aubrey Wayne M-252 1978 Pat Berel
McComic, Audry Bell M-252 1987 Michael LeRoy
McComic, Bernice M-252 1997 Pat Berel
McComic, Bessie Mae M-252 1970 Pat Berel
McComic, C.B. M-252 1954 Pat Berel
McComic, C.C. M-252 1961 Pat Berel
McComic, Claude M-252 1976 Pat Berel
McComic, Clifton Wayne M-252 1978 Pat Berel
McComic, Clifton Wayne, Jr M-252 1960 Pat Berel
McComic, Cora Lee M-252 1978 Pat Berel
McComic, D.C. M-252 1968 Pat Berel
McComic, Daisy Clair M-252 1958 Pat Berel
McComic, Edmond M-252 1976 Pat Berel
McComic, Elizabeth M-252 1983 Michael LeRoy
McComic, Ellie M-252 1981 Michael LeRoy
McComic, Ernest M-252 1975 Pat Berel
McComic, Ethel Inez M-252 1956 Pat Berel
McComic, Fayette M-252 2001 Pat Berel
McComic, Frances Marilyn M-252 1963 Pat Berel
McComic, George Leslie M-252 1976 Pat Berel
McComic, Gladys M-252 1965 Pat Berel
McComic, Gladys M-252 1996 Michael LeRoy
McComic, Helen M-252 1960 Pat Berel
McComic, Iva Lee M-252 1988 Pat Berel
McComic, James C. M-252 1951 Pat Berel
McComic, Joel M-252 1968 Pat Berel
McComic, John N M-252 1973 Pat Berel
McComic, Lillie M-252 1972 Pat Berel
McComic, Lillie Mae M-252 1997 Pat Berel
McComic, Mandy M-252 1966 Pat Berel
McComic, Melton Joel M-252 1982 Pat Berel
McComic, Noah M-252 1949 Pat Berel
McComic, Pearl mae M-252 1978 Pat Berel
McComic, R.L., Sr. M-252 1970 Pat Berel
McComic, Raleigh M-252 1979 Pat Berel
McComic, Richard henry M-252 1989 Pat Berel
McComic, Riley Andrew M-252 1987 Michael LeRoy
McComic, Robert Louis, Jr. M-252 1989 Pat Berel
McComic, Ruby Oma M-252 1960 Pat Berel
McComic, Sammy James M-252 1965 Pat Berel
McComic, Shannon Ray M-252 1970 Pat Berel
McComic, Susan Ann M-252 1975 Pat Berel
McComic, Thomas R M-252 1958 Pat Berel
McComic, Timothy Dustin M-252 1980 Pat Berel
McComic, Troy Monroe M-252 1978 Pat Berel
McComic, Una Ola M-252 2001 Pat Berel
McComic, Velma M-252 1966 Pat Berel
McComic, Virgel Mae M-252 1997 Pat Berel
McComic, Walter Green M-252 1987 Michael LeRoy
McComic, Willie T M-252 1975 Pat Berel
McComic, Yvonne M-252 1954 Pat Berel
McConathy, Marilyn Marie M-253 1957 Pat Berel
McConathy, Mrs. W.Y., Sr M-253 1962 Pat Berel
McConathy, William W. M-253 1950 Pat Berel
McCorkel, General J M-262 1962 Pat Berel
McCorkel, John A M-262 1957 Pat Berel
McCorkel, Mary Josephine M-262 1960 Pat Berel
McCormic, Beddie M-265 1977 Pat Berel
McCormic, Betty Elaine M-265 1994 Michael LeRoy
McCormic, Francis (Lindy)Lindbergh M-265 1992 Pat Berel
McCormic, Kenneth Raymond, Sr. M-265 1991 Michael LeRoy
McCormic, Louis Frank M-265 1962 Pat Berel
McCormic, Louis Frederick (Fred) M-265 1992 Pat Berel
McCormic, Luke Frederick M-265 1970 Pat Berel
McCormic, Margaret Inez M-265 1982 Pat Berel
McCormic, Oscar J M-265 1979 Pat Berel
McCormic, Thelma Jane M-265 2001 Pat Berel
McCormic, Theodore John M-265 1988 Pat Berel
McCormick, E.C. M-265 1990 Michael LeRoy
McCormick, Fayette Pete M-265 1999 Michael LeRoy
McCormick, Geneva Hazel M-265 1993 Michael LeRoy
McCormick, Hugh M-265 1976 Pat Berel
McCormick, Joseph William M-265 1990 Michael LeRoy
McCormick, Mary Aslene M-265 1995 Pat Berel
McCormick, Mary Josephine M-265 1965 Pat Berel
McCormick, Thomas Julius M-265 1973 Pat Berel
McCourry, Infant M-260 1968 Pat Berel
McCraw, Aaron L. M-260 1985 Michael LeRoy
McCray, Terry Gene M-260 1963 Pat Berel
McCullers, Mrs. L.F. M-246 1962 Pat Berel
McCullers, Levi Franklin M-246 1968 Pat Berel
McCullough, Ruby Maril M-242 1983 Michael LeRoy
McCullough, Samuel S. M-242 1950 Pat Berel
McCullough, Thomas Sam M-242 1983 Michael LeRoy
McDanial, Infant Baby M-235 1952 Pat Berel
McDaniel, Brady Ross M-235 1971 Pat Berel
McDaniel, Edith M-235 1982 Pat Berel
McDaniel, Elma Ray M-235 1984 Pat Berel
McDaniel, Fannie Lee M-235 1973 Pat Berel
McDaniel, Frances M-235 1960 Pat Berel
McDaniel, Howard M-235 1953 Pat Berel
McDaniel, Jackson Lafayette M-235 1981 Michael LeRoy
McDaniel, Jeon Jackson M-235 1982 Pat Berel
McDaniel, Nancy M-235 1968 Pat Berel
McDaniel, Ruth Mae M-235 1992 Pat Berel
McDaniel, Sidney Lee M-235 1994 Michael LeRoy
McDearmont, Charles R. M-236 1970 Pat Berel
McDearmont, Florence M-236 1949 Pat Berel
McDiarmid, A.S. M-236 1970 Pat Berel
McDiarmid, Lena M-236 1962 Pat Berel
McDonald, Bobby H M-235 1982 Pat Berel
McDonald, Dora Lee M-235 1992 Pat Berel
McDonald, Emma M-235 1974 Pat Berel
McDonald, Eva M-235 1990 Michael LeRoy
McDonald, H.H. M-235 1972 Pat Berel
McDonald, Henry I M-235 1975 Pat Berel
McDonald, Henry Lamar M-235 1956 Pat Berel
McDonald, Hugh M-235 1951 Pat Berel
McDonald, Hugh B. M-235 1949 Pat Berel
McDonald, James A. M-235 1967 Pat Berel
McDonald, John L, Jr. M-235 1988 Pat Berel
McDonald, John L. M-235 1987 Michael LeRoy
McDonald, John N. M-235 1957 Pat Berel
McDonald, Kenneth L M-235 1992 Pat Berel
McDonald, Maggie Virginia M-235 1985 Michael LeRoy
McDonald, Mary M-235 1977 Pat Berel
McDonald, Mary Ann M-235 1974 Pat Berel
McDonald, Mrs. N.N. M-235 1963 Pat Berel
McDonald, Nathan M-235 1979 Pat Berel
McDonald, Infant Richard Bryan M-235 1965 Pat Berel
McDonald, Robert Brittian M-235 1981 Michael LeRoy
McDonald, Wiley G M-235 1961 Pat Berel
McDonald, William Harris M-235 1951 Pat Berel
McDurmond, William Kenneth M-236 1993 Michael LeRoy
McElroy, Nola M-246 1975 Pat Berel
McElroy, Willis Bradley M-246 1987 Michael LeRoy
McFarland, Joe (Black) M-216 1956 Pat Berel
McFarland, Luella M-216 1981 Michael LeRoy
McFarland, Monroe B M-216 1982 Pat Berel
McFarland, Novella (Black) M-216 1972 Pat Berel
McFarland, Rena M-216 1987 Michael LeRoy
McFarland, Velda M-216 1975 Pat Berel
McFerran, Ruby M-216 1969 Pat Berel
McFerren, David H M-216 1962 Pat Berel
McFerren, Leo Lonzo M-216 1979 Pat Berel
McFerrin, Alice M-216 1975 Pat Berel
McFerrin, Clifton Ropez M-216 1975 Pat Berel
McFerrin, Cubby L M-216 1974 Pat Berel
McFerrin, Gary Lee M-216 1957 Pat Berel
McFerrin, Hessie Jane M-216 1967 Pat Berel
McGaha, Claude M-200 1976 Pat Berel
McGaha, Danny Eugene M-200 1984 Pat Berel
McGaha, Georgia Allen M-200 1981 Michael LeRoy
McGaha, Gilbert J. M-200 1964 Pat Berel
McGaha, Veril Leah M-200 1998 Michael LeRoy
McGanaham, Oliver E. M-255 1952 Pat Berel
McGarraham, Clara F M-265 1955 Pat Berel
McGarrahan, Annie M-265 1966 Pat Berel
McGarrahan, Edward A M-265 1964 Pat Berel
McGarrahan, Evon M-265 1994 Michael LeRoy
McGarrahan, Floyd P M-265 1962 Pat Berel
McGarrahan, Ira M-265 1952 Pat Berel
McGarrahan, WM M-265 1966 Pat Berel
McGaskey, George (Black) M-220 1952 Pat Berel
McGee, Clara Edna M-200 2000 Pat Berel
McGee, David M M-200 1978 Pat Berel
McGee, David Mack M-200 1968 Pat Berel
McGee, Edna Ellen M-200 1966 Pat Berel
McGee, Elbert J M-200 1962 Pat Berel
McGee, Elvia Hattie M-200 1985 Michael LeRoy
McGee, Emma Ellen M-200 1992 Pat Berel
McGee, Eugene Edward M-200 1967 Pat Berel
McGee, James Henry M-200 1951 Pat Berel
McGee, Jerry Connerly Sgt M-200 1957 Pat Berel
McGee, Lillie M-200 1981 Michael LeRoy
McGee, Maggie M-200 1953 Pat Berel
McGee, Martha Elizabeth M-200 1971 Pat Berel
McGee, Risdon Monroe M-200 1979 Pat Berel
McGee, Truman Morrice M-200 1994 Michael LeRoy
McGee, William Doyle M-200 1984 Pat Berel
McGee, William Doyle, Jr. M-200 2001 Pat Berel
McGee, William Oscar M-200 1964 Pat Berel
McGehee, Mary M-200 1998 Michael LeRoy
McGehee, Nannie M-200 1972 Pat Berel
McGimsey, Wiley B. M-252 1971 Pat Berel
McGough, Janie (Black) M-220 1953 Pat Berel
McGough, Leo Zack (Black) M-220 1949 Pat Berel
McGowan, Marion Gardner M-250 1994 Michael LeRoy
McGowan, Richard James M-250 1958 Pat Berel
McGraw, Mary M-260 1986 Michael LeRoy
McGraw, William A M-260 1980 Pat Berel
McInnis, Iona M-252 1987 Michael LeRoy
McInnis, Julia Alice M-252 1967 Pat Berel
McInnis, Lev M-252 1962 Pat Berel
McInnis, Roderick Alfred M-252 1949 Pat Berel
McKaskle, Rupert M-224 1955 Pat Berel
McKay, Dorothy Mary M-200 1983 Michael LeRoy
McKay, Gordon Reginald M-200 1996 Michael LeRoy
McKinney, C.O. M-250 1985 Michael LeRoy
McKneely, Francis Ellen M-254 1958 Pat Berel
McKnight, Shirley Kay M-252 2001 Pat Berel
McLanahan, Amos V. M-245 1966 Pat Berel
McLanahan, Della M-245 1956 Pat Berel
McLean, William Malcolm M-245 1976 Pat Berel
McLemore, Travis Augustus M-245 1995 Pat Berel
McLendon, Allen Jefferson M-245 1984 Pat Berel
McLendon, Henry D M-245 1982 Pat Berel
McLendon, Leadell M-245 1995 Pat Berel
McLendon, Thomas Allen M-245 1956 Pat Berel
McLendon, Thomas H M-245 1968 Pat Berel
McMillan, Andrew Rancher M-254 1971 Pat Berel
McMillan, Gertrude M-254 1983 Michael LeRoy
McMillan, Jean M-254 1978 Pat Berel
McMillan, Mable M-254 1979 Pat Berel
McMillan, Ray M-254 1993 Michael LeRoy
McMillan, William J. M-254 1958 Pat Berel
McMilliam, William Alvia M-254 1974 Pat Berel
McMillian, Edward Dan M-254 1980 Pat Berel
McMillian, Edwina M-254 1985 Michael LeRoy
McMillian, Francis Pearl M-254 1995 Pat Berel
McMillian, Vida Sue M-254 1991 Michael LeRoy
McMillian, Walter F. M-254 1953 Pat Berel
McNeal, Infant (Black) M-254 1952 Pat Berel
McNeece, George J M-252 1969 Pat Berel
McNeece, George, Jr M-252 1950 Pat Berel
McNeece, Roy L. M-252 1949 Pat Berel
McNeely, Alice Elizabeth M-254 1981 Michael LeRoy
McNeely, Daisy M-254 1959 Pat Berel
McNeely, Effie M-254 1970 Pat Berel
McNeely, Henry F. M-254 1953 Pat Berel
McNeely, Herman M-254 1982 Pat Berel
McNeely, Jesse John M-254 1966 Pat Berel
McNeely, Mrs. Jessie J M-254 1963 Pat Berel
McNeely, Joseph Hebert, Jr. M-254 1987 Michael LeRoy
McNeely, Mattie Merle M-254 1995 Pat Berel
McNeely, Modena Jane M-254 1992 Pat Berel
McNeely, Norman Floyd M-254 1991 Michael LeRoy
McNeely, Ruby Laverne M-254 1993 Michael LeRoy
McNeely, Timothy M-254 1978 Pat Berel
McNeely, Victor Eugene M-254 1997 Pat Berel
McNeely, William B. "Bennie" M-254 1998 Michael LeRoy
McNeely, William Edward M-254 1959 Pat Berel
McNutt, Helen Juanita M-253 1975 Pat Berel
McPhearson, Joseph William M-216 1960 Pat Berel
McWherter, William Hebert M-263 1949 Pat Berel
Mcinnis, Elton W M-252 1988 Pat Berel
Mclanahan, Ruth M-245 1974 Pat Berel


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