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Sabine Parish Funeral Surname Index Hb-Hz

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Filename Soundex Yr. of Death Submitter
Heard, Billie Joe H-630 1978 Pat Berel
Heard, Buford C. H-630 1996 Michael LeRoy
Heard, Cynthia Louise H-630 1987 Michael LeRoy
Heard, Douglas H-630 1986 Michael LeRoy
Heard, Gay Kathryn H-630 1997 Pat Berel
Heard, Joe Neil H-630 1972 Pat Berel
Heard, John Allen H-630 1992 Pat Berel
Heard, Lillian H-630 1980 Pat Berel
Heard, Louretta R. H-630 1987 Michael LeRoy
Heard, Mary Nell H-630 1989 Pat Berel
Heard, Odis C H-630 1989 Pat Berel
Heard, Robert Scott H-630 1961 Pat Berel
Heard, Virginia E. H-630 1994 Michael LeRoy
Heard, Warren Calvin, Jr. H-630 1995 Pat Berel
Hebert, Donald R. (S/P4) H-163 1970 Pat Berel
Hebert, Fred H-163 1993 Michael LeRoy
Hebert, Raymond Octave H-163 1997 Pat Berel
Hedgepeth, Dorothy Ann H-321 1994 Michael LeRoy
Heister, Floyd Roy H-236 1998 Michael LeRoy
Helm, Effie M. H-450 1957 Pat Berel
Helms, Arthur Madison H-452 1960 Pat Berel
Henderson, Cecil Glen H-536 1975 Pat Berel
Henderson, Claude Lee H-536 1981 Michael LeRoy
Henderson, Donie H-536 1968 Pat Berel
Henderson, Eva H-536 1978 Pat Berel
Henderson, Homer H-536 1985 Michael LeRoy
Henderson, Infant H-536 1964 Pat Berel
Henderson, John Adger H-536 1985 Michael LeRoy
Henderson, K.G., Jr H-536 1972 Pat Berel
Henderson, Pear Lena H-536 1980 Pat Berel
Henderson, Robert H-536 1956 Pat Berel
Henderson, Therrel H-536 1965 Pat Berel
Henderson, Woodrow Wilson H-536 1975 Pat Berel
Hendrick, Emma (Black) H-536 1955 Pat Berel
Hendricks, Leatha H-536 1961 Pat Berel
Hendricks, Robert Sidney H-536 1969 Pat Berel
Hendriex, Leroy H-536 1953 Pat Berel
Hennigan, Beulah H-525 1972 Pat Berel
Hennigan, Clyde L H-525 1972 Pat Berel
Henry, A.P. H-560 1960 Pat Berel
Henry, Charles H-560 1958 Pat Berel
Henry, Charles Fred H-560 1986 Michael LeRoy
Henry, Claude Robert H-560 1965 Pat Berel
Henry, Infant H-560 1970 Pat Berel
Henry, Joseph C. H-560 1999 Michael LeRoy
Henry, Lois Margie H-560 1982 Pat Berel
Henry, Mary M. H-560 1970 Pat Berel
Henry, Shane Lee H-560 1991 Michael LeRoy
Henson, Carlos H-525 1995 Pat Berel
Hernandez, Henry J H-655 1977 Pat Berel
Hernandez, Lena H-655 1972 Pat Berel
Herrington, Alonzo C. H-652 1987 Michael LeRoy
Herrington, Earnest Thurman H-652 1985 Michael LeRoy
Herrington, Infant H-652 1956 Pat Berel
Herrington, Nannie Jane H-652 1973 Pat Berel
Herrington, Norman, Jr H-652 1954 Pat Berel
Herrington, Richard Don H-652 1961 Pat Berel
Herrington, Vivian Edith H-652 1999 Michael LeRoy
Hershberger, Bobby Huel H-621 2000 Pat Berel
Hershiser, John Lundy, Sr. H-622 1980 Pat Berel
Hess, Frank Edward H-200 1990 Michael LeRoy
Hess, John Van H-400 1957 Pat Berel
Hesser, Virgil H-260 1981 Michael LeRoy
Hetherington, Dorothy Mae H-365 1964 Pat Berel
Hickman, Infant H-255 1961 Pat Berel
Hickman, Prentice Terrell H-255 1980 Pat Berel
Hicks, John M H-200 1956 Pat Berel
Hicks, Nannie Jane H-200 1967 Pat Berel
Higgins, Higgins Baby H-252 1949 Pat Berel
Higgins, Jess H-252 1957 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Alice H-431 1989 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Brooks H-431 1965 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Charles Barry H-431 1982 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Charley H H-431 1980 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Earl Columbus H-431 1989 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Ella H-431 1980 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Ella H-431 1983 Michael LeRoy
Hildebrand, Emma H-431 1971 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Freddie H-431 1968 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Harold Travis H-431 1971 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Hazel H-431 1979 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Hezikiah Taylor H-431 1972 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Ida H-431 1961 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Isabell Helen H-431 1990 Michael LeRoy
Hildebrand, J.H. H-431 1967 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, James Curtis H-431 1999 Michael LeRoy
Hildebrand, James N H-431 1959 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Jewel H-431 2000 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Joseph H-431 1967 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Kenneth Dayell H-431 1963 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Kitty H-431 1993 Michael LeRoy
Hildebrand, Larry Derell H-431 1998 Michael LeRoy
Hildebrand, Louis Gady H-431 1967 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Oscar H-431 1996 Michael LeRoy
Hildebrand, Oscar Wayne H-431 1978 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Ottis H-431 1961 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Pearl H-431 1988 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Percy H-431 2000 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, Rita Marie H-431 1993 Michael LeRoy
Hildebrand, Thomas Hardy H-431 1950 Pat Berel
Hildebrand, William M H-431 1969 Pat Berel
Hilderbrand, James R H-436 1973 Pat Berel
Hilderbrand, Nannie H-436 1951 Pat Berel
Hilderbrand, O.H. H-436 1964 Pat Berel
Hill, Gail Ann (Black) H-400 1955 Pat Berel
Hill, William (Black) H-400 1954 Pat Berel
Hilliard, Daisy Loriane H-463 1958 Pat Berel
Hilliard, Infant H-463 1958 Pat Berel
Hillman, Gertrude H-455 1990 Michael LeRoy
Hilton, Hattie Jane H-435 1973 Pat Berel
Hilton, Lee Chester H-435 1991 Michael LeRoy
Hilton, Martin L H-435 1966 Pat Berel
Hines, Andrew Lee (Col) H-520 1949 Pat Berel
Hines, Jimmie M. H-520 1985 Michael LeRoy
Hines, Karen Jean H-520 1988 Pat Berel
Hines, Lonnie Jefferson, Sr H-520 1971 Pat Berel
Hines, Lula Arvilla H-520 1999 Michael LeRoy
Hines, Major Columbus H-520 1964 Pat Berel
Hines, Major H. H-520 1964 Pat Berel
Hinson, Jimmie H-525 1957 Pat Berel
Hinton, Eugene H-535 1967 Pat Berel
Hinton, George Washington H-535 1984 Pat Berel
Hinton, Ina Mae H-535 1988 Pat Berel
Hinton, Joe A. H-535 1960 Pat Berel
Hinton, Ruby H-535 1971 Pat Berel
Hinton, Zelder H-535 1973 Pat Berel
Hippensteel, Florene H-152 1985 Michael LeRoy
Hippler, Annie Fay H-146 2000 Pat Berel
Hippler, Bertha Marie H-146 1994 Michael LeRoy
Hippler, Buddie Henry H-146 1994 Michael LeRoy
Hippler, Coleman H-146 1977 Pat Berel
Hippler, Elvie H-146 1985 Michael LeRoy
Hippler, Evelyn Elizabeth H-146 1975 Pat Berel
Hippler, Henry Walker H-146 1983 Michael LeRoy
Hippler, Infant H-146 1959 Pat Berel
Hippler, Napoleon B H-146 1982 Pat Berel
Hippler, Infant Son (Raymond) H-146 1965 Pat Berel
Hippler, Susan H-146 1978 Pat Berel
Hippler, Sybil Edna H-146 1994 Michael LeRoy
Hippler, Thomas S., Sr. H-146 1969 Pat Berel
Hippler, Thomas Sanders, Jr. H-146 1993 Michael LeRoy
Hittell, John H-340 1977 Pat Berel
Hoagland, Bertha Helen H-245 1999 Michael LeRoy
Hoagland, Chester A. H-245 1960 Pat Berel
Hoagland, Ida H-245 1975 Pat Berel
Hoagland, John A H-245 1959 Pat Berel
Hoagland, Mrs, John A H-245 1961 Pat Berel
Hoagland, Robert Jennings H-245 1979 Pat Berel
Hodge, James Gordon H-320 1960 Pat Berel
Hodge, Lillian H-320 1992 Pat Berel
Hodge, Vilous Nathan H-320 1980 Pat Berel
Hodge, William Estes "Ted" H-320 1999 Michael LeRoy
Hodnett, Jessie Amanda H-353 1962 Pat Berel
Hoffman, Julia Ann H-155 1993 Michael LeRoy
Hoffman, Mechele Renee H-155 1969 Pat Berel
Hoffpauir, Bonnell Hutto H-160 1996 Michael LeRoy
Hoffpauir, Jeanna H-160 1961 Pat Berel
Hoffpauir, Lastie Newton H-160 1950 Pat Berel
Hogshead, Nina V. H-230 1965 Pat Berel
Holcomb, Andrew Lennis H-425 1985 Michael LeRoy
Holcomb, Corine H-425 1986 Michael LeRoy
Holden, Debra Ann (Black) H-435 1952 Pat Berel
Holden, Mrs Holden H-435 1953 Pat Berel
Holden, Luella (Black) H-435 1954 Pat Berel
Holden, Ronnie Lynn, JR H-435 1995 Pat Berel
Holden, Taylor (Black) H-435 1951 Pat Berel
Holden, Willie (Black) H-435 1957 Pat Berel
Holder, J.R. H-436 1995 Pat Berel
Holder, Mary H-436 1997 Pat Berel
Holland, Infant (Black) H-453 1955 Pat Berel
Holland, Audrey H-453 1994 Michael LeRoy
Holland, Charlene H-453 1959 Pat Berel
Holland, Charlene H-453 1959 Pat Berel
Holland, Harlan Bernard H-453 1956 Pat Berel
Holland, Hartwell B. H-453 1960 Pat Berel
Holland, Jessie H-453 1951 Pat Berel
Holland, Mary H-453 1951 Pat Berel
Holland, Newton Luther H-453 1970 Pat Berel
Holliday, Kate H-430 1958 Pat Berel
Holliday, Thomas Jefferson H-430 1952 Pat Berel
Hollis, Mrs. TD H-420 1969 Pat Berel
Holman, E.J. H-455 1994 Michael LeRoy
Holmes, Alva Louis (Black) H-452 1951 Pat Berel
Holmes, Johnnie (Black) H-452 1953 Pat Berel
Holmes, Lee (Black) H-452 1956 Pat Berel
Holmes, Lizzie (Black) H-452 1951 Pat Berel
Holmes, Nelwyn Blanche H-452 1974 Pat Berel
Holt, Bertha Isabel H-430 1996 Michael LeRoy
Holt, Curtis J. H-430 1951 Pat Berel
Holt, Dolph H-430 1969 Pat Berel
Holt, Eliza H-430 1961 Pat Berel
Holt, Hattie A. H-430 1956 Pat Berel
Holt, John M. H-430 1953 Pat Berel
Holt, Learh H-430 2001 Pat Berel
Holt, Maudie Lee H-430 1964 Pat Berel
Honeycutt, Elzie M. H-523 1964 Pat Berel
Hood, Elsie H-300 1969 Pat Berel
Hook, Tom Allen Van H-200 1959 Pat Berel
Hooker, David Wallace H-260 1960 Pat Berel
Hooper, Susie B. (Black) H-160 1951 Pat Berel
Hoot, Lizzie H-300 1963 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Bessie H-125 2001 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Bill H-125 1988 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Bill H-125 1991 Michael LeRoy
Hopkins, Charles Ray H-125 1974 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Edward Howard H-125 1978 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Eliza Ann H-125 1952 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Evie H-125 1992 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Exie H-125 1974 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Fronie H-125 1966 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Hardy Adron, Sr. H-125 2000 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Jack Robert H-125 1978 Pat Berel
Hopkins, John Ross H-125 1967 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Kerry Zane H-125 1992 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Lawrence Walter H-125 1972 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Lurena H-125 1979 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Mary Bertie H-125 1996 Michael LeRoy
Hopkins, Myrtie Mae H-125 1999 Michael LeRoy
Hopkins, R.R. H-125 1964 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Selma H-125 1966 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Tera Bobbette H-125 1970 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Thomas Jefferson H-125 1976 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Vera H-125 1972 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Willard H. SGT H-125 1950 Pat Berel
Hopkins, Willie Homer H-125 1970 Pat Berel
Horn, Clifton Tyler H-650 1956 Pat Berel
Horn, Eugene Aubrey H-650 1963 Pat Berel
Horn, Governor R, Sr H-650 1958 Pat Berel
Horn, L.B. H-650 1960 Pat Berel
Horn, L.D. H-650 1959 Pat Berel
Horn, Luria W H-650 1999 Michael LeRoy
Horn, Margaret Elizabeth H-650 1985 Michael LeRoy
Horn, Mary Edith H-650 1985 Michael LeRoy
Horn, Mary Paralee H-650 1957 Pat Berel
Horn, O. Alton H-650 1960 Pat Berel
Horn, Olive Mira H-650 1973 Pat Berel
Horn, Otha Felix H-650 1982 Pat Berel
Horn, Rosa H-650 1950 Pat Berel
Horn, Ulyes A. H-650 1983 Michael LeRoy
Horn, Woodrow H-650 1976 Pat Berel
Horne, Orval Eugene H-650 1975 Pat Berel
Hornsby, Leonard Elazar H-652 1998 Michael LeRoy
Horton, Daniel Walker H-635 1966 Pat Berel
Horton, Floyd W. H-635 1971 Pat Berel
Horton, I.C. H-635 1962 Pat Berel
Horton, L.H. H-635 1966 Pat Berel
Horton, Louis Speights H-635 1981 Michael LeRoy
Horton, Mary H-635 1968 Pat Berel
Horton, Nancy Exa H-635 1978 Pat Berel
Horton, Pearl H-635 1980 Pat Berel
Horton, Ruth Victoria H-635 1960 Pat Berel
Horton, Samuel Hoyt H-635 1971 Pat Berel
Horton, William Thomas H-635 1971 Pat Berel
Hossler, Arthur H. H-246 1983 Michael LeRoy
Hossler, Infant H-246 1966 Pat Berel
Hough, Doss Glenn H-200 1988 Pat Berel
Hough, Opal Bernice H-200 1981 Michael LeRoy
House, Delia H-200 1961 Pat Berel
House, Ezekiel J H-200 1957 Pat Berel
House, George Wayne H-200 1982 Pat Berel
House, James Wayne, Jr H-200 1966 Pat Berel
House, JoAnn H-200 1994 Michael LeRoy
House, Louis H-200 1977 Pat Berel
House, Sylvia H-200 1974 Pat Berel
House, Thomas Marshall H-200 1998 Michael LeRoy
House, Willie H-200 1996 Michael LeRoy
Howard, Annie Belle H-630 1951 Pat Berel
Howard, Annie Ophalia H-630 1963 Pat Berel
Howard, Chester Lewis H-630 1986 Michael LeRoy
Howard, Douglas Lee H-630 2001 Pat Berel
Howard, Emma H-630 1987 Michael LeRoy
Howard, Flossie H-630 1966 Pat Berel
Howard, Henry Wright H-630 1958 Pat Berel
Howard, James Samuel H-630 1957 Pat Berel
Howard, John Ernest H-630 1962 Pat Berel
Howard, Leona Essie H-630 1989 Pat Berel
Howard, M.H. H-630 1970 Pat Berel
Howard, Martha Stella H-630 1983 Michael LeRoy
Howard, Mary H-630 1967 Pat Berel
Howard, O.O. H-630 1952 Pat Berel
Howard, Ola H-630 1972 Pat Berel
Howard, Robert A H-630 1959 Pat Berel
Howard, Ruby Vollie "Bob" H-630 1999 Michael LeRoy
Howard, Thomas (Black) H-630 1956 Pat Berel
Howard, Tommy Joe (Black) H-630 1955 Pat Berel
Howard, Vida Florinda H-630 1981 Michael LeRoy
Howard, William E. H-630 1967 Pat Berel
Howell, Annie Eugenia H-400 1967 Pat Berel
Howell, Charlie M H-400 1974 Pat Berel
Howell, Elbert Lee H-400 1970 Pat Berel
Howell, Everett H-400 1962 Pat Berel
Howell, Lucy H-400 1953 Pat Berel
Howell, Mamouth H-400 1957 Pat Berel
Howell, Mary Jane H-400 1969 Pat Berel
Howell, Steve H-400 1951 Pat Berel
Howell, T.E. H-400 1967 Pat Berel
Hoyt, Leander H-300 1987 Michael LeRoy
Huber, Bertha E H-160 1980 Pat Berel
Huber, Charley Lee H-160 2001 Pat Berel
Huber, Charlie Daniel H-160 1958 Pat Berel
Huber, James Canter H-160 1980 Pat Berel
Huber, Robert "Pee Wee" Raymond H-160 1996 Michael LeRoy
Huber, Susie Beatrice H-160 1995 Pat Berel
Huber, Infant of Walter H-160 1950 Pat Berel
Hubley, Cleveland Julian H-140 1963 Pat Berel
Hubley, Walter E. H-140 1944 Pat Berel
Hubley, Winnie Virginia H-140 1987 Michael LeRoy
Huckaby, John R. H-210 1958 Pat Berel
Hudson, Bill H-325 1962 Pat Berel
Hudson, Ebb Terrill H-325 1978 Pat Berel
Hudson, Hattie Mae (Black) H-325 1956 Pat Berel
Huffman, Otis McKinnley H-155 1982 Pat Berel
Huffman, Ruby Bell H-155 1989 Pat Berel
Huggins, Joe Bob H-252 1993 Michael LeRoy
Hughes, Benjamin Franklin H-220 1970 Pat Berel
Hughes, James Hoyt H-220 1982 Pat Berel
Hughes, Mary Anna H-220 1970 Pat Berel
Huichman, Gracie Drucella H-255 1960 Pat Berel
Humble, Infant H-514 1964 Pat Berel
Humphries, Betty Joe H-516 2001 Pat Berel
Hundt, Gerhard H-530 1972 Pat Berel
Hunker, J.L. H-526 1971 Pat Berel
Hunker, Marie Pauline H-526 1975 Pat Berel
Hunt, Everett D. H-530 1967 Pat Berel
Hunt, Jewel Paul H-530 1989 Pat Berel
Hunt, Mary Ann H-530 1980 Pat Berel
Huskins, Nettie H-252 1962 Pat Berel
Hutto, Amos, Jr. H-300 1986 Michael LeRoy
Hutto, Junior Earl H-300 1987 Michael LeRoy
Hutto, Ludon (Rev) H-300 1971 Pat Berel
Hutzler, Louis Miller, Jr. H-324 1994 Michael LeRoy
Hyatt, H. Pink H-300 1955 Pat Berel
Hyatt, Henry Sam H-300 1987 Michael LeRoy
Hyatt, Horace Venard H-300 1999 Michael LeRoy
Hyatt, Infant H-300 1962 Pat Berel
Hyatt, Katy Izeta H-300 1998 Michael LeRoy
Hyatt, Mac Calpen H-300 1999 Michael LeRoy
Hyde, Marie H-300 1965 Pat Berel


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