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Sabine Parish Funeral Surname Index E

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Filename Yr. of Death Submitter
Ealy, Eveline (Black) 1957 Pat Berel
Earl, Jodie 1959 Pat Berel
Early, A.D. 1963 Pat Berel
Early, Estes Glen 1999 Michael LeRoy
Early, Kenneth Delwin 1997 Pat Berel
Early, Nellie J 1973 Pat Berel
Eason, Bobby Doyle 1999 Michael LeRoy
Eason, Carmon 1988 Pat Berel
Eason, Cecil Hershel 2000 Pat Berel
Eason, Edna M 1982 Pat Berel
Eason, Eula Oleta 1992 Pat Berel
Eason, Eulas E 1992 Pat Berel
Eason, Florence 1989 Pat Berel
Eason, Frank Daniel 2000 Pat Berel
Eason, Frank Edward 1977 Pat Berel
Eason, Frank Edward, JR 1965 Pat Berel
Eason, Glenna Mae 1993 Michael LeRoy
Eason, Hoyt 1991 Michael LeRoy
Eason, Huey P. 1993 Michael LeRoy
Eason, James Arthur 1980 Pat Berel
Eason, Joella 1966 Pat Berel
Eason, John H 1982 Pat Berel
Eason, John H. 1962 Pat Berel
Eason, Josephine 1959 Pat Berel
Eason, Julian 1968 Pat Berel
Eason, Katie Elizabeth 1966 Pat Berel
Eason, Laura J. 1963 Pat Berel
Eason, Lawrence Theodor 1993 Michael LeRoy
Eason, Louise 1975 Pat Berel
Eason, M.C. 2001 Pat Berel
Eason, Mae 1963 Pat Berel
Eason, Marion Columbus 1957 Pat Berel
Eason, Mary Fay 1998 Michael LeRoy
Eason, Maylene 1967 Pat Berel
Eason, Ona Irene 1980 Pat Berel
Eason, Shadrict (Jack) 1979 Pat Berel
Eason, Shedrick Author 1951 Pat Berel
Eason, Vera Anita 1999 Michael LeRoy
Eason, William Edward 1957 Pat Berel
Eastland, Virginia 1951 Pat Berel
Eaves, Alvin B. 1964 Pat Berel
Eaves, Arrena 1958 Pat Berel
Eaves, Dewey Gladen 1993 Michael LeRoy
Eaves, Jessie Gilbert 1988 Pat Berel
Eaves, Leonard Edward 1980 Pat Berel
Eaves, Madgie Mae 1996 Michael LeRoy
Eaves, Margarett Janie 1993 Michael LeRoy
Eaves, Samuel Lee 1989 Pat Berel
Eaves, Una 1980 Pat Berel
Eaves, Wilmer E 1974 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Abram 1962 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Albert 1994 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Angela F (infant) 1973 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Angeline 1975 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Annie 1961 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Annie 1971 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Annie 1978 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Ashley Denise 1995 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Bernadette 1967 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Bill 1974 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Carl 1951 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Carolyn Ruth 1991 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Chad Jason 1998 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Charles Ray 1969 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Christopher Wade 2001 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Clarence 1971 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Clarence 1983 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Cleve 1990 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Dillion Dean (Inf) 1994 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Donald Raymond 1970 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Douglas 1949 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Edward D 1978 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Eldon David 2001 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Elie, Sr. 1981 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Elizabeth G (Lissie) 1969 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Ellis Eugene 1994 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Elmo E 1973 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Elva 1975 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Emma Lee 1995 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Emmett 1981 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Ermer (Irma) 1992 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Eugene 1977 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Eva Cecilia 1994 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Evelyn Rebecca 1995 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Florence 1975 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Florence 1980 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Florence 1983 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Frances 1976 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Frazine Erdie 1997 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Fred 1966 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Infant Fredrick Lynn 1965 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Gary Lane 1989 Pat Berel
Ebarb, George Hobart 1951 Pat Berel
Ebarb, George W 1979 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Gray Wayne 1957 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Henry 1969 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Henry L 1974 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Henry Mack 1974 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Henry N 1992 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Herman T. 1986 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Hilton H 1978 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Hosea Joseph 1996 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Hosie H Joseph 1957 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Infant 1959 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Infant 1963 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Infant, (Twins) 1993 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Ira (or R.H.) 1976 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Ira, Jr 1968 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Irene 1967 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Iva Mae 1986 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Jake 1963 Pat Berel
Ebarb, James William 1988 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Jessie 1957 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Jessie Patrick 1956 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Jim 1961 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Joe 1955 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Joe 1971 Pat Berel
Ebarb, John 2001 Pat Berel
Ebarb, John Curtis 1995 Pat Berel
Ebarb, John Henry 1980 Pat Berel
Ebarb, John J. 1968 Pat Berel
Ebarb, John Trib 1990 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Joseph 1956 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Joseph 1966 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Joseph C 1957 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Joseph D. 1950 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Joseph Glenn 1999 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Joseph Pardue, Sr. 1985 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Joseph Ricky 1962 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Joseph Steve 1965 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Kenneth 1951 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Lawerence 2001 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Louise 1976 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Louise 1987 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Lucille Merylin 1984 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Lucy 1978 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Marceline 1951 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Martin 1982 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Mary 1959 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Mary 1961 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Mary 1987 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Mary 1994 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Mary Emma 1975 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Mary F 1965 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Mary Frances 1988 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Mary Lucille 1997 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Matha 1973 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Mattie 1958 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Mattie 1971 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Mattie 1979 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Mattie M 1989 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Mattie Ozella 1997 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Michael Dewayne 1977 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Michael Eugene 1980 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Nina Ethel 1972 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Paul 1966 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Paul Henry 1985 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Pauline 1992 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Pete Loran 2000 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Phillip 1955 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Raymond Patrick 1983 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Richard Carl 1974 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Rosie 1951 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Rupert 1971 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Rupert 1991 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Sarah 1960 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Sarah 1980 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Shelly Pauline 1983 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Shrerry Donice 1978 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Simon Louis 2000 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Stephanie 1980 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Steve 1994 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Steven A 1975 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Steven Wayne 2001 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Susan 1970 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Terrie Louise 1987 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Thomas J 1966 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Thomas L. 1954 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Tom 1973 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Vela Mae 1963 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Verna Marie 1993 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Vincent Scott 1977 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Virgil Joseph 1994 Michael LeRoy
Ebarb, Walter L 1966 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Wesley 1955 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Willis 1969 Pat Berel
Ebarb, Winnie Mae 1986 Michael LeRoy
Ebarbo, Emmett E 1973 Pat Berel
Ebenezer, Robert (Black) 1956 Pat Berel
Ebert, Alice 1982 Pat Berel
Ebert, William M. 1983 Michael LeRoy
Eddington, Louis Wilmer 1984 Pat Berel
Eddington, Oscar 1950 Pat Berel
Edgar, Jerry Dale 1985 Michael LeRoy
Edwards, Alice M. 1957 Pat Berel
Edwards, Charles Louis 1966 Pat Berel
Edwards, Deborah Denise 1994 Michael LeRoy
Edwards, Eustace Louis, Jr 1984 Pat Berel
Edwards, Frank 1965 Pat Berel
Edwards, Gertie Lee 1975 Pat Berel
Edwards, Gussie 1997 Pat Berel
Edwards, Harry A 1995 Pat Berel
Edwards, John Zigler 1966 Pat Berel
Edwards, Louis Franklin 1962 Pat Berel
Edwards, Mattie E. 1961 Pat Berel
Edwards, Monroe 1966 Pat Berel
Edwards, Olan Ray 1969 Pat Berel
Edwards, Oliver Anderson 1995 Pat Berel
Edwards, Vanessa Florence 1983 Michael LeRoy
Egloff, Phillip Beatman 1983 Michael LeRoy
Elbert, Elbert 1985 Michael LeRoy
Elder, R.N. 1963 Pat Berel
Eldridge, Felix 1970 Pat Berel
Elliott, Allie May 1964 Pat Berel
Elliott, Banks Foster 1963 Pat Berel
Elliott, Charles Roy 1971 Pat Berel
Elliott, Corinne 1994 Michael LeRoy
Elliott, George Oliver 1970 Pat Berel
Elliott, James Donald 1988 Pat Berel
Elliott, James Joel 1997 Pat Berel
Elliott, James Otha 1959 Pat Berel
Elliott, Jimmy Carl 1966 Pat Berel
Elliott, Joel Thomas 1987 Michael LeRoy
Elliott, John Walter 1959 Pat Berel
Elliott, Lee 1949 Pat Berel
Elliott, Leland Tabor 2000 Pat Berel
Elliott, Lena Mae 1963 Pat Berel
Elliott, Pauline Virginia 1992 Pat Berel
Elliott, Richard William 1993 Michael LeRoy
Elliott, Walter Guy 1961 Pat Berel
Elliott, William Clifford, Jr. 1999 Michael LeRoy
Ellison, Charlie Vert 1991 Michael LeRoy
Ellison, Glenna A. 1996 Michael LeRoy
Ellison, Ola Lillian 1990 Michael LeRoy
Elloff, Lucille 1975 Pat Berel
Ellzey, Amburg 1966 Pat Berel
Ellzey, Audra 1985 Michael LeRoy
Ellzey, Cora Belle 1973 Pat Berel
Ellzey, John W 1969 Pat Berel
Ellzey, Lula Mae 1974 Pat Berel
Ellzey, Madge Thelma 1989 Pat Berel
Ellzey, Mamie Ivy 1973 Pat Berel
Ellzey, Shafer Franklin 1969 Pat Berel
Ellzey, Infant Son 1974 Pat Berel
Ellzey, Sudie 1978 Pat Berel
Emanus, James Edward 2000 Pat Berel
Emanus, Jettie 1977 Pat Berel
Emanus, Pete R. 1967 Pat Berel
Emmons, Aplha Bufkin' 1956 Pat Berel
Emmons, Laurence K 1970 Pat Berel
Emmons, Noma 1981 Michael LeRoy
Emmons, William Isaac 1975 Pat Berel
Engelhardt, Gladys 1969 Pat Berel
Engelhardt, Louise M 1963 Pat Berel
Englehardt, John W 1971 Pat Berel
Ensinger, Ivan Winfred, Sr. 1988 Pat Berel
Ensinger, Mary Alice "Mollie" 1996 Michael LeRoy
Enterkin, Charles L 1979 Pat Berel
Enterkin, Ian Thomas 1981 Michael LeRoy
Epps, William (Black) 1953 Pat Berel
Epsie, Oliva Arthur 1958 Pat Berel
Erwin, William Reid 1995 Pat Berel
Estes, Herbert 1974 Pat Berel
Estes, Susie Margie Ann 1988 Pat Berel
Estes, Infant Wilbert 1960 Pat Berel
Etheridge, Clifford 1950 Pat Berel
Etheridge, Napolian 1995 Pat Berel
Etheridge, Nolan Wayne 2001 Pat Berel
Etheridge, Pamela Elise 1994 Michael LeRoy
Etheridge, Tennen 1996 Michael LeRoy
Etheridge, Vance 1987 Michael LeRoy
Etheridge, Victoria 2001 Pat Berel
Ethridge, Infant 1967 Pat Berel
Etie, Alba Joseph (Chief), Sr. 1995 Pat Berel
Evan, Viota 1961 Pat Berel
Evans, Allie 1971 Pat Berel
Evans, Annie Myrtis 1999 Michael LeRoy
Evans, Blanche Grace 1991 Michael LeRoy
Evans, Bradford 1966 Pat Berel
Evans, Carlton Herman 2000 Pat Berel
Evans, Carton H 1969 Pat Berel
Evans, Clarence Leroy "Roy" 1990 Michael LeRoy
Evans, Earnest 1995 Pat Berel
Evans, Earnest Troy 1995 Pat Berel
Evans, Edgar Leland 1962 Pat Berel
Evans, Ellis (Black) 1952 Pat Berel
Evans, Garland Tom 1953 Pat Berel
Evans, George William 1992 Pat Berel
Evans, Gracie 1988 Pat Berel
Evans, Hardy B 1975 Pat Berel
Evans, Hayden J. 1988 Pat Berel
Evans, Hershel 1988 Pat Berel
Evans, Hoy 1957 Pat Berel
Evans, James M 1963 Pat Berel
Evans, James M. 1969 Pat Berel
Evans, Julia Ann 1968 Pat Berel
Evans, Laura Lee (Infant) 1971 Pat Berel
Evans, Lola 1998 Michael LeRoy
Evans, Lynn Edward 2000 Pat Berel
Evans, Mack 1958 Pat Berel
Evans, Mae 1976 Pat Berel
Evans, Maggie 1983 Michael LeRoy
Evans, Matthew Scott 1993 Michael LeRoy
Evans, Mattie 1970 Pat Berel
Evans, Pinkey 1970 Pat Berel
Evans, R.D. 1973 Pat Berel
Evans, Reginald Conerly 1962 Pat Berel
Evans, Samuel Charles 1968 Pat Berel
Evans, Thomas B 1966 Pat Berel
Everidge, Floyd Emmit 1980 Pat Berel
Everitt, Lucy 1972 Pat Berel
Evitt, Lonnie B. 1991 Michael LeRoy
Eyestone, Berniece M 1968 Pat Berel
Ezelle, Melton 1994 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Abram 1993 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Albert Joseph, Sr. 1982 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Albert Keelan 1984 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Andrew 1987 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Antonio 1950 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Audrey 1968 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Barbara Joyce 1996 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Billy Ray 1998 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Cedric Claburn 1990 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Claudia Nora 1994 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, David Leonard 1978 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Douglas Lenn 1987 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Ella Mae 1976 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Ethel Mae 1978 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Evelyn 1987 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Evelyn E 1984 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Floyd Curtis 1983 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Frank Darden, Jr. 1980 Pat Berel
Ezernack, George Washington 1981 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Henry J 1962 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Hobart Mitchell 1993 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Homer 1958 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Infant 1963 Pat Berel
Ezernack, James Arthur 1967 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Jim Howard 1987 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Joseph Lafayette, Jr. 1990 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Josephine 1987 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Julius Earl 1998 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Lela Roberta 1998 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Lizzie 1973 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Louis 1992 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Martha 1966 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Mary Susan 1968 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Michael Woodson 1995 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Paul Franklin, Jr. 1999 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Pauline 1963 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Pete 1960 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Phillip J. 1998 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Phyllis Ann 1972 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Robert L. SGT 1952 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Ronnie James 2000 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Sam 1970 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Sue 1977 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Thomas 1970 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Thomas Antonio, Sr. 1990 Michael LeRoy
Ezernack, Tonny Obray 1976 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Victoria 1970 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Viola Georgia 2001 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Walter 1972 Pat Berel
Ezernack, William Eugene 1992 Pat Berel
Ezernack, William M 1974 Pat Berel
Ezernack, Wilma Laverne 1998 Michael LeRoy


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