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Photo or Document
cwood1-ph Cottonwood Cemetery Sep 119999 Sherry Sanford
cwood2-ph >>Gravesite of Qurlious S. Ginn Sep 119999 Sherry Sanford
stmary-ph St. Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery Sep 1999 Sherry Sanford 


ourlady-ph Our Lady of Seven Dolors Catholic Church at Raccourci Aug 1998 Pauline Brandy
stanns-ph St. Ann's Catholic Church, Morganza, 1947 Aug 1998 Pauline Brandy
annbus-ph St. Ann's Catholic Church Bus, Morganza Aug 1998 Pauline Brandy
communion-ph Communion & Intermediate Classes, Morganza Aug 1998 Pauline Brandy
confirm-ph St. Ann's Catholic Church 1947 Confirmation & CCD  Classes, Morganza Aug 1998 Pauline Brandy
annhall-ph St. Ann's Catholic Church Hall, Morganza Aug 1998 Pauline Brandy
rectory-ph St. Ann's Catholic Church Rectory, Morganza Aug 1998 Pauline Brandy
stfrancis-ph St. Francis Chapel Aug 1998 Pauline Brandy



Old False River Plantation Map

River Map

Oct 1999 Pauline Brandy


humphreys-ph Humphreys Family Reunion 1910 Nov 1999 Pauline Brandy
gauci-ph Rev. Paul J. Gauci Aug 1998 Pauline Brandy
laforest-ph Father F.A.B. Laforest Aug 1998 Pauline Brandy
alpepiton-ph Albert Pepiton/Eugenia Marguerite Sellers Pepiton Jun 2005 Vicky Lillis
perino-ph Rev. Dominic Perino Aug 1998 Pauline Brandy


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