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File # Date Newspaper Article... Date Submitter
00000601.txt 06-17-2010 Jerelyn 'Pixie' Hall Naquin of Blaine Kern Artists dies at age 63 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000602.txt 06-18-2010 Joan Marie Harris Smith, retired educator and community activist, dies at age 67 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000603.txt 03-12-2010 Joe Louis Caldwell, first African-American chairman of UNO history department, dies at 67 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000604.txt 03-22-2010 John 'Jack' Hutton Jr., organist and choirmaster, dies at age 82 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000605.txt 03-15-2010 Joseph and Maxine Cassin, married 55 years, die days apart Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000606.txt 07-01-2010 Lambert Joseph 'Bobby' Gonzales Jr., who helped rescue people after Hurricane Betsy, dies at age 90 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000607.txt 04-14-2010 Memorial service Saturday to honor Lt. Gen. Larry Dodgen, a West Bank native Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000608.txt 03-15-2010 Louis Paul Wineski Jr., former St. Bernard police juror, dies at age 72 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000609.txt 03-23-2010 New Orleans blues singer Marva Wright dies at 62 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000610.txt 07-02-2010 Marvin Chachere, teacher and jazz saxophonist, dies at 82 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000611.txt 05-25-2010 Myrtle Baquet, Creole restaurateur, dies at age 88 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000612.txt 03-15-2010 P. Paul Breaux, founder of Breaux Mart Supermarkets, dies at age 86 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000613.txt 03-23-2010 WWL-TV editorialist Phil Johnson dies at 80 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000614.txt 03-18-2010 Quest to find family tree branches into book Author finds Scicilian ancestors Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000615.txt 07-06-2010 Raul Bertuccelli, veteran float builder, dies Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000616.txt 04-15-2010 Robert Hicks, Bogalusa civil rights activist, dies at age 81 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000617.txt 06-01-2010 Robert Schoen Sr., funeral home owner, dies at 81 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000618.txt 03-12-2010 Rockie Charles, the 'President of Soul,' dies at age 67 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000619.txt 04-10-2010 Rosalie Cohen, leader in Jewish community, dies one month before 100th birthday Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000620.txt 05-21-2010 Vernon Anthony Abadie, master lather and plasterer, dies at age 74 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000621.txt 04-13-2010 Walter G. Cowan, former States-Item editor, dies at 98 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000622.txt 03-25-2010 Wiley Masters, longtime Times-Picayune editor, dies at 86 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000623.txt 06-04-1920 “OLD CROW" TEA SOLD FAST AT FIVE DOLLARS PER QUART Jan 2011 Larie Tedesco
00000624.txt 08-10-2010 Chief Albert Morris honored with Northside Skull and Bone Gang funeral procession Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000625.txt 07-28-2010 Andrew 'Moo Moo' Sciambra, who worked on Jim Garrison investigation of JFK assassination, dies at age 75 Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000626.txt 01-04-2011 Funeral plans for retired NOPD Deputy Chief Anthony Cannatella announced Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000627.txt 12-31-2010 Retired New Orleans Police Department Deputy Chief Anthony Cannatella dies Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000628.txt 01-04-2011 The Rev. Dr. Arthur Piper Jr. of New Hope Baptist Church in Gretna dies
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000629.txt 05-07-1906 Black Hand Band in New Orleans Jan 2011 Larie Tedesco
00000630.txt 12-16-2010 Carlos Zervigon, ardent civil rights activist, dies at 71
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000631.txt 12-16-2010 Dorothy Grundmann Janssen, commercial artist, dies at 100
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000632.txt 05-17-1903 First Immigrants For This Season Jan 2011 Larie Tedesco
00000633.txt 12-21-2010 Gayle Batt, civic activist and mother of actor Bryan Batt, dies at 79
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000634.txt 10-22-2010 Gerald C. Pelias, New Orleans wholesaler, leader in Greek community, dies at 87
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000635.txt 06-09-1918 Given Birthday Surprise (Tedesco) Jan 2011 Larie Tedesco
00000637.txt 08-20-2010 Helen Washington Lang, public housing advocate, dies at 80
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000638.txt 09-28-2010 Dr. Herbert Longenecker, former Tulane president, dies at 98
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000639.txt 08-16-2010 Herman Leonard, photographer of jazz greats, dies
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000640.txt 03-23-1962 Iron-Armed Joe Martina, Pel Ace of 20's, Is Dead
Won 108 Games in Five-Year Span
Jan 2011 Larie Tedesco
00000641.txt 12-28-2010 Jack Gurry, French Quarter bon vivant, dies at age 86
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000642.txt 09-21-2010 Economist James Bobo remembered for his criticism of the city's division of wealth and power
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000643.txt 07-09-2010 Jean Danielson, professor at Newcomb and Tulane, dies at 77
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000644.txt 09-09-2010 Jill Jackson, sports and entertainment journalist, dies at age 97
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000645.txt 12-07-2010 John Hunter Gordon III, creator of Krewe of Orpheus super-sized float, dies at 58
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000646.txt 07-08-2010 Former New Orleans Saints coach John North dies at age 89
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000647.txt 01-04-2011 The Rev. John Patrick Franklin dies in apparent hunting accident
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000648.txt 01-04-2011 Dr. John Thiele, Katrina caregiver, dies at 58
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000649.txt 09-10-2010 Ken Hollis, former state senator from Metairie, dies at 68 Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000650.txt 08-19-2010 Lawrence 'Larry' Garvey, co-founder of Radiofone, dies at 73
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000651.txt 12-28-2010 Logan Martin, who had key role in rebuilding St. Bernard Parish, dies at age 44
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000652.txt 10-18-2010 Louis 'Lee' Madere Jr., economist and lawyer, dies at age 71
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000653.txt 08-24-2010 Moise Steeg Jr., philanthropist and civic activist, dies at 94
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000654.txt 10-21-2010 My Quang Cao, father of U.S. Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao, dies
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000655.txt 09-13-2010 Myrtis Butzman, mother of entertainer Becky Allen, dies at age 97
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000656.txt 12-19-2010 WWL-TV meteorologist Nash Roberts dead at 92
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000657.txt 12-28-2010 Noelle Antoinette Madison Embree, retired Slidell grocer, dies at age 93
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000658.txt 12-17-2010 Pamela Ann Wegmann, local marketing consultant, dies at 59
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000659.txt 09-08-2010 Paul Radke, pastor, West Bank activist, dies at 83
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000660.txt 10-16-2010 Peter Toma, longtime Roosevelt Hotel accordionist, dies at 91
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000661.txt 08-23-2010 Philip Henry McCrory Jr., pharmacist and coffee entrepreneur, dies at 65
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000662.txt 01-05-2011 Former Jefferson Parish council member Robert 'Bob' DeViney dies
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000663.txt 12-16-1902 Roosevelt Recommends the Payment of Indemnity Jan 2011 Larie Tedesco
00000664.txt 01-04-2011 Russell Henderson, social justice activist, dies at age 62
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000665.txt 03-24-1898 Russo's Queer Robbery Jan 2011 Larie Tedesco
00000666.txt 10-29-2010 Sal Lentini, Kenner's long-time police chief, dies at 87
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000667.txt 06-20-1945 Salvadore Tedescos Mark 50th Year Jan 2011 Larie Tedesco
00000668.txt 12-01-2010 Dr. Samuel Logan, surgeon who helped establish West Jefferson Medical Center, dies at 88
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000669.txt 08-28-2010 Sister Eileen Sullivan, president of Xavier University Preparatory School, dies at 65
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000670.txt 08-13-2010 Thomas Crofton Laughlin, advocate for elderly, dies at 80
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000671.txt 10-17-1943 Trio of Marines is Inseparable
Louisiana Group Joins, Gets Promoted Together
Jan 2011 Larie Tedesco
00000672.txt 10-28-2010 Walter Payton, longtime New Orleans jazz bassist and educator, dies at 68
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.
00000673.txt 03-07-1922 Woman Cut on Head in Family Argument Jan 2011 Larie Tedesco
00000674.txt 12-17-2010 Pamela Ann Wegmann, local marketing consultant, dies at 59
Jan 2011 N.O.V.A.

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