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File # Date Newspaper Article... Date Submitter
00000401.txt 09-29-1998 N.O. Man, 40, Killed As Candle Triggers Fire Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000402.txt 10-09-1998 Producer Hopes Dark Tale Will Enlighten Audiences About WWII Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000403.txt 10-29-1998 Community Activist Will Be Remembered Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000404.txt 04-26-1998 A Gentleman And A Jazz Scholar Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000405.txt 04-26-1998 Slow Revival Marigny Church Making Comeback Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000406.txt 04-26-1998 Rap Impresario Dies After Drive-By Shooting Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000407.txt 04-27-1998 Officer Dies In Traffic Crash N.O. Cops Review Motorcade Rules Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000408.txt 05-18-1998 Ex-Judge Thomas Giraud, 61, Sat 26 Years On Traffic Court Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000409.txt 06-22-1998 School Athlete Dies After Exercise Player Trained At Kennedy Gym Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000410.txt 06-18-1998 Funeral To Be A Celebration Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000411.txt 06-09-1998 Dr. Arthur Gottlieb, Aids Researcher Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000412.txt 10-05-1998 Boothville Man Killed Walking On Highway Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000413.txt 08-22-1998 Friends Make Sure Man Gets 'Proper Farewell' Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000414.txt 10-16-1998 All In The Family At Mcdonogh 35 Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000415.txt 10-17-1998 Day Set Aside To Honor Myles Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000416.txt 10-20-1998 Myles Memorialized In Grand Style Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000417.txt 09-27-1998 Officer's Survivors Grateful For Police Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000418.txt 10-27-1998 Victim Of Stabbing Was N.O. Woman, 33 Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000419.txt 10-27-1998 Fighting Irish; Seasoned Journalist Goes Back To The Battlefield To Trace A N.O. Civil War Regiment With A Roster That 'Read Like A Dublin Pone Book.' Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000420.txt 10-28-1998 Van avoids animal; hits, kills man Jul 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000421.txt 09-21-1908 Matteo LaNasa Killed in Desperate Italian Street Fight Aug 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000422.txt 09-01-1993 Funeral Company Founder Dies
Jan 2006 Larie Tedesco
00000423.txt 05-20-1911

Anthony Fallo, Oldest Citizen, Dies at over Hundred and One Jan 2006 Larie Tedesco
00000424.txt 09-12-2005 WWL radio talk-show host succumbs to cancer
Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000425.txt 01-12-2006 George J. Schiro, 73, former port official Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000426.txt 09-12-2005 WWL radio talk-show host succumbs to cancer Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000427.txt 02-15-1993 Body In Burned Van Identified As Marrero Man
Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
"Life After Death" 6 Part Series
00000428.txt   These list of Fathers goes along with the 6 part series of "Life After Death" Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000429.txt 02-01-1998 A Boy Asks A Question With No Answer: 'Who' Going To Be My Daddy Now? 1/6 Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000430.txt 02-02-1998 A Young Mother's Fear 2/6 Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000431.txt 02-03-1998 Encircled By Love And Duty 3/6 Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000432.txt 02-04-1998 One Boy, A Family's Dream 4/6 Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000433.txt 02-05-1998 Embracing Memories 5/6 Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000434.txt 02-06-1998 Harsh Lessons For A Child 6/6 Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000435.txt 03-16-2006 Galatoire's loses a legend - Waiter had worked at local restaurants for more than 40 years Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000436.txt 01-25-2006 Final bow for golden girl Lois Winter Crandell Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000437.txt 01-13-2006 A life well-lived - Frank Zito was a farmer's son and a much-loved father Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000438.txt 05-02-2006 “Katrina Missing” List Reduced to Fewer Than 500 Mar 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000439.txt 02-10-1891 A Woman's Courage Mar 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
00000440.txt 06-28-1892 An Explosion at Ice Works Apr 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
00000441.txt 03-30-1903 Drowned In Shallow Water Mar 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
00000442.txt 03-30-1903 Meet Next in Washington, D. C. Mar 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
00000443.txt 03-30-1903 Mrs. Catt is Reelected Again Chosen President by the Women Suffragists. Apr 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
00000444.txt 03-30-1903 National Women Council Mrs. Swift of San Francisco Chosen President Mar 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
00000445.txt 01-03-2006 Scientist at Work | Shannon Lee Dawdy
Archaeologist in New Orleans Finds a Way to Help the Living
Apr 2006 Peggy Rooney
00000446.txt 09-12-2005 The curse of the Superdome Apr 2006 Craig Borne
00000447.txt   Ella Mae Broussard Perrin Apr 2006  
00000448.txt 07-12-1965 Gill, Henry Maynard Jul 2006 Bill Boggess
00000449.txt 03-26-1945 Adams, St Clair Jul 2006 Bill Boggess
00000450.txt 07-27-2006 Son of Bob Livingston will be buried Friday Jul 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000451.txt 07-23-2006 Dr. Robert Schramel, N.O. heart surgeon Jul 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000452.txt 07-18-2006 Gloria Chatelain, 77, unofficial historian Jul 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000453.txt 07-21-2006 Benjamin Wren, 75, Loyola's Zen expert Jul 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000454.txt 02-07-1904 Two Engineers Die Jul 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000455.txt 08-14-2006 George 'Star' Mayer, Whitney Bank exec Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000456.txt 08-08-2006 Ex-editorials editor Malcolm Forsyth, 74 Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000457.txt 08-05-2006 Murray Naquin, military park founder Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000458.txt 08-02-2006 Robert Gex, SUNO teacher, administrator Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000459.txt 08-01-2006 James Bryan, owner of car dealerships Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000460.txt 07-31-2006 Sterling Comeaux, furniture retailer Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000461.txt 08-13-2006 James Warren, 67, pro football player Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000462.txt 09-19-2006 Eduardo Marvez-Valls, doctor and educator Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000463.txt 09-21-2006 'Bud Rip' Ripoll Jr., 9th Ward institution Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000464.txt 09-08-2006 Tuskegee Airman Haydel White Sr. Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000465.txt 09-02-2006 Lucie Wing, civic leader, dies at 80 Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000466.txt 05-27-2006 Lucius Weathersby, scholar, composer Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000467.txt 08-22-1999 Montz Descendants Attend Family Reunion In Lafayette Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000468.txt 09-07-2006 Convention Center's Norman Glindmeyer Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000469.txt 09-12-2006 Thomas H. Eubanks, state archaeologist Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000470.txt 08-31-2006 William E. Ulmer, 99, former bank president Sep 2006 N.O.V.A.
00000471.txt 12-09-2006 George Louis Gallegos, electronics engineer Jan 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000472.txt 12-08-2006 Charles Brent Jr., musician, arranger Jan 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000473.txt 12-07-2006 Charlene Schneider, gay-rights champion Jan 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000474.txt 11-30-2006 Dr. Carl Adatto, 89, psychiatrist, teacher Jan 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000475.txt 04-14-1930 Assenheimer Dies At Home Long Supporter Succumbs To Heart Disease At Age of 48 Assenheimer, Scott Philips April 13, 1930 Jan 2007 Kelly Assenheimer Long
00000476.txt 01-25-2007 Census gives insight on early settlement Document reveals more than just population numbers Jan 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000477.txt 12-15-2006 Copper thieves hit cemeteries Restlawn ravaged; 800 urns stolen Jan 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000478.txt 11-11-1948 $36,247 Left By S. La Nasa Jan 2007 Laria Tedesco
00000479.txt 08-09-1928 All Levee Board Employees Fired; New Job Created Jan 2007 Kelly Assenheimer Long
00000480.txt 07-09-1905 Chief O'Connor July 9, 1905 Nov 2006 Mary Clare Polito
00000481.txt 12-11- Children learn Home keeping Arts in miniature house of their very own Picture of Article Mar 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000482.txt 05-06-2007 2 Motorcyclist dies days after wreck John Milliet & Walter Brunner Apr 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000483.txt 10-08-1893 Dead Men Picked Up By Shooners May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000484.txt 10-29-1893 Storm Sufferers Receive Relief May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000485.txt 10-11-1893 Best Plans of Relief May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000486.txt 10-20-1893 Through the Bayous to Grand Pass May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000487.txt 10-05-1893 The Recent Storm Compared with the Last Island Disaster May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000488.txt 10-05-1893 The Gigantic Tragedy at Last Island The Cheniere Caminada DisasterRecalls Its Predecessor May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000489.txt 10-05-1893 The Great Calamity May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000490.txt 10-06-1893 Lives Lost on River and Lake Craft Four Poitevent & Favre Schooners and Their Crews Lost May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000491.txt 10-07-1893

Storm Survivors Reach the City

May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000492.txt 10-07-1893 A Sad Story Told by One of The Rescue Crew of the Emma Hand May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000493.txt 10-22-1893 A Storm Struck Schooner Arrives with the Only Survivor of Her Crew, a Shadow of His Former Self May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000494.txt 10-09-1893 Luggers Landing in Canals and River Bring More Survivors to the Generous City May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000495.txt 09-02-1997 N.O. Athletic Club Has 125th Birthday Rescuer Saved It From Demise May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000496.txt 10-14-1893 “The Great Disaster” May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000497.txt 07-30-1989 A big day for the little school on Palmyra Street May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000498.txt 05-23-1999 Five Killed In Crash With Deputy's Car Police Unsure If Lights Or Siren Used May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000499.txt 10-04-1893 The October Hurricane May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000500.txt 10-05-1893 Sixteen Lives Lost at the Rigolets Three Schooners Going down in the Storm May 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000501.txt 10-06-1893 Cheniere’s Priest Tells Sad Story Jun 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000502.txt 10-03-1893 The Winds Wipe out Bohemia – The Little Plaquemines Town Ceases to Exist Jun 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000503.txt 10-05-1893 The Recent Storm Compared with the Last Island Disaster Jun 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000504.txt 10-06-1893 Relief For the Destitute Sufferers by the Great Storm News Jun 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000505.txt 10-05-1893 Relief for the Sufferers Jun 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000506.txt 06-22-2007 Paula Ann Jameson, lawyer, PBS advocate Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000507.txt 06-22-2007 Isabelle Haik, 86, teacher and artist Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000508.txt 06-09-2007 Jim Hayes, advocate for the poor Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000509.txt 06-10-2007 Paul Kapelow, visionary real estate developer Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000510.txt 10-04-2006 Brother Brendan Hayden, FSC 1934-2006 Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000511.txt 11-8-2006 Dorignac III dies at age 60 Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000512.txt 11-13-2006 David Walter Strassel "King Crab Eternal" Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000513.txt 11-17-2006 Dr. Frank Gilbert Carpenter, Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000514.txt 12-14-2006 In Memory and Honor of Henrietta Thompson Perry Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000515.txt 12-31-2006 Betty Owens Assunto, 'Duchess of Dixieland' Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000516.txt 03-09-2006 John Kramer, former Tulane Law School dean Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000517.txt 04-09-2006 Dr. Robert Haspel, 89, local philanthropist Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000518.txt 06-16-2006 Legend Lives On Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000519.txt 07-31-2006 Sterling Comeaux, furniture retailer Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000520.txt 12-17-2005 Frank Trapolin, Insurance Executive Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000521.txt 06-22-2007 Study Says Deaths Rose After Storm Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000522.txt 06-08-2007 N.O. Official Challenges Death Stats - State Belittles City's Health Crisis, He Says Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000523.txt 05-19-2007 Michael Molony Jr., Lawyer, Civic Leader Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000524.txt 04-19-2007 Kitty Carlisle Hart, opera, movie star Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000525.txt 05-13-2007 Sisters, doing it for themselves - Two new books contemplate the early life of the Ursuline nuns in New Orleans Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000526.txt 01-06-2007 Joel Neville, 66, wife of singer Jun 2007 N.O.V.A.
00000527.txt 07-09-2006 A Century of Family - Carollo family honors 'Salena' on birthday Sep 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000528.txt 08-24-1899 St. Bartholomew's Day Will Be Observed by the Benevolent Italian Society Bearing His Name
Sep 2007 Larie Tedesco
00000529.txt 12-21-2007 Slidell mother of two dies in crash - Jan 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000530.txt 12-07-1991 They Never Came Back Jan 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000531.txt 12-01-1991 Skeleton Revives Gretna Mystery Jan 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000532.txt 09-24-2008 Funeral mass scheduled for writer, scholar Coleen Salley Jan 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000533.txt 05-17-1990 Menetre Family Ubiqitous In The History Of Covington Jan 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000534.txt 02-15-1990 Estate Was Basis For Town Jan 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000535.txt 08-09-1928 All Levee Board Employees Fired; New Job Created Jan 2009 Kelly Assenheimer Long
Günther Assenheimer
00000536.txt 11-16-1914 Social Events Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000537.txt 06-27-1915 Joseph Tedesco Dead. Well Known and Widely Acquainted Oyster Dealer Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000538.txt 03-07-1922 Victim Fires At Auto. Party in Car Eludes Pursuing Policemen Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000539.txt 07-18-1922 Policeman Pleads Guilty Supernumerary Reprimanded for Neglect of Duty Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000540.txt 02-02-2004 Black Sunday. Big Ben. The Botched Extra-Point Jan 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000541.txt 09-12-2005 The curse of the Superdome Jan 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000542.txt 10-13-1912 Calcagna-Modica Wedding Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000543.txt 09-27-1893 Italian Presbyterians Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000544.txt 08-28-1921 Joseph Papania - Memorial Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000545.txt 06-27-1915 Joseph Tedesco Dead. Well Known and Widely Acquainted Oyster Dealer Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000546.txt 01-27-1901 King Cake Party (Pareti/Sperandeo) Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000547.txt 04-25-1912 The Probate Docket Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000548.txt 09-09-1912 Marullo's Auto At the Italian Festival Leads to Court Charges (News Article)
Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000549.txt 09-13-1915 Miss Jennie Mazzola Becomes Bride of Rosario Lanasa
Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000550.txt 10-27-1894 Mr. Russo Ordained
Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000551.txt 07-18-1922 Policeman Pleads Guilty
Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000552.txt 11-16-1914 Social Events
Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000553.txt 09-14-1891 The Lord's Vineyard
Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000554.txt 11-09-1873 The New Metairie Cemetery Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000555.txt 10-29-1911 Tin Wedding Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000556.txt 03-07-1922 Victim Fires At Auto. Party in Car Eludes Pursuing Policemen
Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000557.txt 04-25-1913 Vital Statistics
Jan 2009 Larie Tedesco
00000558.txt 10-05-2009 Alvena Smith Lupo dies at 88
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000559.txt 03-29-2009 New Orleans police began carrying guns after officer was fatally shot 153 years ago
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000560.txt 2009 Edwin Hampton, founding director of the St. Augustine High School's "Marching 100" band, has died.
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000561.txt 11-04-2009 Frank Friedler Jr., former N.O. City Council member, dies at 75
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000562.txt 10-01-2009 Gerard Crozier, chef and restaurateur, dies at 63 Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000563.txt 06-03-2009 Gordon Saussy, 78, UNO economist Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000564.txt 10-14-2009 Zulu 'grand marshal of them all' Harold Dudley dies at age 80 Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000565.txt 07-14-2009 Hart McNee, New Orleans flutist, saxophonist, dies at 66 Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000566.txt 07-08-2009 Hazel Rhea Hurst, Shrewsbury educator and neighborhood activist, dies at 96 Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000567.txt 06-16-2009 Ground broken on reconstruction of Islenos Museum complex in St. Bernard Parish Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000568.txt 2009 Jack H. Stocker, an emeritus professor of chemistry
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000569.txt 06-04-2009 Jesse James Balancier, 1983 king of Zulu
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000570.txt 10-20-2009 Joe Maselli, champion of N.O.'s Italian life, dies at age 85
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000571.txt 10-01-2009 Grocery pioneer Kenneth Ruello dies at 86
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000572.txt 08-27-2009 New Orleans dance school founder Lorraine Petit dies at 80
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000573.txt 02-11-2009 Plessy and Ferguson unveil plaque today marking their ancestors' actions
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000574.txt 10-29-2009 Dr. Raeburn Llewellyn, surgeon and educator, dies at 89
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000575.txt 10-21-2009 Rocky and Carlo's co-founder dies after fall
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000576.txt 08-18-2009 Rosemary S. Mumm, drug program founder, dies at 60
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000577.txt 06-03-2009 Sam Butera, former Louis Prima saxophonist, dies in Las Vegas at age 81
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000578.txt 02-12-2009 New Orleans slave records among treasure trove of documents going online today
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000579.txt 09-01-2009 Victor Kirschman, furniture dealer, dies at age 86
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000580.txt 08-18-2009 William Simmons, plating firm founder, dies at 84
Nov 2009 N.O.V.A.
00000581.txt 02-02-2010 Carl Huling, owner of iconic Fat Harry's bar in Uptown New Orleans, dies Feb 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000582.txt 11-16-2009 George Ackel Jr., real estate developer, dies at 57 Feb 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000583.txt 11-27-2009 Guy C. Lyman Jr., lawyer and conservationist, dies at age 77
Feb 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000584.txt 11-14-2009 'Hank' Bourgeois, one of last surviving aviators of World War II's Black Sheep Squadron, is dead at 88 Feb 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000585.txt 02-15-2010 Lawrence Robert, former King Zulu, dies at age 76 Feb 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000586.txt 11-27-2009 Art collector and Contemporary Arts Center backer Luba Glade dies at age 87 Feb 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000587.txt 11-27-2009 Malcolm John Casadaban, New Orleans-born scientist, dies at 60 Feb 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000588.txt 02-03-2010 Maurice Katz, insurance broker and fan of politics, dies at 76
Feb 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000589.txt 11-16-2009 Former St. John School Board member Richard DeLong dies at age 76
Feb 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000590.txt 02-05-2010 Richard Kernion, top aide to former mayor, dies at 71
Feb 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000591.txt 02-04-2010 Robert Favret Sr., contractor on several big N.O. projects, dies at 66
Feb 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000592.txt 02-22-2010 Walter Blessey, Tulane University engineering professor, dies at 90 Feb 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000593.txt 05-25-2010 Former state legislator Alex Heaton dies at age 48 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000594.txt 04-15-2010 Benjamin Hooks, who boosted NAACP, dies at age 85 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000595.txt 04-08-2010 Bernard Garnett, subdivision developer in eastern New Orleans, dies at 78 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000596.txt 04-15-2010 Catherine Clark Mayer, artist and community activist, dies at age 93 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000597.txt 06-04-2010 Daniel Mayer Sr., heavy-equipment dealer, dies at age 90 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000598.txt 04-14-2010 Dorothy Sturken Randolph, retired Tulane professor, dies at age 88 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000599.txt 07-07-2010 Gene Bennett, Saint Paul's teacher and coach, dies at 71 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.
00000600.txt 04-30-2010 Haywood Hillyer III, lawyer and devoted Republican Party member who fought David Duke's campaign, dies at 72 Jul 2010 N.O.V.A.

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