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File #DateNewspaper Article...SIZEDATESUBMITTER
00000201.txt12-27-1996Former N.O. Legislator John Landry Dies At 66 1Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000202.txt12-23-1996Retail Store Icon Irving Gerson Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000203.txt12-20-1996Physical Education Teacher Judith Ketchum Baehr Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000204.txt12-20-1996Professor And Psychiatrist Edward C. Norman, 83, Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000205.txt12-20-1996Kent Satterlee, Coffee Baron And Trade Leader, Dies At 94 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000206.txt05-18-1996Ex-Judge, Lawmaker Joseph Keogh Dies 1Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000207.txt 05-23-1996Charity Hospital Official, Nurse Rebecca Manuel Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000208.txt05-21-1996 Celeste Frierson, School Desegregation Activist, Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000209.txt05-21-1996Former Covington Mayor Giles Pennington Dies At 84 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000210.txt10-5-1996Home At Last; Sister Consoled By Belated Return Of Brother Submitted by 10-05- 5Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000211.txt04-20-1996Businessman, Musician William Humphries Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000212.txt04-17-1996Exposure, Blood Loss Killed Pilot 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000213.txt04-15-1996Humphreys Dead At 72 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000214.txt04-12-1996Colfax Woman Bids Farewell To Century 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000215.txt04-6-1996Family's 23-Year Ordeal Eases As Mia Is Laid To Rest Remains Of 7 Buried Together 5Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000216.txt04-2-1996Engineering Firm Founder W. David De Laureal Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000217.txt03-24-1996Students Clean Cemetery Headstones 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000218.txt03-21-1996Gentilly Mourns Good Samaritan 5Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000219.txt03-16-1996 Former Westwego Alderman William 'Buster' Kass Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000220.txt03-16-1996Popular Caterer For 47 Years Oliver H. Patton Dead At 81 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000221.txt03-13-1996Leon Marx, Insurance Exec, Dies Of Heart Attack At 70 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000222.txt03-13-1996Demolition Company Owner Peter A. Ricca Dies At 71 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000223.txt03-12-1996N.O. Lawyer And Civic Leader Walter M. Barnett Dies At 92 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000224.txt03-12-1996Orthodontist And Inventor Dr. David R. Hoffman Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000225.txt03-12-1996Sherman F. Raphael, a retired lawyer and former president 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000226.txt03-6-1996William Robert Hogan Jr., Fidelity Chief, Dead At 75 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000227.txt03-5-1996Local Real Estate Lawyer Louis Shushan Is Dead At 66 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000228.txt03-5-1996Realty Investor, Civic Leader Richard C. Bell Dies At 71 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000229.txt03-2-1996Retired Banker, Civic Leader Francis Doyle Is Dead At 89 Won Loving Cup In 1975 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000230.txt11-11-1996 N.O. Item Columnist Dead At 90 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000231.txt11-6-1996Former Carnival King Eads Poitevent Is Dead 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000232.txt10-30-1996Float Designer And Builder Joseph Barth Jr. Dies At 71 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000233.txt10-23-1996Lorain Wingerter, Retired City Court Judge, Dies At 79 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000234.txt10-18-1996Jackie Mccloskey, 55, Former Secretary, Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000235.txt10-15-1996Jeff Firefighter's Death Devastates Colleagues Apparent Heart Attack Killed Him During Fire 5Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000236.txt10-10-1996Jimmy's In Heaven Now With My Dad And My Lord Slain Deputy Given Emotional Farewell 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000237.txt10-9-1996Neomie Salatich, Dentist And Local Actress, Dies At 87 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000238.txt10-8-1996Deputy's Widow Plans His Funeral, Prays For Suspect 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000239.txt11-14-1996 Clayton J. Charbonnet, Civic Leader, Dead At 74 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000240.txt10-3-1996United Cabs President Allen Soldani Dies At 69 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000241.txt09-28-1996 N.O. Nightclub Owner Frank J. Caracci Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000242.txt09-25-1996Cookbook Author, Artist Howard Mitcham Dies 4Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000243.txt09-24-1996Foreign Trade Pioneer Alonzo Ensenat, 88, Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000244.txt09-24-1996R&B Singing Legend Jessie Hill Is Dead At 64 5Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000245.txt09-22-1996Funeral Company Executive Philip Schoen Iii Dies At 76 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000246.txt09-21-1996Students Mourn Death Of Teacher 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000247.txt09-18-1996Beatrice Forgotston, Patron Of Arts And Education, Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000248.txt09-17-1996Anton 'Andy' Pilney, 83, Former Tulane Coach, Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000249.txt09-17-1996 J. Ray Mcdermott Executive James J. Wildasin Dies At 61 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000250.txt09-11-1996Ex-Senator, Retired Judge Malcolm O'hara Dies At 74 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000251.txt09-6-1996 Lawyer, Former FBI Agent Robert R. Rainold Sr. Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000252.txt09-6-1996 Leon Sorci, Sand Industry Pioneer, Dies Of Stroke At 88 1Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000253.txt09-6-1996 Jazz Funeral For Legend To Correct Big Oversight 5Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000254.txt09-5-1996 N.O. School Principal Walter Langs Jr. Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000255.txt09-3-1996 William Cunningham, Newman Leader, Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000256.txt09-2-1996Judge Richard N. Ware Iv, 47, Killed In Car Accident 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000257.txt09-1-1996Uno Founding Professor James Ellis Is Dead At 69 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000258.txt09-1-1996Former Edna Karr Principal David Lutenbacher, 70, Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000259.txt08-31-1996Pioneering Olympian Patterson-Tyler Is Dead 4Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000260.txt08-29-1996Officials Baffled By Death 4Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000261.txt08-28-1996Herbert Christianson, Dermatologist, Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000262.txt08-26-1996Former Carnival King Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000263.txt08-25-1996Phone Company Manager Elmo Sterling Koschel Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000264.txt08-25-1996Law School Dean Louis Westerfiel Dies At 47 He Opened Doors For Minorities 6Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000265.txt 08-23-1996Pioneering Firefighter George Mondy Jr. Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000266.txt 08-23-1996'Toni' Morrison, Son Of Ex-Mayor, Dies At 52 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000267.txt08-22-1996Schools Lose A Great Friend 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000268.txt08-21-1996X-Ray And Lab Expert 'Nick' Price Dies At 68 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000269.txt08-20-1996Woman Who Overcame Illiteracy Is Dead At 65 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000270.txt08-14-1996Bob Krieger Leaves A Legacy In News, Teaching, The Stage 5Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000271.txt08-13-1996Longtime Bakery Employee 'Miss Olga' Is Dead At 90 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000272.txt08-8-1996Frederick H. Klumpp, Jeff Parish Planner, Dies At 85 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000273.txt08-8-1996Retired School Spokesman, Editor Joseph Miller Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000274.txt08-4-1996Vision Plaza Head Dr. Greenberg Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000275.txt07-30-1996Longtime Fairmont Bellman Angelo Butera Dead At 79 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000276.txt07-28-1996Longtime Bellman Angelo Butera Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000277.txt07-25-1996Officer Joseph Thomas, 'He Was A Hero In All Our Eyes' Mourning Grips City Officer Served 4Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000278.txt07-24-1996 Final Salute For Slain Officer 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000279.txt07-24-1996 Westwego Police Captain Julian Montville, 44, Dead 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000280.txt07-12-1996 President Of Jefferson 25 Dies Of Breast Cancer At 68 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000281.txt07-9-1996Cassibry Funeral To Be Wednesday 1Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000282.txt07-8-1996Jurist, Politician Cassibry Dies At 77 Public Career Lasted 40 Years 6Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000283.txt06-22-1996Medical Author John Duffy Dies In Baton Rouge At 81 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000284.txt06-21-1996Cabrini's First Principal, Sister Aloysius, Dies At 90 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000285.txt06-21-1996Influential N.O. Educator Parletta Holmes, 77, Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000286.txt06-16-1996Arthur Pemberton Burdon, Psychiatrist, Is Dead At 71 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000287.txt06-14-1996Browne-Mchardy Founder Dr. Walton L. Shaffer Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000288.txt06-11-1996Holy Cross College Ex-Chief Sister Mary Charles Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000289.txt06-10-1996Joy Jackson, Scholar Of La. History, Is Dead 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000290.txt06-09-1996 John Noel, 'Mr. Gumbo,' Dies From Carbon Monoxide 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000291.txt06-7-1996Sister M.E. Wooley, Founder Of N.O. Sodality, Dies At 82 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000292.txt06-06-1996 Celebrated Cancer Patient Dies After Six-Year Struggle 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000293.txt05-31-1996 Gretna Native Lash Larue, 'King Of The Bullwhip,' Dies 4Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000294.txt05-29-1996Beloved N.O. Jazz Musician Albert 'Pud' Brown, 79, Dies 5Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000295.txt05-28-1996Columnist, Historian 'Pie' Dufour Is Dead 7Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000296.txt05-28-1996Urologist And Professor John Menville Dead At 88 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000297.txt11-17-1996Margaret Mary Gibbes 'Sunny' Schiro Is Dead 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000298.txt11-15-1996Ben Freedman, Doctor, Professor, Dies At 91 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000299.txt11-26-1996Choir Director, Teacher R. Lee James Dies At 45 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000300.txt11-17-1996Joe Marino, Wig Artist With Opera, Dies At 64 1Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000301.txt11-17-1996Former S&L President Joseph C. Mmahat Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000302.txt11-22-1996Carrollton's 'Mayor' Joseph Meynier Jr. Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000303.txt11-22-1996Woodward, Dead At 88, Was Acclaimed Lawyer 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000304.txt11-20-1996Ex-Law Dean At Loyola Antonio Papale Is Dead 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000305.txt04-30-1996Death Penalty Proponent Vernon Harvey Dead At 69 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000306.txt04-29-1996Donald Mintz Dead Of Heart Attack Remembered As A Bridge Builder 8Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000307.txt04-27-1996Performer Lillian Bennett Dies Of Heart Failure At 92 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000308.txt04-23-1996Retired Coach And Teacher Jack Orsley Is Dead At 91 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000309.txt04-22-1996Family Buries Wrong Man After Mistake At Hospital 8Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000310.txt04-21-1996 Tulane Booster, War Hero Claude 'Conk' Naquin Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000311.txt05-17-1996Embattled Mayor Dies A Day After Stroke Hits 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000312.txt05-9-1996Slidell Museum Director Dale Edward Tidrick Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000313.txt05-5-1996Col. Pugh Dies At 71 In Gulfport 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000314.txt05-4-1996Helen S. Frick, Educator And Civil Rights Leader, Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000315.txt12-27-1997A Community Grieves - Rehab Clients Grasping Loss Of Pastor 6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000316.txt12-27-1997Betty Jo Everett, 71, Led Streets Department 4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000317.txt12-21-1997Memorial Honors Reserve Sergeant 2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000318.txt07-26-1998Activist Blondie Labouisse Dies At 83 6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000319.txt12-2-1997'Teddy' Gabb, Ex-Leader Of N.O. Planning Panel 2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000320.txt11-28-1997Woody Koppel, Former School Board Member 5Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000321.txt11-26-1997Lorena Dureau, Gained Fame In Three Careers 3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000322.txt11-4-1997Marjorie Roehl, 78, Author, Award-Winning N.O. Reporter 5Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000323.txt10-24-1997Father John Vaughn, 71, Episcopal Priest 3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000324.txt10-1-1997George Sweeney, 60, Veteran Sportswriter 3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000325.txt09-20-1997Cremated Remains Allowed At Funeral 3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000326.txt09-9-1997Tulane Athletic Booster Ben Weiner 5Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000327.txt08-29-1997Traditions Resurrected 4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000328.txt08-27-1997Moise Dennery Dies Of Cancer Lawyer Focused On Public Service 11Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000329.txt08-13-1997Mel Leavitt Was A Newsman Like No Other - Though Others Bear Some Of His Qualities 4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000330.txt07-13-1997Fishing Rodeo Set In Teacher's Honor 3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.

N.O. Man, 20, Killed After Going To Funeral Man, 25, Found Dead On I-10 Service Road

4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000332.txt07-29-1998Father Niehaus, 74, History Professor 3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000333.txt06-11-1997Dome Architect 'Buster' Curtis Is Dead Of Cancer At Age 79 Design Considered Work Of Genius 5Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000334.txt06-3-1997Adolphus 'Doc' Cheatham, Jazz Trumpet Legend, Dies At 91 6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000335.txt06-2-1997 La.'S First Female Legislator Dies At 87 2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000336.txt05-27-1997Muffler-Repair Shop Pioneer John Rodosta Is Dead At 94 2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000337.txt05-21-1997Whirligig Folk Artist David Butler Dies At 983Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000338.txt05-14-1997Death Of Louis Barbarin, 94, Cuts Link With Jazz's Past 7Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000339.txt05-12-1997Funeral Home Executive H. Hester Plauche Dies 2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000340.txt05-9-1997Police Worker Gave It His All Killed Clearing Accident On I-10 4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000341.txt04-30-1997Church, Civic Leader Myron Turfitt, 95, Dies 2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000342.txt04-26-1997WRNO Radio Founder Joseph Costello III Dies 4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000343.txt04-13-1997Fond Farewell Rags Scheuermann Was A Coach, A Character And A City Treasure 6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000344.txt04-13-1997New Orleanian John Wright, A Pitcher, Also Signed With The Dodgers In 1945, But He Never Made It To The Major Leagues 11Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000345.txt 04-8-1997

Coach 'Rags' Scheuermann Dies His Methods Got Best From Young Players

5Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000346.txt04-6-1997Boy's Spirit Lives In Art 4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000347.txt03-21-1997N.O. Jazz, Gospel Singer Linda Lacen Dies At 40 3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000348.txt11-27-1998Nazis' Survivors Deal With Past Pilgrimmage To Poland Has Therapeutic Impact On N.O. Family 11Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000349.txt02-21-1997Retired Auto Dealer George Gossom Dies 2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000350.txt02-21-1997Victor Narcisse, N.O. Educator, Dead At 58 2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000351.txt 02-15-1997Veteran N.O. Musician Edward Frank Is Dead4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000352.txt02-6-1997Nunez Mourns Drafting Teacher Funeral To Pass College Campus 2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000353.txt01- 29-1997Musical Centennial Sister Cities To Honor Jazz Legend 3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000354.txt 01-27-1997Arthur Burke, Retired Sports Editor, Is Dead2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000355.txt01-25-1997Renowned N.O. Artist Ida Kohlmeyer Dies 5Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000356.txt11-22-1998 'A Healing' 6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.

Prof. Longhair's Heirs Reclaim Legacy, Royalties

14Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000358.txt06-7-1998Tom Dent, N.O. Poet, Playwright, Dies At 65 4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000359.txt10-13-1998Going Through Mama's Things 4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000360.txt10-1-1998Exhibit Chronicles Buffalo Soldiers 2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000361.txt 10-4-1998 Emotional Storms Won't Break Him Old N.O., Stern Dad Helped6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000362.txt 08-29-1998

John T. Brennan

4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000364.txt12-6-1998Teen's Legacy Offers Help To Peers 3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000365.txt12-4-1998Chicken Pie Dynasty 2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000366.txt12-3-1998Montine Freeman, Philanthropist, 83 5Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000367.txt 12-3-1998Donald Harrison Sr., Mardi Gras Indian 5Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000368.txt01- 8-1997Lawyer, Judge, Politician Dirosa Is Dead At 81 4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000369.txt01- 6-1997

Families Sue Over Unfinished Graveyard Garden Of Memories Has Up To 40 Bodies In Temporary Vaults

6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000370.txt12-30-1997William Logan Crowe, 67, Professor Of Law At Loyola 2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000371.txt03-31-1998Deaths Of Wife, Son Take A Toll On N.O. Mortician 3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000372.txt02-7-1998Wrecks Not Rare On Airport Road It Can Be Deceptive, Kenner Police Warn 6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.

Gerald Entringer Sr., Local Bakery Pioneer

2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000374.txt02-16-1998Bereaved Families File Suit Against Metairie Cemetery Plots They Purchased Not Ready On Time
5Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000375.txt02-18-1998Ex-N.O. Trainer Dies In Taiwan's Worst Jet Crash
4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000376.txt02-19-1998Mixed Nuts To Honor 'Pop'
3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000377.txt02-26-1998Family's Revelry Ends In Horror
5Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000378.txt01- 31-1998Mom Sues In Son's Organ Removal Coroner's Tactic Under Scrutiny
6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000379.txt01-31-1998The Rev. Billy Smith, 69, Seminary Professor
4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000380.txt01- 18-1998F. Irvin Dymond, 83, Famed Defense Lawyer
4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000381.txt11-7-1998Storied House A Historic Home On St. Charles Avenue Became A Library 50 Years Ago
10Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000382.txt11-6-1998Battle Of N.O. Not Over For Marine
5Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000383.txt10-5-1998N.O. Woman Is Killed When Car Strikes Pole
1Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000384.txt06-9-1998Robert Conrad, 47, Health-Care Lawyer
4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000385.txt07-19-1998Blanche Foster Mysing, 91, Quarter Preservation Leader
3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000386.txt11-30-1998Grieving Family Grateful For Nopd Detective Work Angels To Grace Crytpt In Time For Funeral
6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000387.txt11-1-1998Family Tradition An All-Day Affair
4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000388.txt10-28-1998Algiers Man Killed By Passing Van Driver Lost Control Trying To Avoid Animal
2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000389.txt07-22-1998Dr. Gail Jones, Dean Of Delgado College
3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000390.txt07-30-1998Roger Filiberto, 94, Guitar Instructor
3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000391.txt11-26-1998Woman Finds Long-Lost Family Relatives Were Just Across The Canal
7Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000392.txt11-8-1998Wartime Memories WWII Vet Remembers Sinking
3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000393.txt09-15-1998Johnny Adams, 66, 'Transcendent' Singer
6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000394.txt09-19-1998Friends Sing Out For Johnny Adams
6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000396.txt08-12-1998Four Lives Saved, Thanks To Organs From Dying Girl
4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000397.txt06-10-1998Remembering Writer Tom Dent
4Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000398.txt10-6-1998Port Sulphur Woman Dies In Car Crash
2Jul 2005N.O.V.A.
00000399.txt09-2-1998One Man Who Made A Difference3Jul 2005N.O.V.A.


Optimistic Daughter Of Charity Served With Verve

6Jul 2005N.O.V.A.

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