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File #DateNewspaper Article...SIZEDATESUBMITTER
Boy is Hospitalized
1Sep 2001Lisa Cotten
Auto Plunges through Guard Rail2Sep 2001Lisa Cotten
00000003.txt01-17-1950Youth Injured when Scooter hits Car
1Sep 2001Lisa Cotten
00000004.txt05-05-1951Lienhard, Robert Honored3Mar 2002Peggy Rooney
00000005.txt 01-20-1847Frightful Shipwreck. Loss of the Ship
Creole Forty seven lives lost!
4Aug 2002Richard Majeste
  1. Oyster House hit in holdup
  2. Image
  1. 2
  2. 63
Aug 2002Darnell Brunner
00000007.txt05-05-1985 V-E Day: New Orleans put lid on celebration 6Jul 2003 Barbara Ann Cangiamilla
00000008.txt01-27-1966Speech of Hon A P Dostie26Sep 2003 Jeffrey C Holtz
00000015.txt01-17-1929Oldest Notary's Chin Show Why
(Judge Frederick Deibel)
3Sep 2003Patrica Shiro
00000016.txt05-04-1850Marriages and Deaths
(New Orleans Weekly Crescent)
3Aug 1998Donald Johnson
00000019.txt Twins look Alike but are Different as
Army and Navy.
2Sep 2003Rhonda L. Anderson
00000020.txtMay 1886 Donaldsonville Chief, May 1, 18862Sep 2003Carolyn Kitzmann Bonnin
00000021.txtMay 1886 The Monroe Bulletin1Sep 2003Carolyn Kitzmann Bonnin
00000022.txtAug 1993Naomi Drake and Race Changes in the Vital Stats
Office Orleans Parish Louisiana
7Sep 2003Peggy Rooney
00000023.txtMay 1985 V-E Day: New Orleans put lid on celebration7Oct 2003 Barbara Ann (nee) Cangiamilla/Canciamilla
00000024.txtJuly 2003News Purchase news broke this week in 1803 7Oct 2003 Smileson@aol.com
00000025.txt10-22-1897Article on Yellow Fever9Jan 2004Rose Albrizio
00000026.txt08-15-1937Members of Louis Maestri's Administration6 May 2004Rita Pittman
00000027.txt08-03-1986The New Basin Canal finally bites
the dust in 1951
2Aug 2004 Larie Tedesco
00000028.txt10-15-1985Mummified Soldier found propped up
in phone booth
2Aug 2004Larie Tedesco
00000029.txt Retired Capt. Azcona Is Accused Of Evasion4Sep 2004 Julie Campbell Hernandez
00000030.txt But Hernius' Suspension Ruled Invalid1Sep 2004Julie Campbell Hernandez
00000031.txt Police Say Teen-Agers Turn On Them2Sep 2004Julie Campbell Hernandez
00000032.txt Azcona And Hearty Face Federal Charges2Sep 2004Julie Campbell Hernandez
00000033.txt10-05-1959Traffic Injury Fatal to Woman1Sep 2004Peggy Rooney
00000034.txt11-02-1885ALL SAINTS' DAY A DAY AMONG THE GRAVES.
"There's Rosemary; That's for Remembrance."

22Sep 2004Rose Albrizio
00000035.txt05-26-1953Three Overcome Battling Blaze 12 Engines Answer
Alarm On Everett Place

2Dec 2004Larie Tedesco
00000036.txt10-25-1898Italian Immigrants
6Dec 2004Larie Tedesco
00000037.txt09-29-1952Three Brothers Who Left Italy
2Dec 2004Larie Tedesco

Grand Celebration Of The Quadri-Centennial Of
The Discovery Of America,

2Dec 2004Larie Tedesco

Public Notice for Dr. Felix Formento

1Dec 2004Larie Tedesco
00000040.txt09-29-2004OLD TREASURES, NEW CONTEXT
Convent opening doors to history

7Sep 2004 

Body Found on Railway Tracks in Indiana

2Feb 2005Rose Albrizio
00000042.txt02-19-1951Six Killed, Five Hurt In Blasts Hour Apart
In Gentilly Section
2Apr 2005 Jan Strickland
00000043.txt07-08-1855The Courts First District Court1Apr 2005 Jan Strickland
00000044.txt07-08-1855Sixth District Court1Apr 2005 Jan Strickland
00000045.txt03-10-1873Newspaper Ads by Surname3Apr 2005 Jan Strickland
00000046.txt08-09-1900Died of his Injuries1Apr 2005 Jan Strickland
00000047.txt08-09-1900Lost Her Satchel1Apr 2005 Jan Strickland
00000048.txt08-09-1900Banana Hand Hurt1Apr 2005 Jan Strickland
00000049.txt08-09-1900Stolen1Apr 2005 Jan Strickland
00000050.txt08-09-1900Fugitive Thief Caught1Apr 2005 Jan Strickland
00000051.txt08-09-1900Memoriam To Silas Frothingham1Apr 2005 Jan Strickland
00000052.txt08-09-1900Donation to the “widows and orphans
of the late police officers"
3Apr 2005 Jan Strickland
Innovative Immigrants Created Funeral Empire4Apr 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000054.txt06-21-1990Aunt & Uncle of Gretna La.4Apr 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000055.txt07-08-1990Chains Are Gobbling Up Funeral Businesses3Apr 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000056.txt07-08-1990Clients A Matter Of Tradition For Many
N.O. Funeral Homes
2Apr 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000057.txt07-08-1990Times Change Funeral Service6Apr 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000058.txt10-17-1991Buried Truth: Weiss' Body May Hold Clues8Apr 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000059.txt07-03-1991Further Inquiry, 56 Years Later5Apr 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000060.txt04-18-1991Funerals Special To Accused Thief1Apr 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000061.txt09-02-1992Former Mayor Remembered For His Style5Apr 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000062.txt09-08-1992Being Ignorant About Funerals Can
Add To Survivors' Grief

4Apr 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000063.txt09-09-1992Earnings Up At Stewart Funeral Company
2Apr 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000064.txt09-12-1992New Funeral Home In The Works
3Apr 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000065.txt09-21-1908Thousands attend the Italian Festival6May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000066.txt09-19-1908Benefit At City Park Race Track to Open To-day3May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000067.txt09-23-1895Societa Italiona del Tiro Bersaglio2May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000068.txt06-06-1904Societa di Mutua Beneficenza - Italian Society3May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000069.txt06-08-1896Societa di Mutua Beneficencia Fifteenth Anniversary2May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000070.txt10-11-1892Article - Italian Celebration in New Orleans in 1892 2May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000071.txt10-12-1892Columbus Celebration 5May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000072.txt09-29-1952Brothers Reunited Here After Half a Century 3May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000073.txt05-26-1953Three Overcome Battling Blaze2May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000074.txt11-02-1890The Italian Colony6May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000075.txt09-25-1892The Italian Mission5May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000076.txt11-11-1989Cabrini's Arrival In 1889 Celebrated4May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000077.txt03-14-1991Anti-Italian Mood Led To 1891 Lynchings7May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000078.txt Italian New Orleans'4May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000079.txt11-05-1989Sicilian ancestors lived on the plantation9May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000080.txt03-20-2005Parade Marked Italy's Entrance In WWI2May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000081.txt11-21-1996Lifelong Biloxian Fallo Is Remembered2May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000082.txt12-12-1958Frank Alphonso Was Injured
Bicycle-Automobile Accident
1May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000083.txt02-1986Mrs. Frances Tedesco Hunt2May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000084.txt12-20-1975Church Organist Aspired Career
In Opera World
9May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000085.txt1972-1973Hunt, Frances A Tedesco 1902-1May 2005 Larie Tedesco
00000086.txt02-14-1904Frank Corso - Died February 12, 19041May 2005 Larie Tedesco
Mrs. Jules Buisson, nee Henriette Souchon
Takes Own Life

3Oct 2000Lora Peppers
Wood Coleman Commits Suicide
1Oct 2000Lora Peppers
00000089.txt02-04-1871C. Courtois Kills E. H. Moss
1May 2000Lora Peppers
00000090.txt05-06-1868 Mr. Delaney Accidentally Shoots Son John
2Dec 1999Lora Peppers
00000091.txtJuly 4-1886 Bernard de Santos Dies in Fall from
Third Story of Hotel

1Oct 2000Lora Peppers
00000092.txt07-13-1909 Explosion Kills Ensign Aiken
2Dec 1999Lora Peppers
00000093.txt10-18-1866 Sinking of the Evening Star
2Mar 2004Lora Peppers
00000094.txt03-22-1910 Thomas J. Feibelman Shoots Himself
2Dec 1999Lora Peppers
00000095.txt08-26-1910Miss Kate Fretsch Kills Frank Mischler
2Dec 1999Lora Peppers
00000096.txt11-16-1889Capt. J. P. Hamilton Suicide
1Aug 2001Lora Peppers
00000097.txt02-28-1879Sell Howell Shot and Killed by A. T. Wimberly 1Oct 2000Lora Peppers
00000098.txt05-24-1878Henry Lloyd Drowns Self and Child 2Aug 2000Lora Peppers
00000099.txt12-08-1910Esther Marx Hangs Herself 1Dec 1999Lora Peppers
00000100.txt04-03-1874A. W. Merriam, "Rex" of Mardi Gras, Dies 2May 2000Lora Peppers
00000101.txt12-31-1910Aviator John Moisant Dies in Plane Crash1Dec 1999Lora Peppers
00000102.txt12-24-1875George Morris Pleads Guilty to Murder of Sarah Jones 2Jul 2000Lora Peppers
00000103.txt08-20-1910Little Smith Girl Accidentally Shoots John Neely 1Dec 1999Lora Peppers
00000104.txt04-25-1886William C. Nessen Shoots Wife, Kills Self 1Oct 2000 Lora Peppers
00000105.txt01-15-1870John Nixon Shot by C. W. Cammack 2Apr 2000Lora Peppers
00000106.txt08-23-1873Sam Sing Dies 4May 2000Lora Peppers


Former Governor Warmoth
Arresting in Killing of D. C. Byerly

3 Jul 2000Lora Peppers
00000108.txt07-08-1855 Times Picayune Newspaper - Article1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000109.txt07-08-1855 Times Picayune Newspaper - Article1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000110.txt07-08-1855 Times Picayune Newspaper - Article1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000111.txt07-08-1855 Times Picayune Newspaper -Article1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000112.txt07-08-1855 Times Picayune Newspaper - Article1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000113.txt07-08-1855 Times Picayune Newspaper - Article1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000114.txt07-08-1855 Times Picayune Newspaper - Article1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000115.txt07-08-1855 Times Picayune Newspaper - Article1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000116.txt07-08-1855 Times Picayune Newspaper - Article1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000117.txt07-08-1855 Times Picayune Newspaper - Article1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000118.txt07-08-1855 Religious Notice 1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre

Trespass And Threats

1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000120.txt07-08-1855 Assault With A Deadly Weapon And Robbery 1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000121.txt07-08-1855Charge Of Kidnapping1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000122.txt07-08-1855 The Courts 2May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000123.txt07-08-1855 No Family should be Without Them 2May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre
00000124.txt07-08-1855 Shoes at Cost 1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre


1May 2005Jan Strickland & Carolyn Tregre

Sad Ending

3May 2005Angela duQuesnay-Garcia
00000127.txt06-07-1993Rare Disorder Bewildered Family As Teen-Agers Died
5May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000128.txt12-08-1993Burials In Potter's Field Sad But Always Sun-Kissed
5May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000129.txt03-16-1994Jazz Legend Barker To Get Somber Send-Off
3May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000130.txt03-14-1994Legendary Jazz Man Danny Barker Dies
5May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000131.txt04-29-1994Ailing N.O. Man And Wife Die Only 20 Minutes Apart
2May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000132.txt05-24-1994Hannan Traces Sad Steps To Lead Arlington Service
3May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000133.txt07-11-1995Rose, Guide Paper Founder, Is Dead Of Leukemia At 77
4May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000134.txt10-05-1995Longtime N.O. Stage Star M. Audley Keck Dies At 82
3May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000135.txt10-06-1995Yenni Beat Political Odds But Loses To Bone Disease
9May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000136.txt09-13-1994Bookseller George Herget Dies Of Blood Poisoning
3May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000137.txt01-18-1995James Duggan, Musician,
Is Dead Of Cancer At Age 52
3May 2005N.O.V.A.
Willie Humphrey Dec. 29, 1900 TO June 7, 1994
Oldest Active N.O. Musician Dies
4May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000139.txt06-05-1994The Rite Stuff Constant Demand
For Service keeps Funerals Profitable Industry
10May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000140.txt07-28-1994Couple Buried Together In Love
2May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000141.txt08-01-1994Autopsy: Eagles' Heart Was Enlarged
1May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000142.txt05-07-1995Bombing Victim Buried Hundreds Mourn Airman
3May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000143.txt05-06-1995Philanthropist Mike Brener Dies
Of Heart Disease At 85
4May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000144.txt04-29-1995Family Receives Dreaded News
N.O. Native Dead In Oklahoma
3May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000145.txt03-07-1995Grocery Pioneer Dies At 83
Schwegmann Built Empire
10May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000146.txt01-22-1995Chalmette Star Weese Dies Of Cancer At 43
3May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000147.txt01-20-1995Quarter Fettuccine King Dies
4May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000148.txt01-05-1995Dead Again: This Funeral Is For Real
3May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000149.txt07-26-1995Trumpeter Percy Humphrey
To Have Jazz Funeral Saturday
2May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000150.txt10-30-1995Coffins Quite An Undertaking
4May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000151.txt10-30-1994Tales From The Crypt
6May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000152.txt12-03-1995Observing All Saints Day
2May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000153.txt08-10-1995Going To Market: Funeral Home
Company Says It's Time For A Sale
4May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000154.txt12-11-1994Morial's Family Links To Haiti A Murky
Mystery Missing Document, Family Stories
Plant Family Tree In Nation's Soil
3May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000155.txt10-30-1994All Saints Day Services And Cemetery Hours
4May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000156.txt03-30-1994Cemeteries' New Thieves Steal
Angels From The Dead
4May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000157.txt02-10-1994Students Taught Isleno Traditions
2May 2005N.O.V.A.
00000158.txt12-31-1996Executive, Civic Leader Mike Smith Dead At 72 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000159.txt12-30-1996Louis Augustin Cannizzaro 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000160.txt12-29-1996Appliance Giant A.J. 'Tony' Campo Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000161.txt12-28-1996Neighborhood Activist Of Lower 9th Ward Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000162.txt01-4-1996Infielder 'Connie' Ryan Iii, N.O. Baseball Legend, Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000163.txt01-4-1996Delories Francois, Public Housing Activist, Dead At 62 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000164.txt01-4-1996Rev. Hausey, Civil Rights And Religious Leader, Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000165.txt01-6-1996Ex-N.O. Lawyer, Legislator Claude W. Duke Dies At 90 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000166.txt01-7-1996Brenda Macbeth, City Hall Administrative Aide, Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000167.txt 01-8-1996Arthur Roane Jr., Longtime T-P Reporter, Is Dead At 67 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000168.txt01-9-1996Architect Albert H. Swanke Dies In New Orleans At 86 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000169.txt01-10-1996Okla Jones, Judge In Tu Case, Tobacco Suit, Dies Of Leukemia 5Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000170.txt01-11-1996Former Singer, Bandleader Danny White Is Dead At 64 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000171.txt02-1-1996A Woman To Be Admired 4Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000172.txt02-1-1996Resident Uncovers More Parish Memories 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000173.txt01-30-1996Dr. Edmund E. Jeansonne, First Lsu Dental Dean, Dies 4Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000174.txt01-27-1996Dillard's President Butler To Be Remembered At Service 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000175.txt01-22-1996Frederick Kullman, Lawyer And Civic Activist, Dies At 89 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000176.txt01-13-1996Slain Woman Honored At Job 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000177.txt01-12-1996Broadus Nathaniel Butler, Ex-President Of Dillard, Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000178.txt01-12-1996M. Wayne Stoffle, Architect, Rear Admiral, Dies At Age 83 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000179.txt01-11-1996Robert Moore, Performer And Theater Composer, Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000180.txt02-4-1996Activist, Zulu Poster King Rudolph Muse Dead At 53 4Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000181.txt02-20-1996Rev. Philip Werlein Dies; Grandson Of Store's Founder 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000182.txt02-18-1996Retired Riverdale Principal Dorothy D. Donnelly Dies 1Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000183.txt02-18-1996Richard Zeilinger, Ex-Chief Of Children's Bureau, Dies 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000184.txt02-11-1996Lawyer Ralph Fishman, 81, Dies Of Cancer Saturday 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000185.txt02-10-1996Activist For Black Teachers Eula Mae Lee Brown Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000186.txt02-10-1996Retired N.O. Opera Singer Marietta Cosenza Dies At 73 4Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000187.txt02-7-1996Ex-Newspaper Employee Diego Patron Is Dead At 80 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000188.txt02-5-1996Rev. Mulcrone Dies At 83; Ex-Math Professor At Loyola 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000189.txt02-4-1996Rufus L. Billups, General In The Air Force, Dead At 68 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000190.txt02-21-1996Denvrich C. Lebreton, 85, Former Vcc Chairman, Dies 1Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000191.txt12-18-1996Herbert Daniel Hughes, Chief Executive, Dies At 60 1Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000192.txt12-13-1996Joseph E. Leininger, Engineer, Is Dead At 85 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000193.txt12-11-1996Wyes 'Garden Show' Host Marta Lamar Is Dead At 94 4Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000194.txt12-9-1996Former St. Bernard Official Roland Bergeron Dies At 76 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000195.txt12-8-1996N.O. Lawyer, Civic Activist Ivor Trapolin Dies At 78 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000196.txt12-7-1996Tammany Civic Leader Capdevielle Dies At 80 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000197.txt12-4-1996Caroline W. Halpern Dies; Led Woldenberg Foundation 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000198.txt12-3-1996Former Opera Conductor Knud Andersson Dies At 86 3Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000199.txt12-1-1996Advertising Exec Died Of One Gunshot Wound Garage Worker Booked In Death 7Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.
00000200.txt11-29-1996 N.O. Nursing Leader Bonnie Maestri Dies 2Jun 2005 N.O.V.A.

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