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St Roch Cemetery # 2
Star of the Sea Mausoleum

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updated 9/22/2006
1743Mar 2006

St. Roch Cemetery 1 Text & Image Files
Sorted by Location
Submitted: Darnell Brunner Beck and N.O.V.A

Cemetery # 2
Square "B"
Star of the Sea Mausoleum

Name on Title

(Our Lady Corridor)
Vault # 1-AOhler, Elvin Hauck   
Vault # 1-BSaling, Audrey Thriffiley   
Vault # 2-AMckendall, Melven Servan / Mckendall, Louise Zeno   
Vault # 3-ALatapie, August Francie / Latapie, Irma Peterson   
Vault # 9-AHingle, Anatole Josepg / Hingle, Catherine Sylvia   
Vault # 10-BAllain, Alfred Sr   
Vault # 12-ALindsey, Harry Edward Sr / Lindsey, Melba Acquistapace   
Vault # 15-ANepomuceno, Veronica Eva   
Vault # 15-CFerrand, Lilly Pierre   
Vault # 33-ASmith, Willie Eugene Jr / Smith, Jessie Mae Givens / Carey, Eva William   
Vault # 36-ABurke, Victoria Roland   
Vault # 37-ATaylor, Alton Sr / Taylor, Augustine Zeno   
Vault # 39-ADesdunes, Lawrence William Jr   
Vault # 39-CRiley, Easter Rita Mitchell   

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