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John and Mary K. Hawkins bought 40 acres of land near Chestnut, and settled on it. It has been known ever since as the Mary Hawkins place. They had three children: W. E. Dennis Hawkins (Mar 15, 1885/Feb 13, 1917), Lonnie Hawkins, Bessie Hawkins, John N. Hawkins (Jan 14, 1862/Oct 22, 1900) and Mary M. Hawkins (May 27, 1858/Jan 18, 1935). Their son, Dennis had Bright's disease and was sick all the last part of his life. He died there at the Mary Hawkins house, Feb 13th, 1917. He was 32 years old when he died. The above three people are buried in a private Cemetery at the lest side of where the old house stood. That piece of land, where the Cemetery is, still belongs to the Hawkins heirs.

Mary Hawkins

May 27, 1858 - Jan 18, 1935

Dennis Hawkins

Mar 15, 1885 - Feb 13, 1917

John N. Hawkins

Jan 14, 1862 - Oct 22, 1900
38 years, 9 months and eight days old

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