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Morehouse Parish Obituary Records - H

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Filename Date Submitter
HAGAN, Jonathan Chad Jan 06, 2004 Gina Brown
HALE, Bessie Darleene Tharp May 21, 2008 Gina Brown
HALE, Glen Jan 05, 2008 Gina Brown
HALES, Helen V Jun 27, 2008 Gina Brown
HALL, Billy Glenn Oct 06, 2014 Gina Brown
HALL, Kenneth Wayne Dec 04, 2008 Gina Brown
HALL, Peggy Ann Mar 31, 2014 Gina Brown
HAMILTON, Arthur Lee Jan 12, 2012 Gina Brown
HAMMON, Anna Orene Naff Oct 12, 2012 Gina Brown
HAMMOND, Derrick Jun 10, 2015 Gina Brown
HAMMOND, Nell Ferrell Feb 05, 2001 Gina Brown
HARDY, Terri Anne Dec 27, 2007 Gina Brown
HARP, Dr. Thomas Young "TY" Jan 13, 2004 Gina Brown
HARPER, Milfred C. Sr, May 05, 2009 Gina Brown
HARRIS, Arthur Jun 10, 2015 Gina Brown
HARRISON, Archie Jan 11, 2011 Gina Brown
HARRISON, Horace Oct 03, 2006 Gina Brown
HAWKINS, Martha J. Feb 05, 2001 Gina Brown
HAWKINS, Ruth J, Aug 02, 2006 Gina Brown
HAYES, Eddie Newton Jul 07, 2010 Gina Brown
HAYES, Eddie L, Jr. Jan 13, 2011 Gina Brown
HAYNES, Charlotte D. Jan 09, 2008 Gina Brown
HAYNES, Edward Jan 10, 2008 Gina Brown
HAYNES, Elwood Jan 09, 2008 Gina Brown
HAYS, Frank Campbell Sr. Mar 19, 2014 Gina Brown
HENDERSHOT, Marguerite Ross Jul 16, 2004 Gina Brown
HERLONG, Clifton Cecil Aug 25, 1970 Sharon Harrell
HERLONG, Early Eugene Jan 05, 2011 Sharon Harrell
HICKINGBOTTOM, Aline Apr 01, 2007 Gina Brown
HIGHSMITH, Richard Walter Dec 13, 2014 Gina Brown
HIGHTOWER, Deborah Lynn Savage Jan 20, 2014 Gina Brown
HILL, James Troy Nov 13, 2008 Gina Brown
HILL, Neoma Ann Feb 17, 2004 Gina Brown
HILLARD, Bobbie Dec 12, 2007 Gina Brown
HINES, Erma Christine "Crissy" May 13, 2015 Gina Brown
HODGE,Ola Mae Cox Dec 04, 2012 Gina Brown
HODGES. Odell Jun 09, 2015 Gina Brown
HOLCOMB,  Eddie F. Sr, Mar 21, 2009 Gina Brown
HOLLAND, William C . Dec 18, 2007 Gina Brown
HOLLEY, Willard Boyton Jan 20, 2011 Gina Brown
HORNBEAK,  Elizabeth Mar 30, 1923 Ann Peyton
HOUGHLAND, Cornelia "Cora" Jan 21, 2001 Gina Brown
HOWINGTON, Maye Belle Aug 01, 2008 Gina Brown
HUBBARD, Gabe Dec 14, 2007 Gina Brown
HUBER, Ruby Jewel King Oct 08, 2012 Gina Brown
HUFFMAN, Hilton Thomas Jul 09, 2012 Gina Brown
HUGHES, Letha Mae Hayes Flowers Jul 08, 2012 Gina Brown
HUNT, Benton B. Nov 04, 2008 Gina Brown


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