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Morehouse Parish Obituary Records - A

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Filename Date Submitter
AARON, Renee Crenshaw Aug 07, 2010 Gina Brown
ABBS, Debra Louise Lee June 24, 2012 Gina Brown
ABDUL, Florita C. Mar 08, 2014 Gina Brown
ABERNATHY, Jerrell Douglas Apr 12, 2008 Gina Brown
ABRAUGH, Patricia Ann Stanford Sep 23, 2007 Gina Brown
ADAIR, Dorothy Lee May 01, 2010 Gina Brown
ADAMS, Harlis Eugene Aug 29, 2004 Gina Brown
ADAMS, Linda Carol Napp Jun 12, 2012 Gina Brown
ADAMS, Raymond J. Jun 18, 2007 Gina Brown
ADAMS, Thelma Louise Dickerson Feb 06, 2012 Gina Brown
ADAMS, Toby Dwain Mar 02, 2012 Gina Brown
ADCOCK, Alma Landers May 05, 2004 Gina Brown
ADKINS, Chasity Nicole Jun 25, 2004 Gina Brown
AINSWORTH, Lesbia S. Feb 26, 2008 Gina Brown
AINSWORTH, Ruth Jean Brown Oct 05, 2012 Gina Brown
AKERS, Aaron Christopher Apr 01, 2006 Gina Brown
AKERS, Fred Erwin Jan 09, 2007 Gina Brown
ALBRIGHT, George Allen Feb 28, 2008 Gina Brown
ALDRIDGE, Cliff Jun 03, 2011 Gina Brown
ALDRIDGE, Donald Ray Apr 02, 2011 Gina Brown
ALDRIDGE, Evelyn Sanders Mar 16, 2011 Gina Brown
ALDRIDGE, James C. Feb 18, 2004 Gina Brown
ALDRIDGE, Thelma Nov 26, 2005 Gina Brown
ALDRIDGE, Wanda Joyce McIntyre Nov 21, 2008 Gina Brown
ALLEN, James E. Oct 10, 2008 Gina Brown
ALLEN, Jeffery Andrew Jan 13, 2005 Gina Brown
ALLEN, John Edward Aug 25, 2006 Gina Brown
ALLEN, John Newton Jan 16, 2007 Gina Brown
ALLEN, Julia Mae Hooks Oct 29, 2004 Gina Brown
ALLEN, Pauline Pullin Feb 10, 2004 Gina Brown
ALLEN, Ruby Phillips Freeland, Knight Jan 18, 2008 Gina Brown
ALLEN, Ruthie Lee Jul 05, 2012 Gina Brown
ALLEN, Sylvia Joy Gibbs Jul 19, 2011 Gina Brown
ALLMAN, Herbert Lane Jun 10, 2004 Gina Brown
ANDERS, Margie Ann McCormick Apr 17, 2008 Gina Brown
ANDERS, Marion James Jan 07, 2009 Gina Brown
ANDERSON, Hayden Kane Feb 16, 2011 Gina Brown
ANDERSON, Hazel Jun 18, 2004 Gina Brown
ANDERSON, J.C Mar 11, 2013 Gina Brown
ANDERSON, James Feb 03, 2013 Gina Brown
ANDERSON, Katherin Mae Nelson Apr 27, 2013 Gina Brown
ANDERSON, Mildred Raborn Mar 07, 2008 Gina Brown
ANDERSON, Nelson Nov 06, 2008 Gina Brown
ANDERSON, R.C Aug 20, 2010 Gina Brown
ANDING, Tina Dampier Oct 15, 2005 Gina Brown
ANDREWS, Bertha Mae Hearod Feb 28, 2013 Gina Brown
ANDREWS, Gloria J. Smith Jan 02, 2012 Gina Brown
ANDREWS, Harold Kenneth Jun 06, 2007 Gina Brown
ANDREWS, Hezron Keith May 07, 2004 Gina Brown
ANDREWS, Jo H. Sep 29, 2012 Gina Brown
ANDREWS, Joyce Jenice Mosley Nov 02, 2012 Gina Brown
ANDREWS, Lanell Nov 14, 2008 Gina Brown
ANDREWS, Otis E. Dec 06, 2011 Gina Brown
ANDREWS, Randy Nov 01, 2003 Gina Brown
ANDREWS, Ruby Sep 13, 2007 Gina Brown
ANDREWS, Steven Mitchell Jul 27, 2011 Gina Brown
ANTHONY, Rose Marie Feb 16, 2006 Gina Brown
ANTLEY, Dora Bedgood Dec 17, 2007 Gina Brown
ARANT, Lilly Dec 23, 2012 Gina Brown
ARANT, Loula Beatrice Reynolds Apr 17, 2004 Gina Brown
ARMFIELD, Kelli Renea Apr 21, 2009 Gina Brown
ARMFIELD, Lois V. Jun 30, 2011 Gina Brown
ARMSTRONG, Brian G. Sep 28, 2009 Gina Brown
ARMSTRONG, Estelle Gilbert Jul 19, 2012 Gina Brown
ARMSTRONG, Lindsey V. Jan 12, 2001 Gina Brown
ARMSTRONG, Reola Bell Aug 25, 2009 Gina Brown
ARMSTRONG, Robert Feb 14, 2008 Gina Brown
ARTHUR, Andrew Dee Jr. Aug 25, 2008 Gina Brown
ARTHUR, Andrew Dee Sr. Mar 19, 2006 Gina Brown
ARTHUR, Pauline Ethel Whorton Dec 02, 2010 Gina Brown
ASHLEY, Betty Lou Diel Sep 01, 2006 Gina Brown
ASHLEY, Rhodell Henry Feb 17, 2010 Gina Brown
ASWELL, Dennis Keith Jun 16, 2011 Gina Brown
ATKINSON, Mary Mae May 17, 2005 Gina Brown
AUBREY, Robert Newton Dec 19, 2012 Gina Brown
AUD, Michael Gene Feb 23, 2012 Gina Brown
AULDS, Chad Aug 05, 2006 Gina Brown
AULDS, Elizabeth Oct 30, 2004 Gina Brown
AUSTIN, Eva Costin Feb 07, 2009 Gina Brown
AVANT, Walter D. May 20, 2007 Gina Brown


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