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Filename Date Submitter
BENNETT, Donald W. Oct 2006 Jimmy Rudkin
BROWN, Gennie Dec 2007 Gina Brown
BROWN, Juanita Jul 2008 Gina Brown
BRYANT, Evron E. Jul 2008 Gina Brown
BULLOCK, Lonnie E. Jan 2007 Thomas Rushing
BURRIS, James C. Jr. Jan 1999 Gina Brown
BYRAM, Gaines R. Nov 2004 Janet Byram Newsom
CAPSHAW, Benjamin Dowell Apr 2006 Buddy & Imogene Pollard
CARTER, Alonzo C. Sep 2005 Jerry Carter
CARTER, Billy Earl May 2007 Jerry Carter
CARTER,Elvin May 2005 Jerry Carter
CARTER  Miles Harvey Dec 2005 Jerry Carter
CLEMENS, James Wolfe Nov 2006 Billie Gunden
COODY, Buford O. Mar 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
COODY, Vallie L. Mar 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
COUCH, Adeline Wall Apr 2006 Buddy & Imogene Pollard
CRAIGHEAD, Robert Fredrick Aug 2008 Gina Brown
CREED, Owen Davis Jan 2004 Gina Brown
CUMMINS, James Michael Sr. Jan 2009 Gina Brown
DAVIS, Jessie Lee Jan 2000 Gina Brown
ELLERBEE, Hazel Walker Aug 2006 Gina Brown
EUBANKS, John Preston Apr 2009 Gina Brown
FORD, Joan Hannah Jul 2005 Will Jones
FORD, Winsor Richard Jul 2005 Will Jones
FRAZER, Harriet Smith Apr 2007 Betty Jo Arceneaux
FULTON, Carolyn Foster Dec 2007 Sallie Jo Foster Gibson
GARNER, Galen VaShon Blair Jan 1999 Gina Brown
GILPIN, Sallie Ann Jan 2005 Billie Gunden
GILPIN, Thomas B. Jan 2005 Billie Gunden
GOZA, Richard Wesley Feb 2008 Josephine Hodge
GRAVES, Grace A. Dec 2008 Gina Brown
HALBACH, Joseph Douglas Jr. Sep 2006 Jody Halbach Hemphill
HALE, Elmer G. Jul 2006 Imogene Pollard
HARRIS, Davechio Nov 1997 Gina Brown
HAYNES, Pearlean Jan 1999 Gina Brown
HOLMES, Alton Price Apr 2009 Gina Brown
HOOTER, Sarah E. Jul 2008 Gina Brown
HOPKINS, Carrie Bunch Dec 2007 Melivin Hopkins
HOPKINS, Felix, I. Oct 2006 Melivin Hopkins
HOPKINS, George A. Oct 2006 Melivin Hopkins
HOPKINS,  William I. Oct 2006 Melivin Hopkins
HOWARD, Alberta Rhynehart May 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
JOHNSON, Ruby Nov 1997 Gina Brown
KRUEGER, Cleta R. Jan 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
KRUEGER, John Mar 2005 Lisa Krueger Harris
KRUEGER, William Andrew "Herman" Jan 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
KUHN, J.J Sr. Jan 2006 Marcia Haworth
LAIRD, Robert K. Mar 2009 Gina Brown
LAND, Edna N. Jan 2001 Sallie Jo Foster Gibson
LAND, Eliza Tharp Jan 2006 Sallie Jo Foster Gibson
LAND, John L. Jan 2001 Sallie Jo Foster Gibson
LANIER, Frances Krueger Jan 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
LEGGETT, Sallie Land Dec 2000 Sallie Jo Foster Gibson
LEOTY, Tommy E. Sr. Sep 2009 Gina Brown
LEWIS, Viola Sep 2009 Gina Brown
LIEBOWITZ, Linda Jean Leoty Apr 2004 Glenna DiBenedetto
LISONBEE, William Spencer Mar 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
LONG, Mallie Jorday May 1953 Glenna DiBenedetto
MACHEN, Minnie B. Aug 2005 Mary Springer
MCCULLOUGH, Eva Geraldine Thornton Jul 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
MILLIKIN, Jack Hightower Jun 2009 Gina Brown
MORGAN, Teresa M. Jul 2008 Gina Brown
MORSE, James E. Jun 2009 Gina Brown
PATTERSON, Eddie Ray Sep 2009 Gina Brown
PESINA, Santos Nov 1997 Gina Brown
POLLARD, John Mark Jul 2007 Buddy Pollard
POLLARD-CORBIN, Lydia Jackson Jun 2007 Buddy Pollard
POWERS, James Wright Mar 2007 Reba Powers Cooper
QUINLAN, Patsy Smith Aug 2006 Jerry Carter
REGAN, Carroll Robert Feb 2008 Betty Jo Arceneaux
RHYNEHART, Aaron Mar 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
RHYNEHART, George Mar 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
RHYNEHART, James Matthew Mar 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
RHYNEHART, James Robert Mar 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
RHYNEHART, Lawrence A. Apr 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
RHYNEHART, Mary W. Jan 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
ROBERTS, Kenneth E. Jan 2005 Gina Brown
ROPER, Mattie Brewer Mar 2001 Sallie Jo Foster Gibson
RUSHING, Emmett Edward Jun 2006 Thomas Rushing
RUSHING, Roy Dec 2006 Thomas Rushing
RUSHING,  Vivian Eugenia Farmer Dec 2006 Thomas Rushing
SCURRIA, Marietta J. Sep 2009 Gina Brown
SEVIER,  Andrew Leonard Sr. Oct 2000 Nancy Sevier Bardwell
SEVIER, Howard Spencer Apr 2004 Glenna DiBenedetto
SEVIER, Irene Jordan Dec 2004 Glenna DiBenedetto
SKELTON, Arthur Lee III Aug 2007 Thomas Rushing
SMITH, Floyd S. Jan 2006 Marcia Haworth
SMITH,  Zelpha Rushing Oct 2006 Thomas Rushing
SNYDER, Leona A. Rhynehart Sep 2007 Harold "Chief" Snyder
SULLIVAN, Josephine Lisonbee Mar 2005 Florence Krueger Muller
TOWNE, Col. Ezra B. Jan 2004 Pauline Mobley
WALKER, Joy Marie Rushing Oct 2006 Thomas Rushing
WALKER, Humphrey Marshall "H.M" Sep 2004 Judith Weeks Ancell
WALTERS, Leland Jun 2009 Gina Brown
WATTS, Tilford M. Jan 2001 Sallie Jo Foster Gibson
WHITAKER, Maggie Sharplin Nov 1997 Gina Brown
WHITEHEAD, Elizabeth Marguerite Byram Mar 2005 Janet Byram Newsom
WICKER, Ora Bell Jan 2005 Gina Brown
WILLHITE, Lucille Ellerman Apr 2009 Gina Brown
WILLIAMS, Beatrice R. Jul 2006 Imogene Pollard
WILLIAMS, Florence L. Jun 1998 Gina Brown
WITHEROW, Bertha Bauer Jan 2005 Yvonne Stewart
WITHEROW,  Etta Jan 2005 Yvonne Stewart
WITHEROW, Jennie Bauer Jan 2005 Yvonne Stewart
WOOD, Nancy Lee Pettigrove Jan 2009 Gina Brown
YARBER, Louvinia Dec 1997 Gina Brown
YERGER, Edward M. Sr. Sep 2003 Jeanne Yerger
ZUSKIND, Ruby Jean Krueger Apr 2007 Patti McAlpin


We are looking for any historical documents, articles, photos, etc. Everyone is urged to donate transcriptions of Madison Parish bible records, cemeteries, court records, old newspaper articles, biographies of residents, old letters, census data, obituaries, family histories, parish histories, military records, old photographs, etc.

The USGenWeb has provided an easy to use form for submitting a RECORD of any type to the Louisiana GenWeb Archives. It will be forwarded to me for the Madison Archives. You can still submit a free form text document if you choose not to use the form provided. Click here to go to the FORMS page or send your formatted documents, according to the GUIDELINES below, to Bryant Walker if you would like to contribute to the Madison Parish Archive Project.

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