Catahoula Parish 1850 Mortality Schedule





Month of Death

State of Birth



Banks, Infant 10 mon. F Jan LA lockjaw  
Banks, Lucy 3 yrs F Apr AL cholera  
Barr, Alfred L. 38 yrs M Feb GA cholera merchant
Beard, William 75 M Apr GA fever  
Besland, James R. 30 M Feb Not given chkolera  
Bowie, Retta 16 F Apr LA paralysis  
Bowman, Caroline 22 F Dec MS fever  
Brown, William 25 M May LA consumption planter
Browns, Samuel 32 M Feb LA unknown  
Bruce, Sarah J. 3 F Oct LA congbrain  
Chriswell, James A. 2 M Mar LA cholera  
Clark, Joseph B. 31 M Oct IN consumption  
Coats, Sophia 49 F Aug Not given cholera  
Cockerham, Elizabeth 45 F Mar GA Purpal fever  
Cockerham, Sarah E. 14 F Feb LA fits  
Crooks, Clarressa 15 F Oct LA fever  
Curtis, John B. 40 M Feb OH infl liver  
Delany, Cymantha 2 F May LA scarlet fever  
Dosher, Hampton N. 44 M Feb SC pneumonia planter
Doss, Martha 25 F Jul LA fever  
Doss, Mary 1 F Jul LA fever  
Fisher, Clarrissa 10 F Apr MS fever  
Fisher, Margaret 33 F Apr MS fever  
Francis, Maria 32 F May GR purpal fever  
Frazer, Susan F. 15 F jOct MS fever  
Frazer, William 54 M Oct LA unknown planter
Gibson, Calesta 3 F Aug MS cong. Brain  
Gillmore, Sarah A. 8 F Sep LA fever  
Given, Robert 1 mo. M Oct LA unknown  
Grigsey, Edmond 30 M Sep VA sallivation planter
Hagan, James 30 M Feb IR cholera mechanic
Hinsly, Tennessee C. 1 F Mar LA scarlet fever  
Holly, Nancy 15 F Sep VA unknown  
Huffman, Ann 3 F Aug LA worms  
Humphries, Annetta 36 F Mar KY pneumonia  
Johnson, Sarah J. 2 F Aug LA infl. Brain  
Johnsons, J. S. 35 F Sep none given consumption  
Lovelace, John H. 24 M Feb none given cholera  
Mandeville, H. D. 66 M Feb none given cholera  
Masters, Henry 45 M Nov LA guinsy  
Matthews, Margaret 27 F Mar KY comsumption  
Meant, Jonh D. 19 M Jan TX diarrhea planter
Miller, Lucy A. 5 F Jun GA horse accident  
Mofley, Davis J. 4 M Aug LA fever  
Moore, Mary 25 F Apr NC cholera  
O Riley, Mary A. 4 F Jul AR infl. brain  
Oglethrope, Isaac 3 mo M Apr LA unknown  
Pate, George 1 M Jun LA unknown  
Peck, Louisa 20 F Aug LA fever  
Peck, Sarah 2 F Oct KY fever  
Pryor, Mary J. 15 F May GA dropsy  
Richardson, Amos 10 mo. M Oct LA fever  
Rizer, David 3 M Sep LA fever  
Routon, Jemima A. 12 F Feb AL cholera  
Routon, John 48 M Feb GA cholera  
Routon, Martha 47 F Feb GA cholera  
Savage, John L. 24 M Jan NC cholera teacher
Scott, Benjamin 1 M Mar LA unknown  
Scott, Daniel J. 27 M Mar SC guisy planter
Snyder, William 38 M Feb PA cholera  
Spann, Caroline 5 F Jul LA infl. brain  
Spann, Virginia 5 F Jul LA infl. brain  
Spencer, John 12 M Dec LA cholera  
Stone, Matthew 5 mo. M Jul LA cholera  
Stutson, Sullivan D. 38 M Jan NY influenza  
Taliaferro, Elizabeth B. 43 F Apr KY consumption  
Thomas, Reuben 28 M Feb MS cholera merchant
Thompson, Matilda E. 3 F Nov LA drowned  
Tow, Laura 7 F Sep LA fever  
Vaughn, Evans D. 42 M Feb KY unknown planter
Walker, M 2 F Apr LA pneumonia  
Weeks, Edmond 80 M Jul none given unknown planter
Weeks, Thomas 2 mo. M Aug LA fever  
Weister, George 4 mo. M Feb LA cholera  
Weister, John 40 M Feb PA cholera  
Weister, Mary A. 50 F Feb LA cholera  
West, Polly A. 23 F Sep TN consumption  
Wharton, Elizabeth 40 F Feb MS unknown  
White, Mary A. 9 F Jul LA fever  
Whitehead, John 15 M Aug AL paralysis  
Wilson, Roselia J. 22 F Apr LA unknown  
Young, Mary 75 F Feb MS asthma  
Youngblood, Martin V. 25 M Oct GA hemorrhage  

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