These are the image files that are located in a folder or the HTML section of Louisiana. It is preferred that you use the "gifs folder" for linking to common used logos and the "images folder" for all other backgrounds and images.

1. If the item you need/want to use is not in the or images folder, please email the item to Jo B*ranch and I will add it. Also, if you see an image/gif in the any the columns below that you are using please email me and let me know which item and which folder.

2. The pointer or the image properties will be:

Pointers for your TOC located within the archives_html folder:

gifs/"item name"

images/"item name"

Pointers for index pages located within your parish folder:

../gifs/"item name".gif (without the quotes & item name will be replaced with the name of the image being submitted and/or used)

../images/"item name".(the extension: jpg or gif) (without the quotes & item name will be replaced with the name of the image being submitted and/or used)

3. Any image that is being used by your parish that is located in the HTML section, please let me know. Hopefully by the end of the year, this will be cleaned out and

a. all parishes using pointers to the gifs folder for all common logos

b. all parishes using pointers to the images folder for all other backgrounds and images.

4. When updating your pages and/or if you are the new file manager: please notify me that you are deleting an image/gif. This way, I will be able to keep those folders cleaned out.

5. Please check your parish folder for unused images, then delete them. Thank You.

6. Check your "Archive Index" box that it is the prescribed box to be used by all parishes.

This project will be on hold until 1 December 2004. Only when you have time, as files are much more important, please check your pages to see if you are using any of these items and to which folder it is pointing. Until the 1st of December, no item will be deleted and/or moved. Thank You...

Please use these logos and background that are in red. Place a pointer to these items on your parish pages. Remove any copies that are in your parish folder.

GIFS FOLDER Using Image Picture of Item 
anybrowser Delete?   
bg17.gif USGenWeb background
biosrp delete  
blushack Delete?   
brpln  to be moved to image folder  
colorbar Commonly used by parishes (enlarged view)
Count Commonly used
gbbutton.gif  Bryant Walker (6/27/04)
goldbtn Deleted 6/26/04   
gold-spider Parish Award Logo
grainblue Delete? or to images
heart "I love the US GenWeb" logo 
lagwarch.gif Archives Index pages Logo white background
lagwarch2.gif Archives clear background 
lalogo.gif LA Archives Logo
novalogo Orleans Par. to image folder
pc04 Delete? or move to image folder?   
pineforest to images; Bryant Walker (5/04)  
purpb Delete?   
pwgold Delete?   
rd-la Honorees Award  
redb Delete?   
ribbon If anyone is using this, it will be moved to images   
save.gif  Bryant Walker (6/27/04) Duplicate 
sign.gif Bryant Walker (6/27/04) Duplicate  
sp-poem Parish Award Page  
sublog1 Submitters Award  
us-csab Military  
usgen USGenWeb Project Logo
usgwarch USGenWeb Archives Logo
view.gif Bryant Walker (6/27/04) Duplicate
workingman To be moved to images folder   
Images folder Using Image Picture of Item
postcards (folder)  State  
bb009 Delete?  
bb71adv Delete?  
bienbg Bienville Par. background  
biosorp will not load correctly; delete  
bw2.jpg Delete  
bw2.gif Delete  
colorbar Duplicate of gif folder. Delete  
fleur16 State Page
gbbutton Delete
laformap Lafourche Par. (6/22/04)  
leliea4 Delete  
pict3 Terrebonne & Lafourche (6/22/04)
ppcs-la State Postcard Page  
ter1.jpg Terrebonne Par. (6/22/04)


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