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Some Favorites For Finding New Information For Your Website (Please send me a favorite of yours. Jo)  
Florida Memory Collection Be sure to check out the Florida Pension Collection. Just type in a search for Louisiana. Or you can patiently wait for me to complete indexing these by parish. Jo (25 Apr 2013)
Louisiana Secretary of State
Multimedia Archives Research Library
Researchers may obtain any of the following vital records by visiting the Louisiana State Archives Research Library or may request the records by mail. The Archives maintains the following:

Orleans Parish birth records for 1819-1912(births more than 100 years ago)*
(Index for 1790-1818, but no records)
Orleans Parish marriage records for 1870-1962 (marriages more than 50 years ago)**
(Index for 1831-1869, but no records.)
Orleans Parish death records for 1819-1962 (deaths more than 50 years ago)*
(Index for 1804-1818)
Statewide death records for 1911-1962 (deaths more than 50 years ago)*
Online Public Vital Records Index

*The only birth records that are currently available at the Archives prior to 1912 are from Orleans Parish. The only death records currently available prior to 1912 are from Jefferson and Orleans parishes. Records from Orleans are filed separately from the combined statewide listing of all the other parishes in the state. Records prior to the dates listed above are probably nonexistent unless the parish where the birth or death occurred kept such a record. If the person being researched was Catholic, birth and death information would probably be shown in the records of the church or diocese where that person lived.

**All marriage records, other than Orleans Parish, are maintained by the clerk of court in the parish where the marriage license was purchased.




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