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Wayne County was formed in 1800 from Pulaski & Cumberland Counties

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b300-001.txt Beaty, Martin 2k 10/18/98 Lanny R. Slavey
b636-001.txt Bertram Family 5k 7/29/00 Laura Frost Wright  
f200001.txt Fox Founain 4k 7/6/98 Diana Flynn  
g620001.txt George, Edward R. 2k 7/31/97 Diana Flynn
g625001.txt Grayson, Alfred 2k 7/31/97 Diana Flynn  
h632001.txt Hardwick, Thomas S. 5k 10/24/98 Diana Flynn  
h125001.txt Hopkins, Ziba 2k 7/31/97 Diana Flynn  
hurst352gbs.txt Hurst, Joseph September 14, 1931 - February 1, 1997 1k 2-2006 Elizabeth Clifton
alowe.txt Lowe, Amy Randolph 4k 7/11/02 Betty Lowe Hatter  
morrow23nbs.txt Morrow, James Granville 15k 4/1/05 Sandi Gorin  
o520002.txt Owens, James K., Ziba 7k 10/24/98 Diana Flynn  
o520001.txt Owens, Owen 2k 7/31/97 Diana Flynn  
p534001.txt Pendlay, John & wife, Matilda J. Owens 2k 5/21/98 Phyllis Hill  
s200001.txt Sheeks, David L., s/o George & Elizabeth Canotte 4k 7/26/97 Diana Flynn  
s524001.txt Sinclair, Nelson 3k 7/1/98 Diana Flynn  
s530001.txt Smoot, C.J. 3k 9/25/98 Phyllis Hill  
w650001.txt Warren, James 2k 7/26/97 Diana Flynn  
kybios Clinton County in the Kentucky Biographies Project


                                             Births from Pulaski County that mention Wayne County
                                           1853-3  |   1853-4  |   1856  |   1857  |   1858-3  |   1858-4  |   1859-5  |   1859-6  |   1859-9
Valerie Davis


a630006.jpg Photo of Ard Family Cemetery 68k 9/30/00 R. Langton
hicks-001.txt Hicks Cemetery 3k 10/29/97 B.J. Hicks
kendric.txt Kendrick Cemetery   11/2011 Sherri Bradley The Registry 
PleasantHill Pleasant Hill Cemetery 4k 07/11/02 Betty Lowe Hatter  
MarkerNJL.jpg John Nathan Lowe Grave Marker 192k


1810a.txt 351-367 8k 2004 Earnie R. Breeding
1810.txt 368-374 8k 2004 Earnie R. Breeding
g656001.txt Garner/Gardner Surname, 1810-1900 4k 12/05/98 Joyce Garner Alford
18101.txt 1810 Census Index - alphabetical A-K 159k 10/16/99 Darlene Homme   
18102.txt 1810 Census Index - alphabetical L-Z 13k
1850indx.txt 1850 Census Index - surname 14k 2/25/00 S.K. Publications

Deaths & Obits

abner.txt Abner, James or Jim, 1965 4k 8/11/00 Anna Sexton Davis
a536001.txt Anderson, Lillian, 1998 1k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
BarnettAnna.txt Barnett, Anna, 1999 3k 7/12/02 Betty Lowe Hatter  
b636001.txt Bertram, Dolly R., 1998 wk 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
4970.gob.txt Bertram, Ozias Denton December 22, 1927   05/27/2017 Sandi Gorin
bos1325.txt Bosworth, Clarence, 1913   07/27/14 Cynthia McKelleb
b652001.txt Branscum, Verda H., 1998 1k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
Britton, Maxine Combs - June 23, 2000
   06/20/11 Ruth Hezlep  
caines3659.txt Caines, Nellie James September 14, 1946   09/05/21 Deanna Meeks
c530001.txt Canada, James Luchen, 2000 3k 9/2/00 Kim
c234001.txt Castello, Wm., 1901 3k 4/29/00 Laura Frost Wright  
c462001.txt Clark, Henry, 1942 2k 9/22/97 Diana Flynn  
c636001.txt Corder, Loretta A., 1998 3k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
c624001.txt Criswell, Robert A., 1998 1k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
d500001.txt Denney, Glenn, 1998 2k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
d525001.txt Dunagan, Donnie, 1998 2k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
d263001.txt Daughterty, Stanley, 1998 2k 10/29/98 Neal Byrge
f640001.txt Farrell, Bell V.B., 1998 2k 11/2/98 Neal Byrge
flinn1061.txt Flinn, Elizabeth Jane February 18, 1911   08/1/08 Carol Brumley
g656001.txt Garner, Charlene E., 1998 6k 11/13/98 Lisa Leatherman  
gob1136green.txt Green, Ralph., 2003 2k 8-2004 Neal Byrge
gob528gregory.txt Gregory,Effie, 2003 2k 2004 Neal Byrge  
g656001.txt Gregory, Lula, 1998 2k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
h520001.txt Haynes, Kenneth, 1998 2k 10/20/98 Neal Byrge
h200001.txt Hicks, Exie B., 1998 2k 11/2/98 Neal Byrge
hollars3985.txt Hollars, Harvey W August 31, 1943   06-15-2008 Marilyn  Hollars Becker
h500001.txt Honeys, Albert, 2002 2k 10/19/2003 Sherri Hall   
h163001.txt Hubbard, A.R., 1919 2k 3/22/98 Barbara Rice   
h163-002.txt Hubbard, Hiley, 1921
h163-003.txt Hubbard, Isham R., 1918
j520001.txt Jones, Bruce R., 1998 6k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
gob1137kidd.txt Kidd, Bobby, 2003 2k 8-2004 Neal Byrge
k300001.txt Keith, Starlin, 1998 3k 11/13/98 Lisa Leatherman  
k536001.txt Kendrick, Claude, Jr., 1998 2k 10/11/98 Neal Byrge
l236001.txt Lester, Flossie, 1998 2k 10/29/98 Neal Byrge
m600001.txt Morrow, James "Gale", 1998 1k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
n400001.txt Neal, Vane, 1998 1k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
o320001.txt Oattes, Dorothy Burnette, 1998 2k 10/11/98 Neal Byrge
o520001.txt Owens, Sarah, 1875 2k 9/22/97 Diana Flynn  
owens.txt Owens, Sarah December 8, 1912   08/1/08 Carol Brumley
gob1499parmley.txt Parmley,Joshua Blaine, 2003 2k 2004 Neal Byrge  
p120001.txt Phipps, Mayo, 1998 1k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
r250001.txt Ragan, Letha, 1998 2k 10/17/98 Neal Byrge
r520001.txt Ramsey, Faye M., 1998 6k 11/13/98 Lisa Leatherman  
bfrunner.txt Runner, Ben F. 6k 08/28/2003 Martha Lamkin  
pollie.txt Sellers, Pollie, 1917, Transcribed death certificate 1.2k 9/14/02 Sherri Hall   
s413001.txt Selvidge, William T., 1998 4k 10/25/98 Neal Byrge
sexton.txt Sexton, Maggie, 1946 4k 8/11/00 Anna Sexton Davis
s512001.txt Simpson, Mrs. M.P., 1904 4k 8/11/00 Laura Frost Wright  
s322001.txt Stokes, Lee D., 1998 6k 11/13/98 Lisa Leatherman  
taylor.txt Taylor, Tella 2k 2004 Neal Byrge
u126001.txt Upchurch, Ruby, 1998 1k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
w330001.txt Whitehead, Rev. Benny, 1959 3k 9/27/97 Diana Flynn  
w330002.txt Whitehead, Frances M., 1998 1k 10/11/98 Lisa Leatherman  
                                    Wayne County Deaths in Pulaski County
                                        1852  |   1854-2  |   1854-3  |   1855-2  |   1855-3  |   1856-1  |   1856-2  
1857-1  |   1857-2  |   1857-3  |   1858-2  |   1858-3  |   1859-1  |   1859-2
Valerie Davis

Deeds & Land Records

 huffaker498gdd.txt Cox, Joshua B - Huffaker, Wesley October 27, 1836   02/19/11 Bonnie Cox Kofsky
garner335gdd.txt Garner, Vincent - Garner, Henry (et Al) Oct. 23, 1822 3k 10/17/06 Donnie Pickard
cox499gdd.txt Roberts, Joseph - Cox, Joshua B December 1, 1840   02/19/11 Bonnie Cox Kofsky

Family Histories

a630001.txt Ard, left Wayne Co. in 1841 2k 9/30/00 R. Langton
a630005.jpg Ard Family Story 78k
a630006.jpg Ard Family Cemetery 68k
brummett.letters.txt Silas Brummett letters, 1954 7k 9/12/02

Howard Brummett  

brummett3.jpg Alvis Brummett & Floyd Kittrell, 1925 63k 9/12/02

Howard Brummett  

brummett2.jpg Alvis Brummett & his hog, 1927 50k 9/12/02

Howard Brummett  

brummett4.jpg Alvis & Silas Brummett about 1927 37k 9/12/02

Howard Brummett  

brummett1.jpg Alvis Brummet & his grandkids 90k 9/12/02

Howard Brummett  

Simpson Family Papers 1763-1816  (many Names)
  12/03/10 Katharine Harbury


simpsonf422gms.txt Simpson Family Papers 1763-1816 --- Dec 2010 Katharine Harbury
legis.txt Kentucky Assembly Extracts, 1792-1799 22.2K 7/15/1997 Bettie Kain  
12mar1842.txt Acts of the KY Legislature 3.74K 3/21/2001 Regina
historic places Wayne County in the National Register of Historic Places
historic district Wayne County's Historic Districts
1873_cholera Narrative of the 1873 Cholera Epidemic in Kentucky
c620001.txt W.R. Cress - Attorney 2k 10/30/98 Neal Byrge
bus1879.txt 1879 Mt. Pisgah Business Directory 2k 3/14/01 Kelly Blizzard  
saltbsf001.txt Salt Works of Big South Fork (BSF) #1 4k 10/98 Lanny Slavey
saltbsf002.txt Salt Works of Big South Fork #2 9k
s410001.txt Richard Slavy, Deposition #1 7k
s410002.txt Richard Slavy, Deposition #2 6k
c540001.txt William Conwell, Deposition Part 1 7k
c540002.txt William Conwell, Deposition Part 2
c160001.txt Isaac Cooper, Deposition #1
c160002.txt Isaac Cooper, Deposition #2

wood119gmr.txt Brummett, David to Nancy E. Wood, 1872 3k 3/28/05 Angie Preston
wooten114gmr.txt Brummett, F.A. to Bell Dora Wooten, 1905 3k 3/28/05 Angie Preston
crabtree116gmr.txt Brummett, Frank to Malisa Crabtree, 1887 3k 3/28/05 Angie Preston
chaplain115gmr.txt Brummett, Granville to Hester Chaplain, 1886 3k 3/28/05 Angie Preston
stockton118gmr.txt Brummett, Granville to Laura B. Stockton, 1903 3k 3/28/05 Angie Preston
denton117gmr.txt Brummett, John to Maggie Denton, 1887 3k 3/28/05 Angie Preston
gmr88brummett.txt Burton, James to Lynda Brummett, 1872 3k 3/8/05 Angie Preston
brammer.txt Wayne Co. KY marriages Brammer
Betty Whitehill
burnett.txt Wayne Co. KY marriages Burnett
Betty Whitehill
burris.txt Wayne Co. KY marriages Burris
Betty Whitehill
burton.txt Wayne Co. KY marriages Burton-Bryant-Buchannon
Betty Whitehill
frost.txt Wayne Co. KY Marriages Frost-Gholson-Gibbs
Betty Whitehill
guffey.txt Wayne Co. KY marriages Guffey-Hancock
Betty Whitehill
Wayne Co. KY marriages Keeton-Keith-Kelly
Betty Whitehill
kelsey.txt Wayne Co. KY marriages Kelsey-Kemp-Kemptin-Kent
Betty Whitehill
groom1.txt Wayne Co. Marriages, 1801-1805 - sorted by groom 7k 7/25/99 Darlene Homme
bride1.txt Wayne Co. Marriages, 1801-1805 - sorted by bride 7k
marr0002.txt Wayne CO. Marriages in Scott Co., TN, 1881-1882 10k 4/10/99 Linda G. Murtaugh  
marr0003.txt Wayne Co. Marriages - various 8k 10/29/00 Sandra Burbridge  
marr0004.txt Wayne Co. Marriages - vairous 1816 & 1917 2k 3/9/01 Michells
                                             Wayne County Marriages in Pulaski County
                          1852-1  |   1852-2  |   1853-1  |   1853-2  |   1853-3  |   1855-1  |   1855-2  |   1856-1  |   1856-2  |   1857-1  |   1857-2  |   1858-1  |   1858-2  |   1859-1  |   1859-2
Valerie Davis


Bounty Land Recipients, Parts 1 - 5
Sandi Gorin   
Pioneer Soldiers, 1778 - 1781
9k Dec 1998 Sandi Gorin   


Flinn, Jesse 1812 - War of 1812
Roster Photograph
  12/24/2010 William Jones
kypen.txt KY Pension Roll of 1835 975K 9/30/1998 William R. Navey
Civilwar Kentucky in the Civil War Archives
koreandeaths.txt Korean War Deaths for KY 62k 10/8/2004 Darrell Warner
korean.html Korean War Missing Personnel for KY DPMO
vietnam.html Vietnam War Missing Personnel for KY DPMO
roster001.txt Roster Co. H, 6th Reg Cav KY Vols CSA 9k 10/17/98 Diana Flynn  
sketch001.txt 6th Reg Cav KY Vols CSA 12k
kpr1835.txt Kentucky Pension Roll, 1835 15k 7/25/99 Darlene Homme
uhewittsb341gmt.txt History & Roster of Hewitt's Battery (B)
10/31/06 Joy Fisher

Individual Soldier Records

acre331gmt.txt acre332gmt.txt Acre, William August 1832, Pension Application, Rev. War 5k 9-2006 Nancy Poquette
c6200001.txt Craig, John, Rev. War Pension 10k 12/3/99 Francis C. Gill  
jcraig.txt Jane Craig, Widow's Pension Application, Rev. War 10k 7/12/02 USGenWeb Pensions Project
johnson-jm.txt James Johnson, Rev. War Pension Application 2k 9/2/02
wjohnson.txt William Johnson, Rev. War Pension Application 2k 7/12/02
jpowers.txt Jesse Powers, Rev. War Pension Application Extract 3k 7/12/02
grogers.txt George Rogers, Rev. War Pension Application Extract 2k 7/12/02

hollars7.txt Social Security Application - Hollars, Harvey, born March 3, 1882
  06-15-2008 Marilyn  Hollars Becker
gbb11bigsinki.txt Big Sinking Baptist Church Records 1890 10.1K 2004 Nora Hickham
coform.html Kentucky County Formations & Courthouse Disasters 97K 2/8/2000 John Picklesimer  
lawyers.txt Kentucky Lawyers in 1859 28.1K 8/25/2000 Lora Young &
Mary Yoder   
ky.txt KY Postoffices & Postmasters, 1816 10.1K 11/27/1998 Gwen Hurst
waynepos.txt Wayne County Post Offices 1927 10.1K 08/05/2003 Patti Partin
kentucky.html KY Digital Map Library in the USGenWeb Archives
ky_map.htm Kentucky County Formation Maps
travelers.html Phelps' Travelers Guide Through the United States, Published 1850


brummett.b.r.txt B.R.Brummett-Jan 29, 1921, Robbed 2k 2003 Mary Lou Hudson  
offdir1901.txt Wayne County Outlook - April 16, 1904, Official Directory 2k 4/29/00 Laura Frost Wright   
outlook1.txt Wayne County Outlook - May 26, 1904, The Oilfield 8k 2/14/00 Laura Frost Wright   
outlook2.txt Wayne County Outlook - May 26, 1904, George Shearer & Thomas Payne Receive Burns Which Prove Fatal 3k 2/8/00 Laura Frost Wright   
outlook4.txt Wayne County Outlook - June 9,1904, The Oilfield 5k 3/25/00 Laura Frost Wright   
outlook5.txt Wayne County Outlook - June 9, 1904 - Typhoid Fever 3k 3/28/00 Laura Frost Wright   
outlook3.txt Wayne County Outlook - January 18, 1934, Eminent Early Kentuckians 4k 2/21/00 Laura Frost Wright   


Family photo of Josiah Lewis Walters and Nancy Emmarine (Foster) Walters with their 11 children, taken ca 1906 53k
12/30/00 Craig Nelson
alowe.jpg Photo of Amy Emerline Randolph Lowe 80k 7/12/02 Betty Lowe Hatter  
Photo of Billy Ray Lowe 3k
Photos of John Nathan Lowe & Family - 1910; John Nathan Lowe & Louisa Clemens Lowe & Family; Notary Seal of John Nathan Lowe 3k
Photos of Walter & Dortha Doss Lowe, 1941; Lowe Family Children in 1984 2k
Troxel.jpg Jacob (Jake) Troxel and Margaret Jane (Burton) Troxel. Jake was born September 15, 1870, in Wayne County and died September 27, 1944, in Lincoln County. He was the son of William Troxel and Nancy Jones. Margaret was born October 3, 1874, in Wayne County and died February 3, 1964, in Lincoln County. She was the daughter of James Burton and Malinda Brummett. 53k
03/16/2004 Angie Preston
John Simpson Ramsey and Wife, Nancy Mikel Ramsey, abt 1900 53k
2004 Bill Ramsey
Elza S.L. BERTRAM, son of Rev. Jonathan and Pharaba (ADKINS) BERTRAM was born
April 22, 1850 in Wayne County, and reared there in the Sunnybrook Community.
On October 26, 1870 he married Miss Mary Jane MANNING in Wayne Co., Kentucky.
She was the daughter of John Howard and Mariah(MATHEWS)MANNING. After she died
in 1903 he spent much of his time with his numerous grandchildren. In this
picture, taken about 1931, he is holding a namesake grandson on his lap. The
little boy was Elzie L. BERTRAM, son of James Winfrey and Ollie C. (CATRON)
BERTRAM. Little Elzie was born about 1929 in Wayne Co., Kentucky. Notice that
the boy is wearing a garment similar to a dress. but it was called a shirtail.
This was the customary garment for young boys. The older Elza and his wife,
Mary Jane, are both buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Sunnybrook, Wayne Co.,
64k 10/20/2005 Anna Bertrum
Hardin and Sallie Sarah A Winchester Perkins were both born in 1874 in Wayne
County KY. Hardin died July 13 1955 and Sarah died in May 30 1956. Both died
in Wayne County KY. Parents of Hardin Perkins was James B Perkins and Nancy
Coffey. Parents of Sarah Sallie was Ambrose and Sarah Abner Winchester.
124K 11/6/2006 Jerry Winchester
This is the Rev Lewis Fairchild and his wife, Rebecca. Date of the photo is
unknown but he was born 6-5-1856 and died 1-5-1918. Rebecca was born Rebecca
Jane Jones on 8-2-1851 and died 1-7-1933. They are buried in Big Springs
Cemetery on Burfield Road (Oil Valley).
290k 12/26/2005 Jerry Winchester
Elza S.L. BERTRAM was born 22 Apr 1850 in Wayne Co., KY to Jonathan and
Pharaba (ADKINS) BERTRAM. On 26 Oct 1870 he married Mary Jane MANNING,
daughter of Mariah (MATHEWS) and John Howard MANNING. The marriage took place
in Wayne Co., Kentucky where they lived the rest of their lives. Mary Jane
died 12 Oct 1903 and is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery at Sunnybrook in
Wayne Co., KY. Elza lived until 11 Jul 1934 and is buried beside Mary Jane. He
never remarried but spent the 31 years after his wife's death enjoying his
large number of grandchildren. In this picture he is holding a grandson, Elzie
L. BERTRAM, who was named for him. Little Elzie was the son of Ollie C.
(CATRON) and James Winfrey BERTRAM of Sunnybrook, Wayne Co., KY. The grandson
was born about 1929 and died 28 Jun 2003.


11/11/05 Anna Bertrum

Reuben Ard - left Wayne Co. 1841 - Will page 1
Will page 2
Will page 3
Will page 4
09/30/00 R. Langton
b653001.txt Isham R. Burnett - 1853 6k 2/24/98 Diana Flynn  
flinn478gwl.txt Flinn, Abraham June 16, 1877 --- Nov 2010 Carolyn Brumley
hollarss413.txt Hollars Sr. (X), Albert  December 21, 1894  (Will)   06-15-2008 Marilyn  Hollars Becker
Flinn, Abraham June 16, 1877  (Will)
  10-15-2010 Carolyn Brumley
mings568gwl.txt Mings, Et All - 1820   03-21-2014 Diana Wagner
Turpin, Aaron March 9, 1836
  08-13-2007 Janel Woodbury


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