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Washington County, named for President George Washington, was originally part of Kentucky County, VA and then Jefferson County, Kentucky.  In 1827, Washington County was split to form Anderson Co. and part of Marion County in 1833.

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Table of Content
File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
f200001.txt St. Rose's Register - Fox Family (1854-1859) 04-22-2001 Michele

Washington County, Kentucky Biography Index

Delayed Birth Records for Washington County
Delayed Birth Records - Unknown Counties
Delayed Birth Records for Kentucky

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
Battle Cemetery, 1998 update
B Norton & L  Shirley

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
1850indx.txt 1850 Census INDEX 02-16-2000 S-K Publications

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
bowles.txt Bowles to Bowles, 1825 Indenture 08-28-2003
Teddy Ronan  The Registry
l5160001.txt Lambert, Wm & John B., wards of Littrell, Wm Guardian's Bonds, 1871
09-28-1999 Joyce Berns

Death Records 
File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
h400001.txt Hall, Bettie Frances 1868-1939
09-05-1999 Brenda Woods
ingram765gdt.txt Ingram, Dr. James Madison, 1857 11-26-2006 Yvonne Lay Logue
nicholso847gdt.txt  Nicholson, Lewis H., 1911 8/3/2007 Yvonne Lay Logue
nicholso846gdt.txt Nicholson, Nancy Jane, 1915 8/3/2007 Yvonne Lay Logue
peters.txt Peters, Sister Mary Hysanitha  1935
2003 Teddy Deford The Registry

Deeds & Bills of Sale
Washington County, Kentucky Deed & Bills of Sale Index

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
legis.txt Kentucky Assembly Extracts, 1792-1799 07-15-1997 Bettie Kain  The Registry
12mar1842.txt Acts of the KY Legislature 03-21-2001 Regina
historic places Washington County in the National Register of Historic Places
historic district Washington County's Historic Districts
1873_cholera Narrative of the 1873 Cholera Epidemic in Kentucky

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
c516001.txt Bird, John - Nancy Bennett, Aug 23,1823; James R. Herbert-Rosana Cambron, Oct 16, 1824 01-26-2001 Anne Livingston
c512-003.txt Combs, Nancy - Joseph Goode, Dec 2,1807 05-06-1998 Hazel M. White
Davis Marriages, 1798-1824 05-13-1998
Phyllis Hill
ordersfi33gmb.txt Edwards, Cassa - Jenny Grisham 1808 7-7-07 Phyllis Carson
m253-001.txt Smith, Edward B. - Jane McIntire, Oct 15, 1798 05-19-1998 Alice Gaines

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
Bounty Land Recipients, Parts 1 - 5

Sandi Gorin   The Registry
Pioneer Soldiers, 1778 - 1781
12-1998 Sandi Gorin   The Registry
kypen.txt KY Pension Roll of 1835 09-30-1998 William R. Navey
Civilwar Kentucky in the Civil War Archives
korean.html Korean War Missing Personnel for KY DPMO
vietnam.html Vietnam War Missing Personnel for KY DPMO
uss-bosque.txt USS-Bosque, WWII Cargo Ship, Personnel Roster
a450-001.txt Allen, William War of 1812 Land Bounty Application

c512001.txt Combs, John  13 May 1825 05-06-1998 Hazel M. White
McCarty, Justin February 10, 1824 Rev. War Pension
Judy Bailey
t460002.txt Taylor, John  14 Aug 1834 05-04-1998 Gloria Gibbel
c512001.txt Combs, John  13 May 1825 05-06-1998 Hazel M. White
trainum1161gmt.txt Trainum, William, 14 Aug 1832 Rev. War Pension 08-17-07 Nancy Poquette

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
coform.html Kentucky County Formations & Courthouse Disasters 02-08-2000 John Picklesimer  The Registry
lawyers.txt Kentucky Lawyers in 1859 08-25-2000 Lora Young &
Mary Yoder   The Registry
ky.txt KY Postoffices & Postmasters, 1816 11-27-1998 Gwen Hurst
kentucky.html KY Digital Map Library in the USGenWeb Archives
ky_map.htm Kentucky County Formation Maps
travelers.html Phelps' Travellers Guide Through the United States Published in 1850
r100-001.txt Ruby Family, 08 Aug 1983 05-07-1998
Bea Roberts Norton
r100-002.txt Zula Ruby Rowland to Bea R. Norton 05-07-1998
Bea Roberts Norton

Washington County, Kentucky Obituary Index

Tax Lists
File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
1792 Tax List (partial) Bullitt Co. Family Connections
Anne Livingston
1796taxl389gms.tzr 1792 Tax List - surnames beginning with "A" 10-3-2010 Anne Livingston

Wills and Estates
File Name Description
Date Submitted Submitted By
blanford323gwl.txt Blanford, Charles - dower division for wife Catharine - 1818 11-20-2006 Patricia O'Connor
c512002.txt Combs, John - will - 1845   
05-06-1998 Hazel M. White
fields371gwl.txt Fields, Betsy D. Brown April 13, 1866 09-18-2007 Karen Riggs
flanagan324gwl.txt Flanagan, John -will  - 1813 11-20-2006 Patricia O'Connor
greenwel330gwl.txt Greenwell, Charles - estate settlement - 1812 11-27-2006 Patricia O'Connor
grundy262gwl.txt Grundy, Charles - will - 1793 11-21-2006 Patricia O'Connor
h543001.txt Hamilton, Thomas  -estate settlement - 1809   
11-24-2000 Anne Livingston
mcdonald331gwl.txt McDonald, Richard -estate settlement - 1813 11-27-2006 Patricia O'Connor
mcdonald332gwl.txt McDonald, Richard -sale - 1809 11-27-2006 Patricia O'Connor
m253004.txt McIntire, Thomas - will - 1795   
05-04-1998 Alice Gaines
Milburn, David - will - 1826   
Judy Bailey
milburnwill.txt Milburn, David  - sale - 1827   02-10-2005 Judy Bailey
newton326gwl.txt Newton, Ignatius - will - 1812 11-21-2006 Patricia O'Connor
sansberr328gwl.txt Sansberry, Nicholas - will - 1807 11-21-2006 Patricia O'Connor
scott333gwl.txt Scott, John - estate sale - 1811 11-27-2006 Patricia O'Connor
simpson329gwl.txt Simpson, James - estate sale - 1813 11-27-2006 Patricia O'Connor
s512001.txt Simpson,  Thomas  - will - 1799   12-02-2000 Anne Livingston
s152002.txt Spinks, Francis - accounts - 1809   11-24-2000 Anne Livingston
stalcup261gwl.txt Stalcup, Henry - inventory - 1792 10-21-2006 Anne Livingston
t460-001.txt Taylor, Zachariah - will - 1794  
04-24-1998 Alice Gaines
thompson263gwl.txt Thompson, Stith - will - 1796 11-27-2006 Patricia O'Connor
vaughan284gwl.txt Vaughn, Samuel - will - 1798 11-27-2006 Patricia O'Connor

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