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Occasionally, contributions are submitted to the state archives and have no obvious reference to a specific county.  These files are in that category.  If you have information that will assist in assigning these records to a county, please contact the appropriate KyArchive file manager.


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File Name Description Submitter

Deaths & Obits
c514001.txt Campbell, Cole, 1864 William & Kathy Pitts
h625-001.txt Harrison, Lawrence, 1996 Diana Flynn
h630-001.txt Howard, Elvis L., 1997 Diana Flynn
j250-001.txt Jackson, Evelyn P. (Richert) Diana Flynn
matthews2911gob.txt Matthews, Laura, 1912 Don Brownlee
melton331.txt Melton, Laura & Jennie, 1897 Kathy Stinson
m460-001 Miller, John D., 1837 Jo Church D
p620-001.txt Pierce, Sara Jane, 1869 Jon Singleton
r200-002 Reese, Jesse Alexander, 1966 Jon Singleton
r200-001 Rush, Walter, 1997 Diana Flynn
s162-001.txt Spears, Josephine, 1998 Diana Flynn
w000-001.txt Way, Annie, 1997 Diana Flynn
w600-001.txt Wray, William, 1997 Diana Flynn
evelyn499gmr.txt Evelyn, Bess - Wilds, George Byrne June 1900 Teresa Taramasso
notsure35gmb.txt MERCHANT William to Gertrude KENNY, 1946 Steve Merchant

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