Rowley Cemetery

Rowley Cemetery is located on Hwy. 109. As you turn on 109 off Hwy 56, it’s not very far. There is a dirt road on the left of Hwy 109 and it is marked with a green highway or street sign that says “Rowley Cemetery Rd.”. If you go past the 12 mile marker you’ve gone too far. It’s really hard to see as the grass has grown up on the dirt road. The cemetery is on the right. Actually the road ends at the cemetery at the top of the hill. I can’t remember how many graves are there. There might be a total of 40 or so. (Directions from Danette Duckworth)

Cemetery Marker Photos
(Alphabetical Order)

Marker Image Number
Military Marker Image Number
Robertson, Alvin AlvinRobertson.jpg   Danette Duckworth
Robertson, Frank FrankRobertson.jpg   Danette Duckworth
Robertson, Fred FredRobertson.jpg   Danette Duckworth

If you have Rowley marker photos you want to add, contact Allen Tate or Maria Troutman.

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