Major Rowley Cemetery, Union Co., KY
(with photos)

Major Rowley Cemetery, located on a hill, along KY 871. If you are standing at the T intersection that SR 947 makes with KY 871, the cemetery is up the hill and far to the right. It is along an abandoned and very deep road bed that runs parellel with 871. There is a permanent deer blind attached to a tree at the cemetery and a ventilation shaft for a coal mine in the middle of the area.

The cemetery was visited and transcribed by Steve McCallister in February 2004. Most of the stones are not standing. Existent bases for markers show no particular order of placement. From the 1920's, when Steve's mother used to play hide and seek in this cemetery, she remembers a very large stone with many names from one family on it. Today, there remains a very large base, for an obelisk type of monument, but no sign of the stone nearby. The terrain is sloping and difficult to get to. The entire area is heavily wooded and overgrown, and at least a foot deep in vines, covering the cemetery. The land across the road has been logged, while the property that the cemetery sits on, is said to be owned by a coal mine.