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File  Description Size  Date  Submitter 
arnold.txt Arnold, Lycurgus 1k 11-25-1997 Beulah Franks
sarver.txt Sarver, W. H. March 1, 1835 - August 30, 1904 2K Sep 2010 Janet King
antioch-new.txt Antioch (New) Cemetery 3k3-3-99 Laura Porter
antioch-old.txt Antioch (Old) Cemetery 5k3-3-99 Laura Porter
bailey.txt Bailey Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
bennett.txt Bennett Cemetery 8k3-3-99 Paula Williams
bethel.txt Bethel Cemetery 5-8-99 Laura Porter
carneal.txt Carneal Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
cedargrove.txt Cedar Grove Cemetery 4k3-3-99 Paula Williams
colliersprings.txt Collier Springs Graveyard 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
cox.txt Cox Cemetery 5k3-3-99 Laura Porter
crouch.txt Crouch Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
crutchfield.txt Crutchfield Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
davis.txt Davis Cemetery 5-8-99 Laura Porter
elkton.txt Elkton Cemetery 18k 3-3-99 Laura Porter
emberry.txt Emberry Cemetery 6k1-12-1998 Hopkins Co GS
foster.txt Foster Cemetery 3k3-3-99 Laura Porter
france.txt France Cemetery 16k 12-7-99 Steve Watson
friendship.txt Friendship Cemetery 1k3-3-99 Laura Porter
gant.txt Gant Cemetery 40.7k 3-3-99 Laura Porter
gibson.txt Gibson Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
glenwood.txt Glenwood Cemetery Laura Porter
greenchapel.txt Green Chapel Cemetery Laura Porter
hale.txt Hale Cemetery 3k3-3-99 Laura Porter
harrison.txt Harrison Gravesite 6k3-3-99 Laura Porter
henderson.txt Henderson Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
jdavis.txt Jefferson Davis Park  Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
jenkins.txt Jenkins Cemetery 5-8-99 Laura Porter
jessup.txt Jessup Cemetery 3k3-3-99 Laura Porter
johnston.txt Johnston Cemetery 5-8-99 Laura Porter
kirkman.txt Kirkman Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Katherine Jones
lancaster.txt Lancaster Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
lee.txt Lee Cemetery 5-8-99 Laura Porter
lyon.txt Lyon Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
mcbride.txt McBride Cemetery 3k3-3-99 Laura Porter
mccolpin.txt McColpin Cemetery 5-8-99 Laura Porter
mcelwain.txt McElwain Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
morton.txt Morton Cemetery 5-8-99 Katherine Jones
mtsharon.txt Mt. Sharon Cemetery 5k3-3-99 Laura Porter
newharmony.txt New Harmony Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
pearidge.txt Pearidge Cemetery 5-8-99 Laura Porter
pleasanthill.txt Pleasant Hill Cemetery 58.3k 3-3-99 Laura Porter
porter.txt Porter Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
powell.txt Powell Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
ramsey.txt Ramsey Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
rob-pepper.txt Robinson & Pepper Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
sears.txt Sears Cemetery 3k2-15-1999 Carl Greenfield
shutt.txt Shutt Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
simon.txt Simon Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
simpson.txt Simpson Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
wakeholl.txt Wakefield Hollingsworth Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
wilkins.txt Wilkins Cemetery 2k3-3-99 Laura Porter
v00281.txt McPherson surname 3k10-5-00 Kelly Courtney-Blizzard
v01-396.txt Hubbard - KY Index 3k3-13-00 Barbara Rice
petrie1322.txt Petrie, Edna Esther  6-01-14 Marilynn Wienke
petrie1323.txt Petrie, James C.  6-01-14 Marilynn Wienke
v01040.txt 1879 Business Directory 3k3-13-00 Kelly Courtney-Blizzard
v00-167.txt MILLER, Harold Edwards 3k3-13-00 KY Footsteps
sipes10960.txt SIPES, Francis Hair  5-1-68 Peggy Russell
reeves.txt Reeves, Willis L. January 8, 1864 2kAug 2011 Beverly Watson The Registry
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