The Battle of Tippecanoe


The following are the rolls of the various companies under the command of Gen. William Henry Harrison in his campaign against the Indians in the autumn of 1811, which terminated in the overthrow of the Confederacy and the destruction of the Prophets' Town. The names were taken from the official records at Washington:

Roll of the General Staff of the Army commanded by General Harrison
from September 6, to November 24, 1811
William McFarland, Lt-Col. and Adjt.
Henry Hurst, Maj. and A. D. C.
Waller Taylor, Maj. and A. D. C
Marston G. Clark, Brigade Inspector, promoted to the same Sept. 20
Robert Buntin, Jr., 2d Lt. and Forage Master
Robert Buntin, Sr., Capt. and Q. M.
Nathaniel F. Adams, Lt. and Adjt., belonged to the U.S. regular army

Roll of Capt. Dubois' Company of Spies and Guides, of the Indiana Militia,
from September 18 to November 12, 1811
Toussaint Dubois, Capt.

Silas McCulloch
G. R. C. Sullivan
William Bruce
William Polk
Pierre Andre
Ephraim Jordan
William Shaw
William Hogue, discharged Oct. 4
David Wilkins
John Hollingsworth
Thomas Learens
Joseph Arpin
Abraham Decker
Samuel James
David Mills
Stewart Cunningham
Bocker Childers
Thomas Jordan

Roll of a Detachment of the Field and Staff of Indiana Militia
from September 11 to November 24, 1811,
under the Command of Lieut.-Col. Bartholomew
Joseph Bartholomew, Lieut.Col., wounded in action Nov. 7
Regin Redman, Major
Andrew P. Hay, Surgeon's Mate
Joseph Brown, Adjt.
Joseph Clark, Q. M., appointed Surgeon's Mate Oct. 29
Chapman Dunslow, Sergeant-Major
James Curry, Q. M. Sergeant

Roll of the Field and Staff of the Fourth Regiment of Infantry of the Indiana Militia,
under the command of Colonel Decker,
from September 18 to Nov. 19, 1811
Luke Decker, Lt.-Col.
Noah Purcell, Major
Daniel Sullivan, Lt.-Adjt.
William Ready, Sergt.-Major
Benj. V. Becker, Q. M.
William Gamble, Q. M. Sergt., appointed Q. M. Sergt. Sept. 25 and made up for
pay as Private on rolls of Captain Wilson's Company of Infantry to Sept. 21

Edward Scull, Assistant Surgeon
James Smith, Q. M. promoted to Captain on Nov. 9 and paid as such from Nov. 10 on the rolls of Captain Warrick's Company

Roll of the Field and Staff of Major Parke's Dragoons, of the Indiana Militia,
from September 21 to Nov. 19, 1811
Joseph H. Daveiss, Major, killed in action Nov. 7
Benjamin Parke, Major, promoted from the time
Davis Floyd, Adjt.
Charles Smith, Q. M.
General W. Johnston, Q. M., promoted from the ranks Oct. 30, 1811
William Prince, Sergt.-Major.

Roll of Capt. Spier Spencer's Company of Mounted Riflemen of the Indiana Militia,
from September 12 to November 23, 1811
Spier Spencer, Captain, killed in action Nov. 7
Richard McMahan, 1st Lieut., killed in action Nov. 7
George F. Pope, 2d Lieut., resigned Oct. 21
Samuel Flanagan, 2d Lieut., promoted from Ensign to 2d Lieut.
John Tipton, Captain, promoted from Private to Ensign
Jacob Zenoe, 2d Lieut., promoted from Private Nov. 7
Phillip Bell, Ensign, promoted from Private to Ensign, Nov. 7
Pearce Chamberlain, Sergeant
Henry Batman, Sergeant
Elijah Hurst, Sergeant
Benjamin Boyard, Sergeant
Robert Biggs, Corporal, badly wounded
John Taylor, Corporal
Benjamin Shields, Corporal
William Bennington, Corporal
Daniel Cline, Musician
Isham Stroude, Musician

John Arick
Ignatius Able
Enos Best
James Brown
Jesse Butler
Mason Carter
John Cline
Marshall Dunken, killed in action Nov. 7
William Davis, killed in action Nov. 7
Thomas Davidson
James Dyce
Henry Enlow
William Hurst
William Hurst, Jr.
Beverley Hurst
James Harberson
James Hubbound
Robert Jones
James Kelley
Thomas McColley
Noah Mathena
William Nance
Thomas Owens
Samuel Pfrimer
Edward Ransdell
Sandford Ransdell
James Spencer
Christover Shucks
Joshua Shields, badly wounded
Samuel Sand, killed in action Nov. 7
George Spencer
Jacob Snider
Jon'n Wright
James Wilson
John Wheeler
James Watts
Isham Vest
George Zenoe
P. McMickle
Levi Dunn, deserted
William Fowler, not duly mustered

Roll of Capt. Jacob Warrick's Company of Infantry, of the Indian Militia,
from September 16 to November 19, 1811
Jacob Warrick, Capt., mortally wounded in action
James Smith, Capt.
William Calton, Lieut., discharged September 27
James Duckworth, Ensign
Robt. Montgomery, Sergt.
Robt. McGary, Sergt.
Jeremiah Piercall, Sergt.
Isaac Woods, Sergt.
Benj. Venables, Corpl.
Thomas Black, Corpl.
Robert Denney, Corpl.
Thomas Montgomery., Jr, Corpl., promoted to Lieut. Sept. 30, in place of W. Calton

James Alsop
James Stewart
Jesse Key
Bennet Key
Jesse Brewer
Richard Davis
Asa Musick
Smith Mounce, deserted, Oct. 15, from garrison
James Stapleton
Fielding Lucas
John McGary
Thomas Montgomery, discharged from garrison, Oct 15
John Montgomery
James Weathers
Ephraim Murphy
Langston Drew
William Gwins
William Black
Joshua Capps
Andrew McFaddin
Lewis Sealy
James Bohannon, deserted from burrow, Sept. 27
Daniel Duff
Squire McFaddin
Wilson Jones
Jeremiah Robinson
Hugh Todd
Martin Laughon
William Todd
John Gwins
Burton Litton
George Linxwiler
Peter Whetstone, deserted from garrison Oct. 15
William Stevens
Timothy Downy
John Coyler
Benj. Stoker, promoted to Corporal Sept. 30
Thomas Aldmond
Miles Armstrong
William Aldmond
William Young
Thomas Duckworth
Maxwell Jolly
John Robb
John Neel
Randolph Clark
William Black

Roll of Capt. David Robb's Company of Mounted Riflemen, of the Indiana Militia,
from October 25 to November 19, 1811
David Robb, Captain
Joseph Montgomery, Lieut.
John Waller, Ensign
Elsberry Armstrong, Sergt.
Henry Reil, Sergt.
John Benson, Sergt.
William Maxidon, Sergt.
Ezekiel Kite, Corpl.
George Anthees, Corpl.
James Robb, Corpl.
William Johnston, Corpl.
Bryant Harper, Trumpeter

Abm. Decker
James Tweedle
John Za. Orton
Armstead Bennett
William Peters
Stewart Cunningham
Francis Hall
Booker Shields
William Tweedle
John Slaven
John Suverns
James Langsdown
Thomas Sullivan
Jessee Music
Daniel Fisher, mortally wounded on Nov. 7, and died Nov. 12
William Allsop
Joseph Garress
Thomas C. Vines
Edward Butner, mortally wounded on Nov. 7, and died the next day
Saml. James
Thomas Shouse
Frederick Reel
William Selvey
James Bass
George Leech, Jr.
David Mills
Thomas Givena
John Black
Jonah Robinson
Isaac Rogers
John Rogers
William Carson
George Litton
David Knight
William Downing
Thomas Jordon, transferred to Capt. Dubois' Co., Nov. 20
James Banks
William Bass
James Minor
Hugh Shaw
Peter Cartwright
David Lilley
Thomas Garress
James Asberry, killed in action Nov. 7
Joseph Tobin
Robert Wilson
John Riggs
John Christ
Theodorus Davis
Thomas Parker Vanpett
John Crawford
Kader Powell, killed in action Nov. 7
Thomas Dunn
Jacob Korter
William Askin
Jonathan Humphreys
Alex. Mahen, badly wounded Nov. 7
William Witherholt
Moses Sandridge
David Edwards
John Dragoo
Saml. Hamilton
Robert Tennesson
Richard Potts
Joseph Wright
George Robinson, badly wounded Nov. 7
Thomas West

Roll of Capt. Norris' Company of Infantry of the Indiana Militia,
from September 11 to November 24 1811
John Norris, Captain, wounded in action Nov. 7
John Harrod, Lieut.
Joseph Carr, Ensign
George Drummond, Sergeant
William Coombs, Sergeant
Bazil Prather, Sergeant
David Smith, Sergeant
Henry Ward, Corporal
John Harman, Corporal
Joel Combs, Corporal
Robert Hombs, Corporal
David Kelly, Corporal, appointed Corporal Sept. 30
Elisha Carr, Drummer
Joseph Perry, Fifer

Robert McNight
William Stacey
Gasper Loots
Samuel Duke
Edward Norris
James Shipman
Henry Cusamore
Peter Sherwood
C. Fipps
George Ditsler
John Gray
John Kelly
Jacob Daily
David Cross
Thomas Clendennan, killed in action Nov. 7
Robert Cunningham
Abraham Kelly, substituted in place of Samuel Walker and killed Nov. 7
Henry Jones, killed in action Nov. 7
James Curry
Samuel McClung, Q. M. Sergt., Sept. 27
James Smith
John Perry
Jeris Fordyce
Benoni Wood
James Kelly
Cornelius Kelly
Amos Goodwin
E. Wayman
William Harman
John Newland
John Tilferro
Micajah Peyton
Loyd Prather
Adam Peck
Samuel McClintick
Benj. Thompson
John Weathers
William Eakin
Evan Arnold
John D. Jacob
Hugh Espy
Robert Tippin
Townly Ruby
John McClintick
William Rayson
William Aston
Reubin Slead
Josiah Taylor
George Hooke
Daniel McCoy
Jacob Pearsall
Henry Hooke
Samuel Neal
Thomas Highfill
Robert McClellan
James Taylor

Roll of Capt. William Hargrove's Company of Infantry, of the Indiana, Militia,
from September 18 to November 19, 1811
William Hargrove, Capt.
Isaac Montgomery, Lieut.
Cary Ashley, Ensign, resigned in October 1911
Henry Hopkins, Ensign, promoted to Sergeant Oct. 27, 1811
Bolden Conner, Sergt.
James Evens, Sergt.
Daniel Millar, Sergt., promoted from Corpl., Oct. 27, 1811
William Scales, Sergt., promoted from Private Oct. 27, 1811
David Johnson, Corporal
Paten Whealer, Corporal
William Taylor, Corporal
David Brumfield, Corporal, promoted in Oct. 1811

Samuel Anderson
John Braselton
Jer. Harrison
John Fleanor
Joseph Ladd
Pinkney Anderson
Thomas Archer
William Archer
James Lenn
Charles Collins
Joshua Day, deserted Oct 2, 1811
Charles Penelton, deserted Oct. 16, 1811
William Person
John Mills
Robert Milborn
Jon'n. Cochran
John Lout
Nathan. Woodrough
James Young
John Tucker
Arthur Meeks, deserted Oct. 12, 1811
John Conner
Reuben Fitzgerald, wounded slightly Nov. 7
Zachary Skelton
Jacob Skelton
Benj. Scales
William Gordon
Laben Putman
Reding Putman
John Many
Johnson Fitzgerald
Thomas Arnett
James Skelton
Elias Barker
Saml. Whealor
Robert Whealor
William Mangorn
Coonrod Lancaster, deserted Oct. 2
James McClure
Haz. Putman
Benj. Cannon
Joshua Stapleton
William Skelton
William Harrington
Randolph Owens
Isaac Twedle
James Crow
Richard M. Kirk
George Coningham
James Skidmore
Joseph Mixon
Samuel Gasten
Edward Whitacor
Charles Meeks, reduced from Corpl. Oct. 26
Robert Skelton, badly wounded Nov. 7
David Lawrence, discharged Sept. 19.

Roll of Capt. Thomas Scott's Company of Infantry, of the Indiana Militia,
from September 18 to November 19, 1811
Thomas Scott, Capt.
Jon'n. Purcell, Lieut.
John Scott, Ensign
John Welton, Ensign
Francis Mallet, Ensign
Lanty Johnston, Ensign
Samuel Roquest, Ensign
John Moore, Corpl.
Abm. Westfall, Corpl.
Elick C. Dushane, Corpl.
Charles Bono, Corpl.

Jesse Willas
James McDonald
Jon'n. Hornback
Alpheus Pickard
John McCoy
Zebulon Hogue
Andrew Westfall
William Watson
Walter Neil
William A. Clark
William Welton
Henry Lain
Abraham Wood, killed Nov. 7
John Collins
William Williams
Saml. Risley
William Collins
Charles Fisher
Robert Johnston
Absolom Thron
William Penny
William young
William Jones
John Collins, Jr.
William Bailey
Charles Mail
Richard Westrope
Thomas McClain
Joseph Ridley
Henry O'Niel
Joseph Alton
Baptist Topah
Antoine Gerome
Mitchel Rusherville
Charles Dudware
John Baptist Bono
Joseph Bushby
Henry Merceam
Augusta Lature
Louis Abair
Charles Soudriett
Ambrose Dashney
Francis Bonah, killed Nov. 7
Semo Bolonga, died Nov. 18
Louis Lovellett
Francis Boryean
John Mominny, discharged Oct. 8
Pierre Delurya, Sr.
Pierre Delurya, Jr.
Joseph Besam
Louis Boyeam
Dominic Pashy
Antoine Cornia
Antoine Ravellett
John Baptist Cardinal
Jack Obah, killed Nov. 7
Toussaint Deno
Joseph Reno
Eustace Sevanne
Nicholas Velmare
Joseph Sansuee
Francis Arpah
Antoine Shennett
Madan Cardinal
Louis Lowya

Roll of Capt. Walter Wilson's Company of Infantry, of Indiana Militia, from
September 18 to November 18 1811
Walter Wilson, Captain
Benjamin Beckes, Lieut., appointed Q. M. Nov. 18
Joseph Macomb, Ensign
Thomas I. Withers, Sergeant
Thomas White, Sergeant
Isaac Minor, Sergeant
John Decker, Sergeant
Daniel Risley, Corporal
William Shuck, Corporal
John Grery, Corporal
Peter Brinton, Corporal

William Gamble
William Brinton
Batest Chavalar
Asa Thorn
Thomas Chambers
Joseph Harbor
Adam Harness
James Jordan
John Chambers
John Antis
Lewis Frederick
Lewis Reel, died October 13
Richard Greentree
Samuel Clutter
Jacob Antis
James Walker
Nathan Baker
John Berger
Sinceky Almy
Peter Bargor
Moses Decker
Joseph Voodry
Woolsey Pride
Robert Brinton, deserted Oct. 24
Abraham Pea
Thomas Milbourne, deserted Oct. 24
William Pride
Benjamin Walker
Jacob Harbonson, deserted Oct. 24
Sutton Coleman, deserted Oct. 24
Joab Chappel
Robert McClure
John Risley, deserted Oct. 24
Jon'n. Walker, deserted Oct. 24
Isaac Walker
David Knight
James Purcell

Roll of Capt. Andrew Wilkin's Company of Infantry, of the Indiana Militia,
from September 18 to November 18, 1811
Andrew Wilkins, Captain
Adam Lisman, Lieut
Samuel McClure, Ensign
John Hadden, Sergeant
Thomas Black, Sergeant
Samuel Leman, Sergeant
Charles Booth, Sergeant
Daniel Carlin, Corporal
John Edwards, Corporal
Richard Engle, Corporal
Abraham Bogard, Corporal

John Johnston
John Mills
Abraham Johnston
James Mitchel
Robert Murphy
Jesse Cox
William Ashby
Loudwick Earnest
Edward Wilks
Rubin Moore
Thomas Anderson
Samuel Middleton
James Calleway
James Tims
Isaac Luzader
Samuel Carruthers
Asa McCord
Nathaniel Adams
Robert Lilley
John Elliot
William Hollingsworth
William Francis
Obediah F. Patrick
Aron Quick
John Murphy
Ebenezer Blackston
James Horrel
Samuel Culbertson
John Davis
Christopher Coleman
Robert Elsey
Henry Matny
Robert Bratton
William Flint
John Rodarmel
John Culbertson
Joseph Hobbs
Albert Davis
Thomas Horrel, discharged Sept. 26
Joseph Edwards
William Hill, appointed Corporal Oct. 18
John Engle
Henry Collins
John Meek
Thomas Johnston
Madison Collins
William Black
Luke Matson
John Harden
Edward Bowls
Robert Polk
Charles Ellison
George Gill
James Grayham
Joseph McRonnels
Jon'n Purcell
George Bright
Peter Lisman
William Arnet
Samuel Ledgerwood
Martin Palmore

Roll of Company of Riflemen, of the Indiana Militia, Commanded by Capt. Jas. Bigger
from September 11 to November 24, 1811
James Bigger, Capt.
John T. Chunn, Lieut.
Joseph Stillwell, Ensign
John Drummons, Sergt., wounded on Nov. 10
Isaac Nailor, Sergt.
Rice G. McCoy, Sergt.
Thomas Nicholas, discharged Oct. 16
Josiah Thomas, promoted to Sergt. Oct. 6
James B. McCullough, Corpl.
Jonathan Heartley, Corpl.
Thomas Chapple, Corpl.
David Bigger, Corpl.
John Owens, Drummer
Jacob L. Stillwell, Fifer

James Robertson
Joseph Warnick, killed in action Nov. 7
John Hutcherson
Daniel Peyton
Daniel Williams
James Garner
Amos Little
Hezekiah Robertson
Joseph Daniel
John Denney
James King
John Gibson, Jr.
John Walker
Daniel Pettitt
John Carr
William Nailor
Vinyard Pound
Andrew Holland
John Heartley
Daniel Kimberlain
Samuel Stockwell
David Owens, Jr.
Robert Robertson, Jr. deserted Sept. 25
Absalom Carr
Thomas Gibson, wounded Nov. 7
James Robertson, Jr.
James Anderson
William Tissler, killed in action Nov. 7
William Hutto
Thomas Burnett
Charles Mathews
John Covert
William Wright
John Finley
John Martin
Isaac Stark
John Kelley
Wilson Sargent
David Copple
William G. Gubrick
James Elliot
John Agins
Moses Stark
John Reed
George Reed
Benj. Pool
James McDonald
Isaac D. Huffman
Alex. Montgomery
William Hooker, deserted Oct. 14
Leonard Houston, wounded Nov. 7
James Mooney
Tobias Miller
Lucius Kibby
John Gibson, Sr.

Roll of Lieut. Berry's Detachment of Mounted Riflemen, of the Indiana, Militia,
from September 12 to November 23, 1811
Thomas Berry, Lieut. killed in action, Nov. 7
Zachariah Linley, Sergeant, badly wounded.

John Briere, not regularly mustered
John Beck
Frederick Carnes
John Dougherty
Thomas Elliott
Griffith Edwards
Joseph Edwards
Peter Hanks, mortally wounded Nov. 7
David Hederick
Henry Hickey, killed Nov. 7, 1811
Caleb Harrison
Anthony Taylor
William Lee
Jacob Lutes
Daniel McMickle, killed Nov. 7

Henry Moore
Peter McMickle, badly wounded
George Mahon
Frederick Wyman
Samuel Lockhart

Roll of Capt. Benjamin Parke's Troop of Light Dragoons, of the Indiana Militia,
from September 18 to November 19, 1811
Benjamin Parke, Captain, promoted to the rank of Major
Thomas Emerson, Lieut.
George Wallace, Jr. Lieut.
John Bathis, Cornet
Christian Grater, Sergt.
William Harper, Sergt.
Henry Rubbe, Sergt.
John McClure, Sergt.
William H. Dunnica, Corpl.
Charles Allen, Corpl.
Reuben Sallinger, Corpl.
Levi Elliot Corpl.
John Braden, Sadler

Charles Smith
Peter Jones
Joshua Bond
Permena Becks
William Prince
Jesse Slawson
Touissant Dubois, Jr.
Thomas Randolph
John McDonald
Miles Dolahan
John Dolahan
John Elliot
Mathias Rose, Jr.
Henry Dubois
Jesse Lucas
William Berry
William Parcell
John Crosby
Leonard Crosby
William Mehan, killed in action Nov. 7
Samuel Drake
Saml. Emerson
Saml. Alton, never joined
John D. Hay
Heram Decker
Ebenezer Hilton
John I. Neely
John McBain, appointed Trumpeter Sept. 29
Pierre Laptante
James Steen
Andrew Purcell
John Pea
Albert Badolett
Josiah L. Holmes
William W. Holmes
Thomas Coulter
Charles McClure
Jacque Andre
Thomas McClure
John Bruce, never joined
Thomas Palmer
General W. Johnston
William A. McClure
Clanton Steen, never joined
James McClure
Archd. McClure
James Neal
John Wyant
Charles Scott
James S. Petty
Isaac White, killed November 7
John McClure
Henry I. Mills
Robert M. Evans, never joined
James Mud
George Croghlin
Abner Hynes
Benj. Sanders
James Nabb
John O'Fallen
William Luckett
Landon Carter
Robert Buntin, Jr.
John I. Smith
Robert Sturgen
James Harper

Roll of a Company of Light Dragoons, of the Indiana Militia,
Commanded by Capt. Chas. Beggs
from Sept. 11 to Nov. 23, 1811
Charles Beggs, Captain
John Thompson, Lieut., promoted Lieut. Sept. 18
Henry Bottorf, Lieut. promoted Lieut. Sept. 18
Mordecai Sweeney, Cornet, promoted Lieut Sept. 18
Davis Floyd, Sergt. promoted Adjutant Sept. 20
John Carr, Sergt., appointed Sergt., Oct. 24
James Sage, Sergt.
James Fisler, Sergt.
Abraham Miller, Sergt.
George Rider, Corpl.
Sion Prather, Corpl.
Hugh Ross, Corpl.
Samuel Bottorff, Corpl.
John Deats, Trumpeter

Jacob Cressmore
William Kelley, killed in action Nov. 7
William Lewis, not regularly mustered
James Ellison
Timothy R. Rayment
John Cowan
Jon'n Gibbons
William Perry
Edward Perry
John Goodwin
James Hay
John Newland
George Twilley
Milo Davis
Marston G. Clark, promoted Brigade Major Sept. 20
Saml. Carr
Jos. McCormack
Richard Ward
John Farris
Charles F. Ross
John Thompson, promoted Lieut. Sept. 18

Roll of the Field and Staff of Major Samuel Wells' Corps of Mounted Militia from
Sept. 14 to Nov. 24. 1811
Samuel Wells, Major
James Hunter, Adjt.

Roll of Captain Peter Funks' Company of Kentucky Mounted Militia from
Sept. 14 to Nov. 23, 1811
Peter Funks, Captain
Lewis Hite, Lieut.
Samuel Kelly, Cornet
Adam D. Mills, Sergt.
James Martin Sergt.
Henry Canning, Sergt.
Lee White, Sergt., appointed Sergt. Sept. 24
Elliott Wilson, Corporal, appointed Corporal Oct. 16
William Cooper, Trumpeter, appointed Trumpeter September 16
Samuel Frederick, Farrier

Thomas Stafford
William Shaw, transferred to the Spies Sept. 23
William Ferguson
James Hite
John Shaw
Joseph Kennison
John Smith
Moses Williamson
William M. Luckett, transferred to Parke's Co. Sept. 23
John Murphy
James Muckleroy
Enos Mackey
John Edlin
Samuel Wells
William Duberley
Isaac Hollingsworth
Samuel N. Lickett, left the Company to join Parke's Company Sept. 23
Benjamin W. Gath
Thomas P. Mayors
William F. Tully

Roll of Fredrick Guiger's Company of Mounted Riflemen, of the Kentucky Militia,
from October 23 to November 18, 1811
Frederick Guiger, Captain, wounded slightly, Nov 7
Presley Ross, Lieut.
William Edwards, Ensign
Robert Macintire, Sergeant, wounded Nov. 7
Robert Edwards, Sergeant
Daniel Macclellon, Sergeant
John Jackson, Sergeant
Stephen Mars, Corporal, killed in action, Nov. 7
John Hikes, Corporal
John Nash, Corporal
Henry Waltz, Corporal
Joseph Paxton, Trumpeter

Martin Adams
Phillip Allen
Thomas Beeler
William Brown
James Ballard
Thomas Calliway
John Dunbar
James M. Edwards
Richard Findley
Joseph Funk
John Grimes
Isaac R. Gwathney
Henry Hawkins
James Hanks
John Lock
Elijah Lane
Hudson Martin
Samuel Pound
Jonathan Pounds
Peter Preast
John W. Slaughter
James Summerville, killed Nov. 7
Edmond Ship
Thomas Trigg
Samuel W. White
William Trigg
George W. Wells
Springor Augustus
Charles L. Byrn
Joseph Barkshire
John Buskirk
Adam Burkett
Charles Barkshire
Robert Barnaba
Temple C. Byrn
Zach. Ingram
Patrick Shields
Joseph Smith, killed Nov. 7
Thomas Speeks
Wilson Taylor
Greenbury Wright
George Beck
William Cline
Nicholas Fleener
Joshua Jest
Daniel Minor
John Maxwell
John Owsley, killed Nov. 7
Michael Plaster
Josh. Maxwell
Abm. Walk

Roll of the Field and Staff of the Fourth Regiment of Infantry
for November and December, 1811
John P. Boyd, Colonel
Zebulen M. Pike, Lt. Colonel
James Miller, Lt. Colonel
G. R. C. Floyd, Major
Josiah D. Foster, Surgeon
Hosea Blood, Surg's Mate
John L. Eastman, A. Adjt.
Josiah Bacon, Q. M.
Nathl. F. Adams, Pay Master
Winthrop Ager, S. Major
William Kelly, Q. M. Sergt.

Roll of a Company of Infantry under command of Capt. Josiah Snelling,
of the Fourth Regiment Commanded by Col. John P. Boyd,
from August 31 to October 31, 1811
Josiah Snelling, Captain
Charles Fuller, 1st Lieut
John Smith, 2d Lieut.
Richard Fillebrown, Sergeant
Ephraim Churchell, Sergeant
John Shays, Corporal
Timothy Hartt, Corporal
Samuel Horder, Corporal
Benjamin Moores, Corporal
Amos G. Corey, Musician
Nathaniel P. Thurston, Musician
John Mills, Musician

John Austin
Cyrus J. Brown
James Brice
Michael Burns
John Brewer
George Blandin
Cephas Chase
Jacob Collins
William Clough
Thomas Day
William Dole
John Davis
Abraham Dutcher
Phillip Eastman
Samuel French
Rufus Goodenough
Alanson Hathaway
William Healey
William Jackman
Henry Judewine
Abraham Larrabee
Asa Larrabee
Gideon Lincent Massi
James McDonald
Samuel Pritchett
James Sheldon
Samuel Porter
James Palmer
Joseph Pettingall
William B. Perkins
Samuel Pixley
Jonathan Robinson, died Oct. 6
Greenlief Sewey
Elias Soper
Westley Stone
Seth Sargeant
John Trasher
Phillip Trasher
Joseph Tibbetts, killed in action Nov. 7
David Wyer
Mark Whalin
John Whitely
John P. Webb
Giles Wilcox
Thomas Blake, died Oct. 11
Daniel Haskell, deserted Sept. 25

Roll of a Company of Infantry under command of Capt. George W. Prescott,
of the Fourth Regiment, Commanded by Col. John P. Boyd,
from October 31 to December 31, 1811
George W. Prescott, Captain
Ebenezer Way, 1st Lieut.
Benjamin Hill, 1st Lieut.
John Miller, Sergeant
William Huggins, Sergeant
Aaron Tucker, Sergeant
Robert Sandborn, Corporal
Ephraim D. Dockham, Corporal
John Silver, Corporal
Samuel Fowler, Corporal
Moses Blanchard, Musician
John Ross, musician

John Ashton
Ira Bailey
George Bailey
Abel Brown
Benjamin Burnham
Enoch Carter
Almerin Clark
Stephen Clay
Nathan Colby
Jonathan Colby
John Corser
William Corser
James Cobby
Abraham Folsom
John Forriest
Thomas Glines
Henry Godfrey
John Gorrell
Levi Griffin
Peter Griffin
John Green
Edmund Heard
Benjamin Hudson
Jonathan Herrick
Amos Ingulls
David Ingulls
William Kelley
William Knapp
Stephen Knight
Peter Ladd
Aaron Ladd
Samuel Ladd
Johnson Lovering
Moses Manson
James Merrill
John Norman
Ezra C. Peterson
Lemuel Parker
John Sandborn, mortally wounded Nov. 7, and died Nov. 9
Barnard Shields
Nathaniel Simpson
Luther Stephenson
Willian Sharpless
Israel Tilton
John Virgin
Oliver Wakefield
Silas Wells
Isaac Wescott
Jonathan Willey
James Williams

Roll of Capt. Baen's Company of Infantry, under command of
First Lieut. Charles Larrabee, in the Fourth Regiment, commanded by Col. John P. Boyd,
from Oct. 31 to Dec. 31, 1811
William C. Baen, Captain, mortally wounded in action Nov. 7, and died Nov. 9
Charles Larrabee, 1st lieut.
Lewis Beckham, 2d Lieut.
James Tracy, 1st Sergt.
Bernard A. T. Cormons, 2d Sergt.
William Stoney, 3d Sergt.
Simeon Cruml, 1st Corpl.
Edward Allen, 2d Corpl.
Amos G. Carey, Musician
John Mills, Musician
Zebolon Sanders, Musician

George Bentely, died Dec. 16, at Fort Knox
Darius Ballow
Augustus Ballow
William Button
Jeremiah Boner
Ebenezer Collins
John Donihue
Sylvester Dean
Daniel Delong
Daniel Doyers
John Davis
Dexter Earll, mortally wounded in action Nov. 7
Timothy Foster
Brian Flanigan
Russel Freeman
Andrew Griffin
John Glover
Samuel Gunison
Samuel Hawkins
Peter Harvey
John D. Hall
John Jones
Titus Knapp
Wetherall Leonard
John T. Mohonnah
John Miller
Nathan Peck
James Pinel
Isaac Rathbone
Daniel Rodman
Benjamin Vandeford
Nathaniel Wetherall
James Whipple
William Williams
Job Winslow

Roll of a Company of Infantry, under Command of Capt. Joel Cook,
in the Fourth Regiment, Commanded by Col. John P. Boyd,
from Oct. 31 to Dec. 31, 1811
Joel Cook, Capt.
Josiah Bacon, 2nd Lieut.
James A. Bennett, Sergt.
Daniel Shelton, Sergt.
Caleb Betts, Sergt.
Harvey Munn, Sergt.
Nathaniel Heaton, Corpl.
John Anthony, Corpl.
David B. Kipley, Corpl.
Abijah Bradley, Musician
Samuel Thompson, Musician

William Bird
Alexander Brown
Gurden Beckwith
George Brasbridge
William Barnett
Alfred Cobourne
Denison Crumby, died of his wounds Dec. 28
Eliakim Culver
Robert Coles
Charles Coger, died of his wounds Dec. 3
William Foreman
Joseph Francis
Ezra Fox
Levi Gleason
Benjamin Holland
Roswell Heminway
Timothy Hill
John Hutchinson
Michael Houck
Abraham Johnson
David Knickerbocker
George Kilbourn
Daniel Lee, died of his wounds on the battle-field, Nov. 8
William Moore
William Neville
James Penkitt
Michael Pendegrass
Elisha Persons
James Parker
John Pinkley
Daniel Rogers
Amos Royce, died of his wounds on the battleground Nov. 8
Robert Riley
Nathan Snow, died of his wounds Nov. 14
Daniel Spencer
Everett Shelton
Wm. M. Sanderson
Samuel Smith
John St. Clair
Robert Thompson
Anson Twitchell
John Williams
Jonathan Wallingford
Jesse Elam

Roll of a Company of Infantry, under command of Capt. Return B. Brown,
of the Fourth Regiment Commanded by Col. John P. Boyd,
from Oct. 31 to Dec. 31, 1811
Return B. Brown, Captain
Oliver G. Burton, 1st Lieut.
John Smith, 2d Lieut.
Ebnezer Moweer Sergeant
David Robinson, Sergeant
Levi Jenison, Sergeant
Daniel Reed, Sergeant
Ephraim Sillaway Corporal
Joel Kimball, Corporal
Wm. D. Ausment, Corporal
Samuel S. Bingham, Drummer
Henry Hayden, Fifer

Lewis Bemis
Bazalul Bradford
Elias Barrett
Augustus Bradford
Benjamin Bartlett
Eli Boyd
Henry Breck
Zalmon Blood
Caleb Cotton
Wm. W. McConnell
Comadovas D. Cass
Rowland Edwards
Joseph Flood
Joseph Follet
Ebenezer P. Field
Harvey Greer
Peter Greeney
Walter T. Hitt
Samuel Hillard
Moody B. Lovell
Bliss Lovell
John Morgan
Wm. Murgettroyd
David H. Miller
Obediah Morton
Moses Pierce
Jacob Prouty
James Roberts
Mayhew Rollings
Jared Smith
Peter R. Stiles
David Tuthill
David Wells
Josiah Willard
John Yeomans, killed in battle

Roll of Capt. Robert C. Barton's Company,
of John P. Boyd's Fourth Regiment of United States Volunteers,
for November and December, 1811
Robert C. Barton, Captain
Abraham Hawkins, 2d Lieut.
Oringe Pooler, Sergeant
Marshall S. Durkee, Sergeant
Horace Humphrey, Corporal
John McWithy, Corporal
William Turner, Corporal, promoted to Corporal Nov. 1, and wounded in action
Daniel Kellogg, Drummer

John Andrickson
Jesse S. Clark
Philip Coats
Robert Douglass, wounded in action Nov. 7
Ichabod Farrar
John D. Jones
David Kerns, mortally wounded in action Nov. 7, died Nov. 8
Isaac Little
Timothy McCoon
John McArthur
Joseph Poland
Silas Perry
William Stephenson
Samuel Souther, wounded in action
Roland Sparrowk
Lewis Taylor, mortally wounded in action Nov. 7, and died Nov. 8
Leman E. Welch, mortally wounded in action Nov. 7, and died Nov. 8
George Wilson
Henry Bates
Thomas Clark

Roll of a Company of Infantry (the Late Capt. Wentworth)
command of Lieut. Charles Fuller, of the Fourth Regiment,
Commanded by Col. John P. Boyd
from Oct. 31 to December 31, 1811
Paul Wentworth, Capt., resigned Oct. 29
Nathaniel F. Adams, 1st Lieut. and Pay Master
Charles Fuller, 1st Lieut.
John L. Eastman, 1st Lieut.
George P. Peters, 2nd Lieut.
Isaac Ricker, Sergt.
David H. Lewis, Sergt.
James Pike, Sergt.
Jedediah Wentworth, Corporal
Henry Moore, Corporal
Solomon Johnson, Corporal
Henry Tucker, Corporal
Nathan Brown, Musician
Joel Durell, Musician

William Andrew
John Adams
William Brown
William Bowles
John Burns
Joseph Burditt, mortally wounded, Nov. 7
Samuel Cook
Caleb Critchet
Ivory Courson
Samuel Coffin
Elisha Dyer
Jeremiah Emerson
Jonathan Elkins
Noah Turnald
Joseph Farrow
Robert Gordon
John S. Gordon
William Griggs
Solomon Heartford
John Hurd
William Ham.
Jonathan W. Ham
Stephen Hawkins
Stephen Harris
Nathaniel Harris
Joseph Hunt
James Heath
David Heath
Amos Jones
Samuel King
William King, killed in action Nov. 7
Jacob Keyser
Asa Knight
Joseph Layman
William Layman
Joseph Mears
James McDuffee
Robert McIntash, confined at Fort Knox under sentence of a general court martial
Jerry Maulthrop
Isaac M. Nute, wounded Nov. 7, and died next day
Jacob Nute
Jonathan Nute
Henry Nutter
Richard Perry
William Perkins
Jacob Peavey
Curtis Pipps
John Rowell
John Rice
Stephen Ricker
John M. Rollins
Stanton Smilie
Isaac Tuttle
John S. Watson
Ichabod Wentworth
Robert Whitehouse
Enoch Worthen
John Welch
Silas Whood
Charles Wait
Timothy Waldron
Zadoc Williams
Philip Allen

Roll of a Company of Infantry (the Late Capt. Welche's),
under command of Lieut. O. G. Burton, of the Fourth Regiment,
commanded by Col. Jno. P. Boyd
from October 31 to December 31, 1811
O. G. Burton, First Lieut.
George Gooding, 2d Lieut.
Montgomery Orr, Sergt
Knewland Carrier, Sergt.
Major Mantor, Sergt., promoted to the rank of Sergeant, Nov.1
James Mitchell, Corpl., killed in battle, Nov. 7
Daniel L. Thomson, Corpl, [sic}
John Rice, Corpl.
Lucius Sallis, Corpl.
William Demon, Corpl.
Ellas Prentice, Musician

Leonard Arp
Noyes Billings
Amos Blanchard
Calib Barton
Levi Cary, killed in battle, Nov. 7
Jonathan Crewell, died Nov. 8
Zenos Clark
Daniel Gilman, died Nov. 17
Issachar Green
Thomas Harvey
William King
Samuel Pettis
William Pomaroy
Joseph Russel
James Stephenson, died with wounds Dec. 6
John Spragen
William Sargeants
Samuel B. Spalding
Morten Thayer
Samuel Tibbets
John Vickery
Alexander Bowen

Roll of the Late Capt. Whitney's Company of Riflemen,
under command of Lieut. A. Hawkins, of the Rifle Regiment,
commanded by Col. Alexander Smythe
from October 31 to December 31, 1811
Pretemon Wright, Sergt
Reuben Newton, Sergt. {sic]
Aaron W. Forbush, Sergt.
James Phillips, Sergt.
Henry Barker, Corporal
Aaron Mellen, Corporal
William Hunter, Corporal
Henry Burchsted, Ensign
Adam Walker, Musician

Ebenezer T. Andrews
Otis Andrews
John Arerin
William Brigham, died in hospital Dec. 4
Stephen Brown
William Brown
Samuel Briggs
Robert Cutter
Jonas Dulton
Reuben Durant
Francis Ellis
Thomas Hair
James Haskell, died at Port [sic] Knox Dec. 2
Ephraim Hall
Samuel Johnson
Silas Kendall
Patrick Norton
Israel Newhall
Frederick Roods
Marcus D. Ramsdill
Elijah B. Ramsdill
Thaddeus B. Russell
William Reed
Francis Reittre
Edward R. Suck
Samuel Thing
Ira T. Trowbridge, killed in action Nov. 7
Nehm. Wetherill
Ezra Wheelock

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