Hedden AKA Snider Cemetery-Location From Shelbyville, Shelby CO. KY.
go south on Kentucky Highway 53 for about 12 1/2 miles to Mt. Eden, KY.
pass through Mt. Eden and go east on 53 for about 1 1/3 miles, turn left into
a farm. The cemetery is in a grove of trees about 200 feet north of the highway.

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NOTE: OSSW = on same stone with

  • 2 Infants, sons of N. H. & J. Brown

  • Nancy Burnett wife of J. C. Burnette
    B. July 19, 1830
    D. June 19, 1871
    Note: d/o James & Sarah Cooper Harrison

  • Andrew Cook
    B. Sept 28, 1799
    D. Jan. 26, 1878

  • Catharine Cook
    B. Feb. 15, 1800
    D. Feb. 24, 1876
    Note: Wife of Andrew Cook

  • Susan E. Cook
    B. June 19, 1845
    D. Oct. 9, 1858
    Note: d/o Jesse Y& Eliabeth H. Terrell Cook
    Granddaughter of Zachariah & Polly Floyd Terrell

  • James H. Harrison, Corporal in the 15th Reg. Ky Vol.
    B. Jan. 12, 1841
    Fell at the Battle of Perryville, Oct. 8, 1862
    Beneath this stone his ashes rest, whose memory fills my aching breast.
    __ ____eeps unconscious of the tear, __ __lls my soul with sorrow here.
    NOTE: His parents were James & Sarah Cooper Harrison

  • Sarah Harrison, wife of James Harrison
    B. Apr. 20, 1808
    D. Sept. 6, 1872
    NOTE: Maiden name Cooper, mother of James H. Harrison

  • Abraham Hedden
    B. Apr. 16, 1793
    D. Feb. 15, 1857
    Note: His father, Jacob Hedden

  • Elisha Hedden husband of Mary Carris Hedden
    B. Mar. 2, 1883
    D. Oct. 10, 1853
    Note: son of Jacob & Mary Ann __ Hedden

  • James Hedden
    B. Mar. 17, 1852
    D. Apr. 21, 1862
    Age 10 yrs, 11 mon, 4 ds.
    Note: son of H. (Henry W.) & M. A. (Mary Ann Harrison) Hedden

  • Nancy Hedden, wife of Abraham Hedden
    B. Dec. 22, 1794
    D. Sept. 16, 1838
    Note: Nancy Floyd Hedden d/o Levi & Nancy "Mary" Boston Floyd

  • Mary Hedden wife of Elisha Hedden
    B. Nov. 30, 1789
    D. Nov. 12, 1852

  • Mary J. daug. of J & A. F. Hedden
    B. Feb. 6, 1850
    D. May 9, 1858
    Aged 8 years, 3 mos, & 3 days
    Note: Her parents were John & Amanda Fay Burnett Hedden

  • Minerva A. Lyon, wife of Daniel Lyon
    B. Feb. 22, 1812
    D. Mar. 25, 1873
    Note: Minerva A. (Ann) was the d/o John & Nancy Anges Greer Harrison.
    Daniel & Minerva Harrison Lyon were the parents of William Austin
    Lyon and grandparents of Axie Lyon.

  • Axie M. Lyon, daug. of W. A. & B. Lyon
    B. Nov. 16, 1873
    D. Nov. 23, 1873
    She was lovely she was fair
    And for a while was given
    An Angel came and claimed his own
    And bore her home to heaven.
    NOTE: Her parents were William Austin & Elizabeth Jane Buckley Lyon.

  • Nancy Rigg, wife of John Rigg
    B. Nov. 13, 1789
    D. Oct. 13, 1862
    Aged 72 years, 11 months
    Note: Her maiden name was Hedden

  • Zachariah Terrell
    B. July 8, 1779
    D. May 4, 1861
    OSSW Polly Terrell

  • Polly Terrell
    B. 1792
    D. July 26, 1848
    OSSW Zachariah Terrell
    NOTE: Zachariah's parents were Henry & Mary Tyler Terrell
    Polly's parents were Levi & Nancy "Mary" Boston Floyd

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