1870 Census
Households Containing Persons of Color
Price District, Pulaski County, KY

Price District: p 316A-328A
enumerated by John M. Barnett, 27 Aug to 3 Sep 1870

Dwel Fam  Surname     Name            Age    S Col  Occupation              Real   Pers   BP    comments
 02   02  Stroud      George           60    M  Bl  Farmer                                KY 
                      Easther          35    F  Bl  Keeping house                         KY
                      George           16    M  Bl  Farm Laborer                          KY
                      Isabel           14    F  Bl  Domestic Work                         KY
                      Jane             12    F  Bl  Domestic Work                         KY
                      Jude             10    F  Bl                                        KY
                      Sylvia           08    F  Bl                                        KY
                      Lewis            06    M  Bl                                        KY
                      Silas            03    M  Bl                                        KY

 73   73  Wiser       James            41    M  W   Farmer                  4000   1800   KY 
                      Mary A.          37    F  W   Keeping house                         KY
                      Lewis C.         16    M  W   Farm Laborer                          KY
                      David            13    M  W   Farm Laborer                          KY
                      Henry            11    M  W                                         KY
                      Martha J.        06    F  W                                         KY
                      Charles C.       03    M  W                                         KY
                      Nannie M.        01    F  W                                         KY
          Weaver      Bell             12    F  Bl  House work                            KY

 83   83  Evans       Dary             66    M  Mu  Farmer                          150   KY
                      Mary             45    F  Mu  Keeping house                         KY
                      Hannah           10    F  Mu                                        KY
                      Frances          09    F  Mu                                        KY
                      Dary             05    M  Mu                                        KY
                      John B.          04    M  Mu                                        KY
                      Nancy            02    F  Mu                                        KY

117  117  Yancy       John C.          69    M  W   Farmer                  1500    900   TN
                      William          21    M  W   Farm Laborer                          KY
118  118  Yancy       Columbus         28    M  Mu  Farmer                          300   KY
                      Elizabeth        18    F  Mu  Keeping house                         KY
                      Mary J.          02    F  Mu                                        KY
                      Cordelia S.     3/12   F  Mu                                        KY   b. Feb [1870]

143  143  Hubble      Clay             33    M  Bl  Farmer                          400   KY
                      Eliza J.         33    F  Bl  Keeping house                         KY
                      John F.          10    M  Bl                                        KY
                      Nancy E.         06    F  Bl                                        KY
                      Charles          05    M  Bl                                        KY
                      Fontain          01    M  Bl                                        KY
          Gastinew    Rhoda            55    F  Bl                                        KY

144  144  Zachary     David            40    M  Mu  Farmer                          400   KY 
                     *Letitia E.       24    F  Mu  Keeping house                         KY
                      Brent            13    M  Mu  Farm Laborer                          KY
                      John P.          10    M  Mu                                        KY
                      George M.        07    M  Mu                                        KY
                      James T.         02    M  Mu                                        KY
                      William G.       01    M  Mu                                        KY
          White      *Lucinda          50    F  Mu  House work                            KY
                     *Susan N.         10    F  Mu                                        KY
          Doolin      Joseph           89    M  Bl                                        VA

146  146  Stigall     Henry            55    M  Bl  Farmer                          400   KY
                     *Matilda          48    F  Mu  Keeping house                         KY
                     *Sarah E.         18    F  Mu  House work                            KY
                     *George K.        16    M  Mu  Farm Laborer                          KY
                     *Mary H.          15    F  Mu  House work                            KY
                     *Francis E.       12    F  Mu                                        KY
                     *Pleasant W.      09    M  Mu                                        KY
                      Amanda V.B.      07    F  Mu                                        KY
                      Thomas F.        04    M  Mu                                        KY
  [*Lucinda & Matilda White (& their children), appear as free blacks in earlier census & tax records.
  The birth records do not list a father for Matilda's children... their surname, when given, is also White.
  Marriage bond: David Zachary to Letitia Ellen White, 13 Feb 1867. We found no marriage record for Matilda.]

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