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File Description Size Date Submitter
Martin.txt Delayed Birth Records  


Mary Hatton
cem001.txt Porter Cemetery, Tomahawk, KY 2.5K 8/16/98 Greg Bowling
cem002.txt Preston Cemetery, Milo, KY 10K 8/16/98 Greg Bowling
cem003.txt Preece Cemetery, Coldwater Creek, Martin Co., KY 1.7K 7/05/99 Linda Preece
cem004.txt Maynard and Collier Cemetery, Beauty, KY (Everette Maynard Hollow) 3.5K 12/30/99 Linda Conley
cem005.txt Crisp Cemetery, Martin Co., KY 1.3K 07/02/00 Rhonda Brown
cem006.txt Carter Cemetery, Beauty, Martin Co., KY 1.4K 03/06/01 Linda Conley
cem007.txt Goble Cemetery, Martin Co., KY 5.5K 03/06/01 Linda Conley
marr0002.txt Marriages 1870, Martin Co., KY 1K 10/25/98 Linda Preece
marr0003.txt Marriages 1871, Martin Co., KY 4K 10/25/98 Linda Preece
marr0001.txt Marriages 1909-1910, Martin Co., KY 14K 9/28/98 Linda Preece
m6250001.txt Wayne Marcum & Mary C. Stafford 2K 04/00/2001 Russell L. Lawrence
s3200001.txt Robert Stacy & Lula Scott 1.3K 08/31/2001 Russell L. Lawrence
d525001.txt Mont Duncan & Sarah Evans 2.8K 03/19/2002 Russell L. Lawrence
v654001.txt Richard Vermillion & Sarah Runyon 1.9K 03/31/2002 Deb Mullins Kirsch
Obituaries & Death Records
c534001.txt Chandler, Hattie Blackburn ~ December 23, 1997 1.7K 7/03/99 Magi Robinson
fluty3620gob.txt Fluty, Ted August 31, 1972 1 K MAR 2007 Drema Colangelo
g200001.txt Gauze, Roland ~ March 11, 1978 1.7K 7/03/99 Magi Robinson
martin4479.txt Martin, Rachel Ellen ~ July 12, 1966   Jan 7, 2015
Raquel Rocio Martin
m600001.txt Moore, Emma Dot ~ October 6, 1998 1.9K 7/03/99 Magi Robinson
pinson3988gob.txt Pinson, Nancy T. April 1945 1 k Jul 2008 Jim Bagaas
p620003.txt Preece, Lindzie ~ April 2, 1997 1.9K 7/03/99 Magi Robinson
s320001.txt Stacy, Lawrence ~ December 22, 1993 1.3K 7/03/99 Russell L. Lawrence
thompson1016gdt.txt Thompson, James W December 5, 1950 2k Apr 2008 Patricia Ling
p620001.txt Preast (Preece), Alexander B., 1873 3.1K 8/7/98 Linda Preece
d452001.txt Delong, Samuel, 1890 5.2K 8/8/98 Linda Preece
g140001.txt Goble, Lucretia 1923 2.5K 8/8/98 Linda Preece
d120001.txt Davis, William, 1918 2.6K 8/8/98 Linda Preece
s540001.txt Small, John, 1923 2.3K 8/8/98 Linda Preece
s326001.txt Setser, William, 1920 4.3K 8/8/98 Linda Preece
d452002.txt Delong Sr., George, 1892 4.0K 10/3/98 Linda Preece
p620002.txt Preece, C.W., 1931 4.0K 10/3/98 Linda Preece
m563001.txt Maynard, Charity, 1936 4.0K 10/18/98 Linda Preece
d452003.txt Delong, John , 1925 2.0K 10/18/98 Linda Preece
s310001.txt Stepp, Moses, 1876 4.0K 10/18/98 Linda Preece
g140002.txt Goble, Elbe, 1921 4.0K 10/18/98 Linda Preece
s326002.txt Setser, Vicy, 1922 4.0K 10/18/98 Linda Preece
w452001.txt Williamson, James, 1893 3.0K 02/20/99 Linda Preece
l223001.txt Lockwood, Ted, 1934 3.0K 02/20/99 Linda Preece
w630001.txt Ward, John C., 1919 3.0K 02/20/99 Linda Preece
d120002.txt Davis, John, 1874 7.0K 02/20/99 Linda Preece
Misc. (Bible records, correspondence, etc...)
d512001.txt Dempsey Family Bible excerpt 6.4K 04/01/03 Dorsey Jude, Jr.


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