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File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By
gbs44helby.txt Shelby, Reginald L. 08-18-2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
gbs150wilson.txt Wilson, Finis A.; February 18, 1837 01-07-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
gbs169withers.txt Withers, Owen B.; September 27, 1827 01-25-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
Kentucky Biographies Project

File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By
b653001 Barnett Cemetery 10-24-1998 Del Gardner
b345001.txt Bethlehem Cemetery 10-24-1998 Del Gardner
delaney.txt Delaney Washington Hall Family Cemetery May 2001 Kathi Carroll
gray.txt Gray Family Plot Cemetery May 2001 Kathi Carroll


Hickory Grove

Photo of Ottie Hall Headstone

01-16-2011 Jerry HallThe Registry
holloway.txt Holloway Cemetery July 2004 Jordan Carroll
Hopewell Cemetery
bigham6054gph.jpg Milton W Bigham tombstone Gary Parrent
bigham6054gph.txt file data 01-07-2012
bigham6055gph.jpg S Z Bigham tombstone Gary Parrent
bigham6055gph.txt file data 01-07-2012
bigham6056gph.jpg Sally T Bigham tombstone Gary Parrent
bigham6056gph.txt file data 01-07-2012
bigham6081gph.jpg James Bigham tombstone Gary Parrent
bigham6081gph.txt file data 01-09-2012
bigham6057gph.jpg Mary W Bigham tombstone Gary Parrent
bigham6057gph.txt file data 01-07-2012
blanks6058gph.jpg Hardyman R Blank tombstone Gary Parrent
blanks6058gph.txt file data 01-07-2012
blanks6059gph.jpg Helen M Blanks tombstone Gary Parrent
blanks6059gph.txt file data 01-07-2012
blanks6060gph.jpg Isourah A Blanks tombstone Gary Parrent
blanks6060gph.txt file data 01-07-2012
blanks6061gph.jpg Martha Jane Blanks tombstone Gary Parrent
blanks6061gph.txt file data 01-07-2012
bush6062gph.jpg Sarah E Bush tombstone Gary Parrent
bush6062gph.txt file data 01-07-2012
davis6063gph.jpg Auda Davis tombstone Gary Parrent
davis6063gph.txt file data 01-07-2012
davis6064gph.jpg Fannie B Davis tombstone Gary Parrent
davis6064gph.txt file data 01-07-2012
davis6082gph.jpg Giles S Davis tombstone Gary Parrent
davis6082gph.txt file data 01-09-2012
davis6066gph.jpg Isibell M Davis tombstone Gary Parrent
davis6066gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
davis6067gph.jpg James H Davis tombstone Gary Parrent
davis6067gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
davis6068gph.jpg John B Davis tombstone Gary Parrent
davis6068gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
davis6069gph.jpg Sophia Davis tombstone Gary Parrent
davis6069gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
dunn6070gph.jpg Andrew Dunn tombstone Gary Parrent
dunn6070gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
dunn6071gph.jpg Margaret Dunn tombstone Gary Parrent
dunn6071gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
dunn6072gph.jpg Peninah F. Dunn tombstone Gary Parrent
dunn6072gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
freeman6073gph.jpg M H Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman6073gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
freeman6074gph.jpg Mary B Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman6074gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
freeman6075gph.jpg Michael Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman6075gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
holloway6076gph.jpg J H & N A Holloway tombstone Gary Parrent
holloway6076gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
holloway6077gph.jpg William H & Mary S Holloway tombstone Gary Parrent
holloway6077gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
parent6078gph.jpg S C & S J Parent tombstone Gary Parrent
parent6078gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
scott6079gph.jpg Jas Scott tombstone Gary Parrent
scott6079gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
sheffiel6080gph.jpg Charlotte Sheffield tombstone Gary Parrent
sheffiel6080gph.txt file data 01-08-2012
leedodds.txt Lee-Dodds Cemetery 10-28-1998 Del Gardner
n240001.txt Nickell Cemetery 05-22-1998 John Bush
n240002.txt Nickell Cemetery (2) 10-24-1998 Del Gardner
paradise.htm Paradise Cemetery April 8, 2008 Gene Scott
p526001.txt Pinnegar Cemetery 10-28-1998 Del Gardner
Saratoga Cemetery
asbridge5634gph.jpg Elizabeth Asbridge tombstone Gary Parrent
asbridge5634gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
asbridge5635gph.jpg Jessie Asbridge tombstone Gary Parrent
asbridge5635gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
ashby6204gph.jpg Ben & Irene Ashby tombstone Gary Parrent
ashby6204gph.txt file data 01-08-2013
barrett5636gph.jpg Margaret AE Barrett tombstone Gary Parrent
barrett5636gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
barrett5637gph.jpg Maxie & Ethel Barrett tombstone Gary Parrent
barrett5637gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
barrowfr5638gph.jpg Clyde Rudolph & Futura Barrow & Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
barrowfr5638gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
beck5639gph.jpg Everett Beck tombstone Gary Parrent
beck5639gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
beck5640gph.jpg Hugh Beck tombstone Gary Parrent
beck5640gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
beck5641gph.jpg Beck, Kate G, tombstone Gary Parrent
beck5641gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
beck5642gph.jpg Beck, Kathleen L, James Eldon tombstone Gary Parrent
beck5642gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
beck5643gph.jpg Lured Beck tombstone Gary Parrent
beck5643gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
beck5644gph.jpg Mammie Beck tombstone Gary Parrent
beck5644gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
beck5645gph.jpg Martha Beck tombstone Gary Parrent
beck5645gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
beck5646gph.jpg Beck, Nancy B Scrughm. William L. tombstone Gary Parrent
beck5646gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
bell5647gph.jpg Bell, Joe & Lou tombstone Gary Parrent
bell5647gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
bell5648gph.jpg Kay Bell tombstone Gary Parrent
bell5648gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
bell5649gph.jpg Bell, Thurman Nellie M tombstone Gary Parrent
bell5649gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
bell5650gph.jpg Thomas Marshall Bell tombstone Gary Parrent
bell5650gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
bigham5651gph.jpg Floyd Bigham tombstone Gary Parrent
bigham5651gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
bobinsky6358gph.jpg Charles John "C J" Bobinsky tombstone Donald Parrent
bobinsky6358gph.txt file data 07-14-2013
bradleyd6357gph.jpg Bradley Dean, Knight tombstone Donald Parrent
bradleyd6357gph.txt file data 07-14-2013
brown5652gph.jpg Brown, Sherrie ;Jessie Don tombstone Gary Parrent
brown5652gph.txt file data 03-29-2011
bruce5653gph.jpg Infant Bruce tombstone Gary Parrent
bruce5653gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
bruce5654gph.jpg Maud Fitts Bruce tombstone Gary Parrent
bruce5654gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
campbell5655gph.jpg Campbell, Gorden Sr; Barbara F tombstone Gary Parrent
campbell5655gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
cash5656gph.jpg Amanda Cash tombstone Gary Parrent
cash5656gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
cash5657gph.jpg Cora Scott Cash tombstone Gary Parrent
cash5657gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
cash5658gph.jpg Cash, Jettie M ; Dennie tombstone Gary Parrent
cash5658gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
cash5659gph.jpg Mattie Arlene Cash tombstone Gary Parrent
cash5659gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
chandler5660gph.jpg Emily E Chandler tombstone Gary Parrent
chandler5660gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
clark5661gph.jpg Clark, Henrietta ; Infant Mary tombstone Gary Parrent
clark5661gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
conley5662gph.jpg Eliza Conley tombstone Gary Parrent
conley5662gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
conley5663gph.jpg James Conley tombstone Gary Parrent
conley5663gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
conley5664gph.jpg Mary Jane Conley tombstone Gary Parrent
conley5664gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
conley5665gph.jpg Conley, Ollie ; Janie tombstone Gary Parrent
conley5665gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
cotton5666gph.jpg Amanda C Cotton tombstone Gary Parrent
cotton5666gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
davis5667gph.jpg Davis, Cecil C ; Jennie E tombstone Gary Parrent
davis5667gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
davis5668gph.jpg Davis, Hadie ; Edith tombstone Gary Parrent
davis5668gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
davis5669gph.jpg James Lan Davis tombstone Gary Parrent
davis5669gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
davis5670gph.jpg J C Davis tombstone Gary Parrent
davis5670gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
davis5671gph.jpg Margaret J Davis tombstone Gary Parrent
davis5671gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
davis5672gph.jpg Pearl Davis tombstone Gary Parrent
davis5672gph.txt file data 03-30-2011
dunn5673gph.jpg Robert H Dunn tombstone Gary Parrent
dunn5673gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
dunning5674gph.jpg Caroline Dunning tombstone Gary Parrent
dunning5674gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
dunning5675gph.jpg Doris Lee Dunning tombstone Gary Parrent
dunning5675gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
dunning5676gph.jpg Iona ; Earl Dunning tombstone Gary Parrent
dunning5676gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
dunning5677gph.jpg Frances E ; Alfred S Dunning tombstone Gary Parrent
dunning5677gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
dunning5678gph.jpg J F Dunning tombstone Gary Parrent
dunning5678gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
dunning5679gph.jpg Milburn C ; Georgia A Dunning tombstone Gary Parrent
dunning5679gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
dunning5680gph.jpg Willie Mae Dunning tombstone Gary Parrent
dunning5680gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
east5681gph.jpg Luther East tombstone Gary Parrent
east5681gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
east5682gph.jpg Nola & Infant East tombstone Gary Parrent
east5682gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
faughn5683gph.jpg Hilda L Faughn tombstone Gary Parrent
faughn5683gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
fitts5684gph.jpg James ; Minnie D Fitts tombstone Gary Parrent
fitts5684gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5685gph.jpg Charles E; Russell; Frederick Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5685gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5686gph.jpg Clyde ; Erma Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5686gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5687gph.jpg Dennie Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5687gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5688gph.jpg Earnest Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5688gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5689gph.jpg Edward Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5689gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5690gph.jpg Ella Mae Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5690gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5691gph.jpg Fred ; Grace Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5691gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5692gph.jpg Lillian Fitts ; George Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5692gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5693gph.jpg Huel D ; Manie E Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5693gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5694gph.jpg Jack ; Nina Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5694gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5695gph.jpg John M Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5695gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5696gph.jpg Lured Glazier Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5696gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5697gph.jpg Luther ; Mary C Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5697gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5698gph.jpg MF (Meddie) Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5698gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5699gph.jpg Paul ; Louise Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5699gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5700gph.jpg Richard T ; Tylene G Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5700gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
freeman5701gph.jpg William Edwin Freeman tombstone Gary Parrent
freeman5701gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
glass5702gph.jpg Duke ; Agnes Glass tombstone Gary Parrent
glass5702gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
glass5703gph.jpg Francis M, ; Ollie O Glass tombstone Gary Parrent
glass5703gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
glass5704gph.jpg Janie ; James M Glass tombstone Gary Parrent
glass5704gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
glass5705gph.jpg Julia ; William T Glass tombstone Gary Parrent
glass5705gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
glass5706gph.jpg Mark Glass tombstone Gary Parrent
glass5706gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
glass5707gph.jpg Markel Glass Mark Glass tombstone Gary Parrent
glass5707gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
glass5708gph.jpg Nannie Glass tombstone Gary Parrent
glass5708gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
glass5709gph.jpg Naomi Y ; Otho B Glass tombstone Gary Parrent
glass5709gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
glass5710gph.jpg Sybil Lee Glass tombstone Gary Parrent
glass5710gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
gray5711gph.jpg Furman E ; Lucille Salyer Gray tombstone Gary Parrent
gray5711gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
gray5712gph.jpg George ; Maude Gray tombstone Gary Parrent
gray5712gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
gray5713gph.jpg Milt; Ellen G Gray tombstone Gary Parrent
gray5713gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
gray5714gph.jpg James U ; Milladean P Gray tombstone Gary Parrent
gray5714gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
gray5715gph.jpg Marganie Gray tombstone Gary Parrent
gray5715gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
gray5716gph.jpg Mary G Gray tombstone Gary Parrent
gray5716gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
gray5717gph.jpg Paulean Gray tombstone Gary Parrent
gray5717gph.txt file data 03-31-2011
smith6359gph.jpg Paxton Dean Smith tombstone Donald Parrent
smith6359gph.txt file data 07-23-2013
s632001.txt Sardis Cemetery 10-24-1998 Del Gardner
s530001.txt Smith Cemetery 10-28-1998 Del Gardner
s350001.txt Soden Cemetery 10-28-1998 Del Gardner
ststephen.txt St. Stephen Catholic Cemetery 10-24-1998 Del Gardner
s350002.txt Stone Cemetery 10-28-1998 Del Gardner
hstone.txt Herbert Stone, Lone Grave May 2001 Kathi Carroll

File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By
1860fblk.txt 1860 Free Blacks 08-02-1997 Clifford
1900 Lyon Co., KY Census~Surnames A-D
~Surnames E-H
~Surnames I-M
~Surnames N-R
~Surnames S-Z
04-02-2000 Scott Byrd
yr188032gcn.txt142 1880 - Partial Census June 23, 2005 Norma Guthrie

Deeds & Other Court Records
File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By
b630001.txt Bird, J.E.; 1898 01-02-1999 Scott Byrd
b630002.txt Byrd, Josephine; 1900 01-08-1999 Scott Byrd
b630003.txt Byrd, Josephine; 1904 01-08-1999 Scott Byrd

File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By
legis.txt Kentucky Assembly Extracts, 1792-1799 07-15-1997 Bettie Kain The Registry
12mar1842.txt Acts of the KY Legislature 03-21-2001 Regina
historic places Lyon County in the National Register of Historic Places
historic district Lyon County's Historic Districts

File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By
1891marr.txt Marriages 1891-1910 03-07-1999 Scott Byrd
russell4mr.txt Milstead/Russell 01-15-2006 Melissa Orange
hearral3mr.txt Milstead/Hearral 01-15-2006 Melissa Orange

File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By
BountyLnd Bounty Land Recipients, Parts 1 - 5 Sandi Gorin The Registry
kyr-204.txt Pioneer Soldiers, 1778 - 1781 Dec 1998 Sandi Gorin The Registry
kypen.txt KY Pension Roll of 1835 09-30-1998 William R. Navey
Civilwar Kentucky in the Civil War Archives
korean.html Korean War Missing Personnel for KY DPMO
vietnam.html Vietnam War Missing Personnel for KY DPMO
koreandeaths.txt Hostile Action In The Korean War October 8, 2004 Darrell Warner
csapension.txt CSA Pensions, 1913 02-25-1997 Brenda Jerome The Registry
c552001.txt Cummins, Noah H. letter to his son, W.H.W. Cummins; 14 Jan 1863 12-23-1999 Jeff & Debbie Atchley The Registry
c552002.txt Cummins, Finis E. letter to father, Noah H. Cummins; 9 Sep 1863 12-23-1999 Jeff & Debbie Atchley The Registry
c552003.txt Cummins, Finis E. letter to father, Noah H. Cummins; 13 Nov 1863 12-23-1999 Jeff & Debbie Atchley The Registry
c552004.txt Cummins, Finis E., letter of release from military prison; 13 Nov 1863 12-23-1999 Jeff & Debbie Atchley The Registry

File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By
coform.html Kentucky County Formations & Courthouse Disasters 02-08-2000 John Picklesimer The Registry
lawyers.txt Kentucky Lawyers in 1859 08-25-2000 Lora Young &
Mary Yoder The Registry
ky.txt KY Postoffices & Postmasters, 1816 11-27-1998 Gwen Hurst
kentucky.html KY Digital Map Library in the USGenWeb Archives
ky_map.htm Kentucky County Formation Maps

File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By
c552005.txt Cummins, Sarah; 1893 12-23-1999 Jeff & Debbie Atchley The Registry
c552006.txt Cummins, Willie B. 12-23-1999 Jeff & Debbie Atchley The Registry
g4250001.txt Gibson, Inez; 2001 09-29-2001 Nancy The Registry
g6000002.txt Gray, Dan M.; 1960 05-12-2002 Ron Goldsmith The Registry
g600001.txt Gray, Elwood; 1960 12-23-1999 Jeff & Debbie Atchley The Registry
l5200001.txt Lynch, Adell Mitchell; 1991 12-23-1999 Jeff & Debbie Atchley The Registry
s230002.txt Scott, Bettie; 1893 06-30-1998 Brenda Jerome The Registry
s230001.txt Scott, James; 1893 06-30-1998 Brenda Jerome The Registry
s350003.txt Stone, William Johnson; 1923 09-30-1998 Brenda Jerome The Registry
t5200001.txt Townes, Mary E.; 1922 12-23-1999 Jeff & Debbie Atchley The Registry
u536001.txt Underwood, Judge 01-04-1999 Susan McShane
w4520001.txt Williamson, Leona; 1991 12-23-1999 Jeff & Debbie Atchley The Registry

Photographs and Scans
File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By
Sylvester Warner Death Certificate Data File November 12, 2007
Darrell Warner
warnersy4624gph.jpg Sylvester Warner Death Certificate November 12, 2007 Darrell Warner

Post Cards
File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By
ktpool.jpg Kuttawa Mineral Springs Swimming Pool, Kuttawa, Kentucky

File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By



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