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Henderson County was formed in 1798 from Christian County

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Miriam, Bernstein March 5, 1895 21 Jan 2006 1k Clifford Karchmer


File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
p4000001.txt Family Bible of Edward Powell & Amanda Pritchett 03-04-2004 Dan Powell

File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
a653001.txt Arnett, Epenetus 07-09-1998 Diana Flynn The Registry
gbs31dixon.txt Dixon, Archibald 08-16-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry 
gbs32dorsey.txt Dorsey, John Lloyd, Jr. 08-16-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry 
gbs178emberton.txt Emberton, John December 3, 1878 - February 14, 1946 02-01-2005
Sandi GorinThe Registry
g152001.txt Gibbens, "Captain" Thomas C. 10-21-1998 Mike MillerThe Registry 
gbs24glass.txt Glass, Robert Terry 08-13-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry 
Glass, Robert Terry  May 1 1835 - September 22 1861
Sandi GorinThe Registry
h455001.txt Holeman, J.T. 07-07-1999 Alex LukenThe Registry 
s340001.txt Steele, Hon. Ollie B. 10-11-1998 Mike MillerThe Registry 
weikel64bs.txt Weikel, Michael July 18, 1875 - March 25, 1927 12-26-2006 Paul J. Weikel

Kentucky Biographies Project


File Name


Date Submitted

Submitted By


dedicato308gms.txt Dedicatory, Preface And Introductory 12-22-2007 Joy Fisher
chapteri309gms.txt Chapter I Early Explorers And Settlers 12-22-2007 Joy Fisher
chapteri310gms.txt Chapter II Aboriginal 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapteri311gms.txt Chapter III Second Colony 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapteri312gms.txt Chapter IV Land Trials 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapteri313gms.txt Chapter V Establishment And Organization Of Henderson County 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapteri314gms.txt Chapter VI The First County Court 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapteri315gms.txt Chapter VII Getting Ready For Work 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapteri316gms.txt Chapter VIII Court Houses 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapteri317gms.txt Chapter IX County Clerk's Offices, Etc. 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx318gms.txt Chapter X County Court Proceedings 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx319gms.txt Chapter XI First Criminal Court 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx320gms.txt Chapter XII Tobacco As A Currency 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx321gms.txt Chapter XIII Establishment Of Ferries 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx322gms.txt Chapter XIV Mistake In The Census 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx323gms.txt Chapter XV The Second Steamboat 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx324gms.txt Chapter XVI County Divided Into Precincts 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx325gms.txt Chapter XVII Milk Sickness 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx326gms.txt Chapter XVIII Slaves Emancipated 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx327gms.txt Chapter XIX New Constitution 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx328gms.txt Chapter XX The War Clouds 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx329gms.txt Chapter XXI Navigation Of The Ohio Placed Under Military Control 12-23-2007 Joy Fisher
chapterx330gms.txt Chapter XXII Colonel Glenn And His Colored Troops 12-24-2007 Joy Fisher

File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
aldcem.txt Alderson Family Cemetery 06-25-1998 Jenny Page
fairmont Fairmont Cemetery   If you submitted these photos, please contact me.
fernwood Fernwood Cemetery   If you submitted these photos, please contact me.
gish.txt Gish Cemetery 11-25-1998 Nancy Jankowski
cashcrk.txt Cash Creek Cemetery 11-25-1998 Nancy Jankowski
pleasval.txt Pleasant Valley Cemetery 01-18-1999 Nancy Jankowski
ridgewood.txt Ridgewood Cemetery 01-30-2001 Leigh Ann Bouch  The Registry
map.jpg Smith Mills Cemetery Map 09-12-2000 Debbie

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
hendky.txt 1850 Census 01-19-2000 Betty Sellers  The Registry
hky60.txt 1860 Census 01-19-2000 Betty Sellers  The Registry
Part 2, 1920 Census
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
01-19-2000 Betty Sellers  The Registry
yr191057gcn.txt Henderson 1910 - Partial Census (McHatton household) 01-13-2008 Douglas D. McHatton

Death Certificates
File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
ballard733gdt.txt Ballard, Minnie Florence Sharp, 1951 11-03-2006 Pat Akers Lacy
day1124gdt.txt Day, Cyrus Mitchell, 1931 --- Susan M. Day
dayiii54ndt.txt Day III, Cyrus Mitchell 11-04-2016 Susan M. Day
d525002.txt Duncan, Adeline, 1911 02-04-1999 Maria Troutman   The Registry
g456001.txt Giilmore, Mary Elizabeth, 1947 05-02-2000 Sue Kirves   The Registry
g432001.txt Goldsmith, William, 1935 07-01-2000 Doug P.
h400001.txt Hall, Isaa, 1914 05-12-2000 Sue Kirves   The Registry
h400002.txt Hall, John W., 1929 05-12-2000 Sue Kirves   The Registry
j2500001.txt Jones, Cynthia, 1913 08-04-2003 Carole Palmer  The Registry
l000001.txt Lee, Bonnie Katherine, 2000 04-19-2000 Nancy Trice   The Registry
powersus4258gph.txt Power, Susan Allen 07-07-2007 Darrell Warner The Registry
s152001.txt Spencer, George W., 1915 05-12-2000 Sue Kirves   The Registry
t400001.txt Talley, Andrew Sherman, 1937 06-20-2001 Bonnie T. Polston   The Registry

Deeds & Other Court Records
File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
b400001.txt Power of Attorney, to Charles Bell, 1805 02-25-2000 Martina Carpenter  The Registry
j520001.txt Power of Attorney, to Richard Lee, 1806 02-24-2000 Martina Carpenter  The Registry
l000001.txt Land Grant, to Richard Lee, 1813 02-24-2000 Martina Carpenter  The Registry

File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
legis.txt Kentucky Assembly Extracts, 1792-1799 07-15-1997 Bettie Kain  The Registry
12mar1842.txt Acts of the KY Legislature 03-21-2001 Regina
cyrusmda386gms.txt Day wins Diamond Button 02-22-2009 Susan M Day
historic places Henderson County in the National Register of Historic Places
historic district Henderson County's Historic Districts

File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
marr.txt McCormick & Phillips Marriages 05-07-2000 Bob McCormick  The Registry
August 8, 1942
11-05-2005 john smithers

File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
Bounty Land Recipients, Parts 1 - 5

Sandi Gorin   The Registry
Pioneer Soldiers, 1778 - 1781
Dec 1998 Sandi Gorin   The Registry
kypen.txt KY Pension Roll of 1835 09-30-1998 William R. Navey
Civilwar Kentucky in the Civil War Archives
WW II, Casualties
Sandi Gorin   The Registry
U.S. Military Personnel who died from hostile action in the Korean War, 1950-1957
including missing and captured
Darrell WarnerThe Registry
korean.html Korean War Missing Personnel for KY DPMO
vietnam.html Vietnam War Missing Personnel for KY DPMO
martin142gmt.txt Martin, John Revolutionary War Pension 11-04-2005 Joy Fisher
allen147gmt.txt ALLEN, Joseph(JOE) October 25, 1939 WWII Enlistment 11-0702005 john smithers
brent3146gmt.txt BRENT, William Dec 30, 1897 Civil War Pension 06-05-2016 Taneya Koonce

File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
coform.html Kentucky County Formations & Courthouse Disasters 02-08-2000 John Picklesimer  The Registry
lawyers.txt Kentucky Lawyers in 1859 08-25-2000 Lora Young &
Mary Yoder   The Registry
ky.txt KY Postoffices & Postmasters, 1816 11-27-1998 Gwen Hurst
kentucky.html KY Digital Map Library in the USGenWeb Archives
ky_map.htm Kentucky County Formation Maps
b632001.txt Burdge, Fred & Carl App. Info 09-12-2000 Ceal Wutka  The Registry

File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
c632001.txt Waverly Critzer, 1926 10-01-1999 Misti
contest.txt Oratorical Contestants, 1926 10-01-1999 Misti
j520001.txt Bud Jones Escapes Asylum, 1926 10-01-1999 Misti
local.txt Local News, 1926 10-01-1999 Misti
travel.txt Travelers Assn. Officers, 1926 10-01-1999 Misti

1905 Henderson County News Excerpts
Betty Sellers  

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
alexande3746gob.txt Alexander, Junius 1918 11-05-2007 Joy Fisher
allen3210gob.txt Allen, George William 1999 11-08-2005 John Smithers
batts7525gob.txt Batts, William 1899 11-11-2017 Peggy Russell
burch7303gob.txt Burch, Joseph Leslie, Sr. 1904 11-02-2017 Peggy Russell
c140001.txt Cabell, W.H., 1926 10-01-1999 Misti
cam6207gob.txt Camp, Alma Davis, 1899 08-16-2017 Peggy Russell
cox7094gob.txt Cox, William M. 1904 10-23-2017 Peggy Russell
cox6921gob.txt Cox, William 1904 10-02-2017 Peggy Russell
day4187gob.txt Day, Cyrus Mitchell 1931 04-06-2009 Susan M Day
day8406gob.txt Day, Norma Eunice Crow 02-06-2018 Susan M Day
elder6633gob.txt Elder, Albert D. 1961 9-24-2017 Peggy Russell
h553001.txt Hammond, Eugenia, 2000  04-19-2000
Nancy Trice   The Registry
h550001.txt Heheman, Vealiti, 2000 04-19-2000 Nancy Trice   The Registry
gob57helm.txt Helm, Jennie, 1896 04-26-2004
Sandi Gorin   The Registry
high8200gob.txt High, Oral 2001 02/03/2018 Sandi Gorin   The Registry
j250001.txt Jackson, Raymond, 2000 04-19-2000
Nancy Trice   The Registry
l000001.txt Lee, Bonnie Katherine, 2000 04-13-2000 Nancy Trice   The Registry
lishen7308gob.txt Lishen, William Wallace 1904 11-02-2017 Peggy Russell
m260001.txt McGraw, William, 2000 04-19-2000 Nancy Trice   The Registry
meahl4477gob.txt Meahl, Jane M. 2001 11-04-2001 Ruth Hezlep The Registry
pate7116gob.txt Pate. Emma E. 1904 10-24-2017 Peggy Russell
riedel7307gob.txt Riedel, Walter E. 1904 11-02-2017 Peggy Russell
r424001.txt Russell, Charles, 2000 04-19-2000 Nancy Trice   The Registry
s350001.txt Sutton, James Tillman, 1926 10-01-1999 Misti
t653001.txt Trent, Nargie, 1943 06-02-2000
Sue Kirves   The Registry
w360001.txt Ward, Andy, 1926 10-01-1999
w3250001.txt Watkins, Barbara, 2003 02-01-2004
Sherri Hall The Registry
y5200001.txt Young, Mrs. Matilda, 1997 07-01-2003
Mary Lou Hudson   The Registry

Henderson County, Kentucky Photograph Index

File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
c652001.txt Crenshaw, Abner, 1834 03-28-1998 Mary W. Glenn  The Registry
c652002.txt Crenshaw, Philadelphia, 1842 03-28-1998 Mary W. Glenn  The Registry
g630001.txt Hart, John, 1821 03-28-1998 Barbara E. Johnson  The Registry
h632001.txt Hardesty, Henry, 1821 03-28-1998 Anna Lee Clark  The Registry
howard363gwl.txt Howard, Cornelius, 1826 05-21-2007 Joseph H. Howard
l200001.txt Leeg, Charles B., 1917 03-28-1998 Nancy Jankowski
l652001.txt Lawrence, Adam, 1800 03-28-1998 Rebecca Hitzman  The Registry
lester114gwl.txt Lester, Benjamin F. September 2, 1867 11-10-2005 Heidi Fackrell
lester113gwl.txt Lester, William A. March 15, 1853 11-10-2005 Heidi Fackrell
gwl68mchatton.txt McHatton, Sr, James H March 27, 1948 01-09-2005 Doug McHatton
o500001.txt Owen, Mary, 1853 03-28-1998 Suzanne Russell  The Registry
s531001.txt Sandefur, Bennett, 1840 03-28-1998 Nancy Jankowski
s531002.txt Sandefur, James, 1804 03-28-1998 Nancy Jankowski
sights422gwl.txt Sights, David D. 3-09-2009 Kim Goetz
w452001.txt Willingham, Thomas, 1819 03-28-1998 Roger O. Willingham  The Registry

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