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These are abstracts I made from the microfilmed Hardin County Deed Books. I'm not very good at reading old handwriting so there are probably errors. I would urge you to consult the originals and NOT use my abstracts for anything more than a pointer to the source records. You will find a few scattered notes to myself here also.

John and Terry Thorp were brothers, son of John Thorp of Granville Co., NC, and nephews of the James Thorp, also listed. These families have good records in Amelia and Charlotte Counties, VA, Granville Co., NC, Breckinridge, Ohio, Daviess, Washington, Caldwell and Lyon Counties, KY.

Hardin Co., KY Deedbook D, p. 280, 13 Sept. 1805. Benjamin 
Ogden and Nancy his wife of Hardin Co., KY sell to Terry Thorp of 
Hardin Co., KY, and James Thorp of Washington Co., KY for $500 300 
acres in Hardin Co. on the waters of Mill Creek, it being part of a 525 
acre survey he (Ogden) bought of Robert Craddock, assignee of 
Dominick Flanagan. /S/ B. Ogden and Nancy Ogden.

Entered 26 April 1808. Nancy examined and agreed.

Hardin Co., KY Deedbook D, p. 292-3, 1 Sept. 1809. This indenture made this first day of September eighteen hundred and nine between John Thorp of the county of Breckinridge and state of Kentucky and Terry Thorp of the county of Hardin and state aforesaid, witnesseth that whereas the said Terry Thorp is justly indebted unto the said John Thorp in the sum of two thousand dollars and being desirous of securing the payment of the same hath this day bargained and sold and by these presents doath bargain and sell unto the said John Thorp and his heirs forever one negro man slave named Daniel thirty three years old, one negro woman named Judy thirty five years old, one negro boy named Bob eighteen years old, also three hundred dollars it being part of a bond against Greenberry Doney [Dorry?] and Charles Doney it being now in suite in Hardin Court also one Bay hors with a bald face and two white spots on each side seven years on Bay hors five years old one sorrel horse with a bald face six one bay mare and colt six years old one gray mare five years old and a colt one bay horse four years old one sorrel roane mare three years old one bay colt two years old also twenty one head of cattle eight head of hogs eight hundred bushels of corn fore feather beads and furniture with all my house and kitching furniture and plantation utensals to have and to hold the aforementioned property with all and singular the (unreadable word) rights profits thereunto belonging unto the said John Thorp But understood by the parties to these presents thai if the aforesaid Terry Thorp shall well and truly pay unto the said John Thorp the sum of two thousand dollars with legal interest the same be paid on or before the first day of April next then the above preasents to be void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of Greenberry Dorry, Azell Dorrey, Geo. Burkheart. /S/ Terry Thorp This is to certify that I left the above mortgage in the hands of Stephen Thorp to forworn all Constables and Sheriffs from taking any part of the above mentioned property mentioned in this mortgage. /S/ John Thorp Teste Sally T. Thorp Hardin County Sct I Benjamin Helm Clerk of the County Court for the county aforesaid Do hereby certify that on the day of the date hereof Terry Thorp personally appeared before me in my office and acknowledged the written mortage to John Thorp as and for his act and deed and that I have truly recorded the same in my office. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 16th day of March 1810 /S/ Benjamin Helm.
Hardin Co., KY Deedbook D, p. 386, 30 May 1810. James Thorp and Lucy Thorp his wife of Washington County, KY and Terry Thorp and Susannah Thorp his wife of Hardin Co., KY sell to Reuben Padgett of Hardin County, KY for $250 150 acres in Hardin Co. on waters of Mill Creek. /S/ James Thorp, Lucy Thorp, Terry Thorp, Lucy Thorp.
Washington Co. Sct. 30 May 1810 James Thorp and Lucy his wife appeared and she relinquished her dower interest.
Hardin Co. Sct. 14 June 1810 Deed presented to Clerk's Office. 10 Dec. 1810, Terry and Susannah appeared and she relinquished her dower interest. Deed entered 10 Dec. 1810.
Hardin Co., KY Deedbook D, p. 388, 10 March 1810. Terry Thorp and Susannah his wife of Hardin and James Thorp and Lucy his wife of Washington Co. sell to Henry Morris of Hardin Co. for $450 150 acres in Hardin Co. on waters of Mill Creek, it being part of a 525 acre tract entered and surveyed in the name of Dominick Flanagan........ /S/ Terry Thorp, Susannah Thorp, James Thorp.
Hardin Co. Sct. 19 March 1810 Terry Thorp appeared. 7 Dec 1810, James Thorp appeared. 10 Dec 1810 Susannah appeared and relinquished her dower interest. [Lucy Thorp is not listed as having appeared. WPO]

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