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c145-001.txt Copeland/Coplen Bible 5k 2-24-1999 M. Schisel
g650-001.txt Green Family Bible 3k 3-8-1999 Joyce T. Watts
h414-001.txt Holifield Bible 4k 2-26-1999 M. Schisel


b4000001.txt William B. Bailey 7k 3-13-2003 Linda A. Harris
reed39nbs.txt Reed, William Murphy 6k 4/25/05 Sandi Gorin
anderson492gbt.txt Anderson, Nancy E, August 5, 1852 3k 3/7/2010 Debbie (Goosinow) Oberst
anderson491gbt.txt Anderson, M.F. September 19, 1852 3k 3/7/2010 Debbie (Goosinow) Oberst


allison.txt Allison Cemetery 3k 5/27/2003 Mary Cunningham
arnett.txt Arnett Cemetery 5k 9-5-99 Lisa Howell
beechgro.txt Beech Grove Cemetery 20k 2/23/2005 Bill Utterback
beaurega.txt Beauregard Cemetery 20k 8/5/2003 Bill Utterback
bethel.txt Bethel Cemetery 8k 9/19/99 Bill Utterback
bethney.txt Bethney Cemetery 5k 9/16/2003 Bill Utterback
boaz.txt Boaz Cemetery 3k 11/17/2002 Bill Utterback
bolton1.txt Bolton Cemetery 15k 10-9-98 Jodie Mackowey
bolton2.txt Bolton graves on
Crowell Home Place
2k 11-15-99 Beth Devine
burkhart.txt Burkhart Cemetery 5k 10/28/02 Claudia Reed
cannonri.txt Cannon Ridge*/Mt. Carmel Cemetery 2k 5-1-2000 (rev. 5/25/03) Lisa & Don Howell
carter.txt Carter's Mill (or Concrete) Cemetery 12k 8-16-2000 Beth Devine
chaphill.txt Chapel Hill Cemetery 13k 12/14/2003 Bill Utterback
colley.txt Colley Family Cemetery 3k 3-18-2001 Ann Wyatt
creason.txt Creason Cemetery 3k 5-1-2000 Lisa & Don Howell
crowell.txt Crowell Cemetery 2k 9-20-98 Beth Devine
cubabapt.txt Cuba Baptist Church Cemetery 6k 12/19/1999 Bill Utterback
dobson.txt Dobson Cemetery 7k 2/16/2004 Bill Utterback
dukedom.txt Dukedom Cemetery 5k 12/29/2002 Bill Utterback
dulaney.txt Dulaney Cemetery 3k 9/26/2002 Jeff Kemp
edwards.txt Edwards Cemetery 2k 8-8-99 Lisa & Don Howell
hollan.txt Hollan (Holland) Cemetery 8k 9-16-99 Lisa & Don Howell
jetton.txt Jetton Cemetery 4k 12/29/2002 Bill Utterback
johnson.txt Johnson Cemetery 4k May 2000
Carol Lyons Gore
Additions by:
Wayne Langston
kirby.txt Kirby Cemetery 2k 9/1/2002 Jan Gibson Frey
lit-boaz.txt Little Boaz Cemetery 9k 11/17/2002 Bill Utterback
lynville207gcm.txt Lynville Baptist Church Cemetery -
Complete Survey
16k 3/07/2010 Debbie (Goosinow) Oberst
macedoni.txt Macedonia Church of Christ Cemetery 17k 4-6-2004 Bill Utterback
martin.txt Martin Cemetery 2k 12/19/1999 Bill Utterback
mcguire.txt McGuire Cemetery 8k 11/16/2003 Bill Utterback
mcneill.txt McNeill Family Cemetery 5k May 2000 Carol Lyons Gore
miller.txt Miller's Chapel Missionary
Baptist Church
4k July 2004 Claudia Reed
mtcarmel.txt Mt. Carmel*/Mahan Family Cemetery 2k 5-1-2000 (rev. 5/25/03) Lisa & Don Howell
mtpisgah.txt Mt. Pisgah Cemetery 20k 9-25-98 Beth Devine
new.txt New Home Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery 2k July 2004 Claudia Reed
newliberty.txt New Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery 26k July 2004 Claudia Reed
oldsand.txt Old Sand Hill Cemetery 7k 9-14-98 Beth Devine
oldwingo.txt Old Wingo Cemetery 4.67k 8-14-99 Gene Scott
owens.txt Owens Cemetery 2k 9-15-98 Beth Devine
pilgrim.txt Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery 6k 11-15-99 Beth Devine
pgrovecem.jpg Pleasant Grove Cemetery 19k 9-7-2000 Carol Brown
pleasant.html Pleasant Hill Cemetery 28k 5-15-2002 Oleen Pollard Sec.
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Association
poyners.txt Poyners Chapel Cemetery 12k 7/3/2000 Bill Utterback
prince.txt Prince Cemetery 2k 4-14-2000 Lisa and Don Howell
pryor.txt Pryor Cemetery 2k 11-16-99 Lisa and Don Howell
riley.txt Riley Cemetery 3k 9-14-98 Beth Devine
spence Spence Chapel Cemetery
3-18-01 Spence Chapel UMC
swanncem86gcm.txt Swann Cemetery 4k 12-7-2006 Kevin Gupton
symsonia.txt Symsonia Cemetery 24k 10-21-98 Beth Devine
trinity.txt Trinity Cemetery 54k 7-31-2001 Julie Campbell &
Susan Galbreath
trinity1.jpg Trinity Cemetery photos -1 10k 7-31-2001 Julie Campbell &
Susan Galbreath
trinity2.jpg Trinity Cemetery photos -2 12k 7-31-2001 Julie Campbell &
Susan Galbreath
trinity3.jpg Trinity Cemetery photos -3 12k 7-31-2001 Julie Campbell &
Susan Galbreath
trinity4.jpg Trinity Cemetery photo -
Raleigh E. Stamper
16k 7-31-2001 Julie Campbell &
Susan Galbreath
trinity5.jpg Trinity Cemetery photo -
Doris E. Elliott
15k 7-31-2001
Julie Campbell &
Susan Galbreath
wadeceme.txt Wade Family Cemetery 3k
2/17/2000 Michael J. Wade
whitt.txt Whitt Cemetery 2k
4/11/2003 Claudia Reed
wingo.txt Wingo Cemetery 33k 5/26/2003 Mary Cunningham
wrightsc220gcm.txt Wright's Chapel Cemetery   8/5/2011 Ryan Morris


1850indx.txt 1850 Census Index
(Donated by S-K Publications)
20k 1-11-01 S-K Publications
pg0363a.txt 1850 Census file 1 of 6 Div. 2 104k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
pg0374b.txt 1850 Census file 2 of 6 Div. 2 104k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
pg0386a.txt 1850 Census file 3 of 6 Div. 2 105k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
pg0397b.txt 1850 Census file 4 of 6 Div. 2 105k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
pg0409a.txt 1850 Census file 5 of 6 Div. 2 106k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
pg0420b.txt 1850 Census file 6 of 6 Div. 2 24k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
pg0423b.txt 1850 Census file 1 of 6 Div. 1 106k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
pg0435b.txt 1850 Census file 2 of 6 Div. 1 102k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
pg0447a.txt 1850 Census file 3 of 6 Div. 1 104k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
pg0458b.txt 1850 Census file 4 of 6 Div. 1 105k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
pg0470a.txt 1850 Census file 5 of 6 Div. 1 104k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
pg0481b.txt 1850 Census file 6 of 6 Div. 1 62k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
notes.txt 1850 Census transcribers notes 2k 3-5-01 Edie Dees
1850372a.gif 1850 Graves Co. Census
page 372a (image)
45k 11-25-99 Don Howell
0000read.htm 1860 Graves Co. Census
(images) from CD
2k 5-22-2000 Melanie B. Bay &
S-K Publications
barton.txt Barton Family - 1850-1860 8k 7-13-99 Wayne M. Sampson



Langley, Ida M August 3, 1934
8k 1/27/2011 Tracy Nicholas


Carman, Charley  April 3, 1899
8k 11/12/2017 Peggy Russell


gph34nicholso.jpg Nicholson J.G. to W.R. -
Deed of land sale
122.6 Kb 6/13/2004 Carol Brown
pipkin01.txt Pipkin Enos - Land Deed (1847) 3k 10/15/04 Guy Potts
prierpry485gdd.txt Prier (Pryor), Jonathan, Heirs Of Richard November 29, 1811 6k 5/6/10 Beverly Watson
w230-001.txt West Land Deeds (1834-1911) 44k 3/26/99 Benjamin M. West
wingo446gwl.txt Wingo, Heirs Of Mary Frances (Clapp)
February 22, 1886
5k 5/6/10 Beverly Watson



The Mayfield Hospital November 29, 1932 2k 7/12/2012 Ann Jones


bal-hayd.jpg Robert E. Ballard - Mary Emma Hayden certificate Sept. 7, 1857 304k 2-1-2000 Don Howell
1889marr.jpg Graves Co. Marriage book No. 1,
Page 87 - (1889)
280k 9-11-99 Don Howell
gibs-edw.jpg Johnson Gibson - Rebecca Edwards
certificate Apr. 3, 1820
252k 9-14-99 Don Howell


r320-001.txt Service of Benjamin Rhodes - 1832 3k Mar 1999 Sloan S. Mason
howard3133gmt.txt Civil War - Enlistment Company H., 7th Regiment Infantry, Kentucky Volunteers, Joseph Howard 5k 1/29/2011 Henry Howard
gmt26wwiicasu.txt World War II Casualty List -
Army & Army Air Corps
3k 9/13/04 Sandi Gorin


east-squ.jpg Photo Eastside of Mayfield
Court Square about 1957
100k 12-11-2003 Jean Ann McCormack
south-ea.jpg Photo Southeast Corner of Mayfield downtown about 1957 114k 12-11-2003 Jean Ann McCormack
south-sq.jpg Photo 1957 Mayfield, KY
Southside of Court Square
106k 12-11-2003 Jean Ann McCormack
south-we.jpg Photo J.C. Penney
Southwest Corner of
Mayfield Court Square
96k 12-11-2003 Jean Ann McCormack
west-squ.jpg Photo Westside of Mayfield
Court Square about 1957
100k 12-11-2003 Jean Ann McCormack
s4150001.txt Note from Grandaddy Sullivan's Ledger 4k 1-2-2000 Terry Smith
Photo Serena Tucker (Sanderson)
and family
Carol Brown
Photo Serena Tucker (Sanderson)
and family (names)
Carol Brown
Photo Tombstone -
Henson, Hallie Homer 
112k FEB 2007 Kathleen Jenson
Photo Tombstone -
Henson, Ola D [Olive] 
149k FEB 2007 Kathleen Jenson
Photo Tombstone -
Henson, Chester Scot 
104k FEB 2007 Kathleen Jenson
Photo Tombstone -
Henson, John Paul
183k FEB 2007 Kathleen Jenson
Photo Tombstone - Horney Tombstone -
Eliza Jane Hayse
123k FEB 2007 Kathleen Jenson


c4360001.txt Coulter, Harry A. Mayfield Messenger Wednesday evening, October 30, 1901 2k 2-1-2001 The Howells
cycl1917.txt Cyclone of 1917
The Daily Messenger May 28, 1917
17k 9-21-2003 The Howells
d6520001.txt Derrington, George W. Mayfield Messenger Wednesday evening, October 30, 1901 2k 2-1-2001 The Howells
g6260001.txt Gregory, Voris Mayfield Messenger Wednesday evening, October 30, 1901 2k 2-1-2001 The Howells
w1000001.txt Webb, James T. Mayfield Messenger Wednesday evening, October 30, 1901 2k 2-1-2001 The Howells
workofye520gnw.txt Work of Years Destroyed (Mr. Tim Reeves) December 30, 1905 2k 3-21-2011 Beverly Watson


pogue8926gob.txt Pogue, Wilburn March 25, 2005 1.8k 10/15/2018 Sandi Gorin
j5250001.txt Johnson, Talathia Frances Bridges Wills Point Chronicle, February 26, 1931 2k
8/7/2003 Daymon Gililland
pogue2685gob.txt Pogue, Wilburn Glasgow (KY) Daily Times, Sunday, 27 Mar 2005 2k
4/3/2005 Sandi Gorin
collier3895gob.txt COLLIER, HAYWOOD, apprentice seaman, United States Naval Reserve Force.   1/26/2008 Joy Fisher
simonsat3706gob.txt Mrs. G W Aton, 83 years old, who died
Lowes, Graves County, Ky., July 2
  2/1/2008 April Bobbish
pollard4372gob.txt Pollard, Hester Oleen Johnson
October 18, 2009
  3/31/2011 Lurinda Tate
wilhelm4371gob.txt Wilhelm, Ellen Beadles
April 4, 1908
  3/23/2011 Linda Weatherford
bains4370gob.txt Bains, Mary A. Beadles
May 4, 1908
  3/23/2011 Linda Weatherford


97q001.html Queries: Jan-Apr 1997 43k 5-13-97 Bill Utterback


galloway Galloway school (1916 or 1917) photo 77k 7-21-2001 Tom Galloway
galloway.txt Galloway school (1916 or 1917)
photo names
2k 7-21-2001 Tom Galloway
loweshig5362gph.txt Lowes High School Graduating Class 1935
Photograph (click here)
  5-28-2009 Cecelia Edwards
oakhill Oak Hill school (1916) photo 66k 6-26-2001 Sharon Ratica
oakhill.txt Oak Hill school 1916 photo names 2k 6-26-2001 Sharon Ratica
symsonia Symsonia school (~1910?) photo 85k 1-31-2000 Sylvia Wallace
symsonia.txt Symsonia school (~1910?) photo names 2k 1-31-2000 Sylvia Wallace
wingo-34 Wingo School senior class 1934 photo 90k 3-15-2003 Cynthia Fulcher
wingo-34.txt Wingo School senior class 1934 2k 3-2-2003 Cynthia Fulcher


allen1232gdt.txt Allen, Fannie August 10, 1915 2k 3/7/2010 Debbie (Goosinow) Oberst
carter202gdt.txt James Martin Carter death certificate 2.0k 4/21/2005 Linda Overby-Hedge
b6300001.txt Emily Georgia Byrd death certificate 1k 1-31-2000 Ruth A. Anderson
c4100001.jpg Able Clapp death certificate 285k 8-6-99 Don Howell
c4100002.jpg Clara Clapp death certificate 260k 8-6-99 Don Howell
clapp311gdt.txt Charles B. Clapp death certificate 2k 10/21/2005 Lida Clapp
clapp310gdt.txt Irene G. Clapp death certificate 2k 10/21/2005 Lida Clapp
flack260gdt.txt J. Elbert Flack death certificate 3k 7/4/2005 Roger Mattingly
g1250001.jpg Albert Lucian Gibson death certificate 240k 8-6-99 Don Howell
g1250002.jpg Albert Ruffas Gibson death certificate 237k 8-6-99 Don Howell
g1250003.jpg Young A. Gibson death certificate 150k 8-17-99 Don Howell
g1250004.jpg Sarah E. Gibson death certificate 113k 9-4-99 Don Howell
gibson32gbt.txt Irene G. Gibson birth certificate 2k 10/21/2005 Lida Clapp
h2600001.jpg Ed Hooker death certificate 130k 8/21/05 Lou Keller
h2600002.jpg Lutilla Hooker death certificate 233k 8/21/05 Lou Keller
m1500001.jpg Daisy Maupin death certificate 230k 8-10-99 Don Howell
m2600001.jpg Lucy P. McGuire death certificate 104k 9-4-99 Don Howell
r3000001.jpg Finis Reed death certificate 169k 11-8-99 Don Howell
r3000002.jpg Frances Ardecca (Howell) Reed
death certificate
200k 11-8-99 Don Howell
gph48tuckerse.jpg Serena Tucker death certificate 128.4K 8/22/04 Carol Brown
gph40tuckerwi.jpg William Tucker death certificate 125K 6/14/2004 Carol Brown

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