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Formed in 1820 from Pendleton County

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Grant County 
Grant Co. sign.Williamstown courthouse. 
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Bracken Boone Campbell Gallatin Harrison Kenton Owen Pendleton


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File  Description Size Date Submitter


nbb2ttthomps.txt THOMPSON, T.T.& 
HAMM, Stella Mae  copyright 1900
2.k 06/04/2004 JoAnn McDonald  


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*KY Biographies project - Grant Co. A-Z by surname
c3200001.txt COATES, Mayme, 1974, 
died in Pendleton Co
1.2k 01/20/1999 Beulah Franks
f6520001.txt FRANKS, Nannie, 1945, 
died in Kenton Co 
1.3k  01/11/1999 Beulah Franks
ff652001 FRANKS, Newt, 1937, 
died in Jefferson Co 
1k 01/15/1999 Beulah Franks
hendersn.txt ROUSE/HENDERSON Cemetery 2.9k 03/09/1999 Robert Weis, Sr.
kannady.txt KANNADY/KENNEDY Cemetery 3.9k 03/09/1999 Robert Weis, Sr.
lebanon.txt Lebanon Presbyterian Church Cemetery 18.7k 02/10/2000 Robert Weis, Sr.
cens1820.txt 1820 Census Index 10.0k 06/01/1998 James R. Baker, Jr.
1850indx.txt 1850 US Census Index 12.4k 02/17/2000 John Schunk, SK Publications
1870 Census Folder 1870 Grant Co. KY Census Transcription * 02/03/2003 Debra A. Rigdon  
& Priscilla Warren
b6350001.txt 1880 Census: Breden  1.42k 12/30/1999 Phyllis Hill
1880 Census Folder 1880 Grant Co. KY Census Transcription  * 04/04/2003 Debra Rigdon
ed086p01-Hendrix.txt 1880 census - correction - Hendrix, William H. family 1.k 02/09/2006 Eva Buchanan
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gdd24mcginnis Walden, Atterson - McGinnis, Et Al 7kb 09/27/2004 Linda Deppner
lawyers.txt Kentucky Lawyers in 1859, all Counties 28k  09/01/2000 Lora Young 
Mary Yoder
a2610001.txt ASHCRAFT-KING, 1876 3.1k 06/20/1998 Jeffrey Ashcraft
varmarr.txt Selected Marriages, 1876 - 1882 3.0k 12/21/1998 Phyllis Hill
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27Oct-17Nov1888.txt EDWARDS, Mr. Thomas 
Harrison Co. Courier - October27-November17 - 1888
* 04/25/2004 Sherri Hall
f6520002.txt FRANKS, Dave T 8.5k 05/20/1997 Beulah Franks
f6520003.txt FRANKS, W. C. 2.7k 05/20/1997 Beulah Franks
HorneDavid.Ray.2002.txt HORNE, David Ray 
Surname H - Danville Advocate
* 10/19/2003 Sherri Hall
p6200001.txt PRICE & COLLINGSWORTH 3.1k 11/29/1997 Jennifer E. Black
8Sep-22Sep1888.txt TERRY, Miss Mollie 
Harrison Co. Courier - September 8- September 22 - 1888
* 04/25/2004 Sherri Hall
b6500001.txt BROWN, Sarah E. FRANKS 1.8k 07/23/1997 Dana B Brown
gob1022burton.txt BURTON, Billy Eugene 857 bytes 07/10/2004 Neal Byrge
gob737conrad.txt CONRAD, Tanya Taylor 879 bytes 06/04/2004 Neal Byrge
f6520001.txt FRANKS, Martha A. (JUMP), 1899 3.0k 07/23/1997 Dana B Brown
f6520004.txt FRANKS, Ora Butler, 1934 2.6k 08/05/1997 Beulah Franks
gob1023hamm.txt HAMM, Ruth Ann (wife of Delbert) 756 bytes 07/10/2004 Neal Byrge
gob1774home.txt HORN, David Ray 1k 10/08/2004 Sherri Hall
gob738miller.txt MILLER, Edna Mae 779 bytes 06/04/2004 Neal Byrge
nix3809gob.txt Nix, Charles March 1941 1k Nov 2007 Carolyn Hale
p5320001.txt POINTS, Daniel, 1905 1.2k 06/21/1997 Beulah Franks
gob1144goodin.txt (file says GOODWIN. James "Bow" 
but, obit is for) 
SCHULTE, Robert M.
07/25/2004 Neal Byrge
w1230001.txt WEBSTER, Isaac H. 1.6k 08/12/1998 Sue P. Carpenter
b2600001.txt BAKER, William J., 1833 2.1k 12/29/1997 James R. Baker, 
nwjohnson.txt JOHNSON, Horatio, 3-31-1835 5.kb 01/26/2005 Margaret H. Kannensohn
l5630002.txt LEONARD, Michael, 1838 3.7k 06/21/1998 Beulah Franks
m2000001.txt MCCOY, Urial, 1874 2.75k 06/21/1998 Beulah Franks
w4250001.txt WILSON, Hiram, 1864 3.63k 11/11/2000 Sue P. Carpenter
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