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File NameDescriptionDate SubmittedSubmitted By
gbs28deboe.txt Deboe, William Joseph; 1849-1927 08-16-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs204wilson.txt Wilson, R.W; December 29, 1829 02-17-2005 Sandi GorinThe Registry

Ky Biographies Project

b620001.txt Baker Church Cemetery 06-12-1998 Melissa Shreve-OwenThe Registry
b620002.txt Baker Church Cemetery Part II 06-12-1998 Melissa Shreve-OwenThe Registry
brantley.txt Brantley Cemetery 10-16-1998 Brenda Underdown The Registry
brasher.txt Brasher-Eberle 10-16-1998 Doyle Polk &
Dot Brasher Kunnecke The Registry
cruce.txt Cruce Family Cemetery 09-25-1998 Don Hodge
hood.html Hood Cemetery Various E. Glen Leslie &
Brenda Underdown The Registry
mapleview.txt Mapleview Cemetery 02-03-2001 Vicki Cocker The Registry
oliver.html John W. Oliver Cemetery Various Brenda Underdown The Registry
Pleasant Hill.html Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, JAMES family 08-15-2003 Ernest W James The Registry
Rosebud.html Rosebud Cemetery Partial - W/Photos 05-11-2001 Maria Troutman The Registry
weston.txt Weston Cemetery 07-05-1997 Brenda JeromeThe Registry
underdown.txt Underdown Cemetery 07-12-2002 Brenda UnderdownThe Registry

Tombstone Transcription Project, KY

indexa-j.txt Index for 1850 Census A-J
Margaret Dianne ByersThe Registry
Index for 1850 Census K-Z
02-18-2001 Margaret Dianne ByersThe Registry
pg0211b.txt 1850 Census  211b-222a
02-18-2001 Margaret Dianne ByersThe Registry
pg0222b.txt 1850 Census  222b-233a
02-18-2001 Margaret Dianne ByersThe Registry
pg0233b.txt 1850 Census  223b-244a
02-18-2001 Margaret Dianne ByersThe Registry
pg0244b.txt 1850 Census  244b-255b
02-18-2001 Margaret Dianne ByersThe Registry
1850 Census  256a-266b
02-18-2001 Margaret Dianne ByersThe Registry
1850 Census  267a-278a
02-18-2001 Margaret Dianne ByersThe Registry

CensusTranscription Project

Early Churches (pre 1900)  02-22-1997  Brenda JeromeThe Registry

lawyers.txt Kentucky Lawyers in 1859 all Counties 09-01-2000 Lora Young
Mary Yoder The Registry

Death Certificates
gdt100binkley.txt Binkley, Amanda Rebecca; January 18, 1924 11-10-2004 Charles Binkley
gdt101binkley.txt Binkley, David Josh; January 18, 1933 11-10-2004
Charles Binkley
day1124gdt.txt Day, Cyrus Mitchell; 1931 --- Susan M. Day
kydeath.txt Various Deaths for Western Ky, 1829-1948 03-14-2000
Brenda JeromeThe Registry

cyrusmda386gms.txt Cyrus M. Day Wins Diamond Button
September 1926
02-22-2009 Susan M Day

l313001.txt Ledbetter, Robert H. 01-01-2001 Mary HudsonThe Registry
Confederate Pension Applications 02-22-1997 Brenda JeromeThe Registry
gmt53wwii.txt WW II, Casualty List 09-20-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
TIP#433.txt U S Army & Army Air Corps
Casualities WW II Crittenden Co., KY
03-20-2003 Sandi GorinThe Registry
U.S. Military Personnel who died from
hostile action in the Korean War, 1950-1957
including missing and captured
01-12-2005 Darrell WarnerThe Registry
korean Korean War - Unaccounted for Ky 03-12-2001 DPMO
vietnam Vietnam War - Unaccounted for Ky 03-12-2001 DPMO
  Pensions Transcription Project    

kycoform.html Kentucky County Formations 1780-1912 02-08-2000 John W. PicklesimerThe Registry

trousers.txt Trousers 05-30-1998 Brenda JeromeThe Registry
grandjury.txt Grand Jury 05-31-1998 Brenda JeromeThe Registry
f652001.txt Gun quarrel, Franks & Sanders 05-20-1997 Beulah FranksThe Registry
mauldins509gnw.txt MAULDIN'S 45th BUDDIES AMONG FIRST INTO REICH 02-26-2010 Mike Poole


Crittenden County, Kentucky Obituary Index

Photos & Scans
mayes22ph.txt Mayes, Elbert L. & Dorothy V., Tombstone Data File 11-13-2005 Larry Mayes
mayes22ph.jpg Mayes, Elbert L. & Dorothy V., Tombstone Photo 11-13-2005 Larry Mayes

g250001.txt Martin Gahagan to Amelia Sabin, 1900 07-31-1997 Brenda JeromeThe Registry
h535001.txt S. R. (Rich) Hinton to Ann Mary Carter, 1926 05-30-1998 Brenda JeromeThe Registry
powell170gmr.txt POWELL, Dorthy Louise - ALLEN, Joseph (Joe)
August 8, 1942
11-05-2005 John Smithers
r200001.txt Geo. Riggs to Mrs. Traylor, 1891 07-31-1997 Brenda JeromeThe Registry
t300001.txt Dr. J. N. Todd to Nellie Lowery, 1899 05-30-1998 Brenda JeromeThe Registry
d120001.txt Charles Davis to Clara Taylor, 1902 06-12-1998 Brenda JeromeThe Registry

jmarvel.txt Marvel, John R. 1845 01-26-2005 Shari Marvel
g2l33miles.txt Miles, Richard; 1803 08-24-2004 Ed Tatu
w425001.txt Wilson, John; 1849 05-06-1997 Brenda JeromeThe Registry


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