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Carlisle County was formed in 1886 from Ballard & Graves Counties.
The county seat is Bardwell, KY

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County Delayed Birth Records
Unknown County Delayed Birth Records
Statewide Delayed Birth Records
elkins24gbt.txt Elkins, Pocahontas Omega 6/13/2005 Linda Miracle
redlette268gbb.txt Bible of Alice Bell Curtis Williams Morris Jan 2008 Raymond Combs
bishop.txt Bishop Cemetery 4-2-2000 Don & Lisa Howell
denton.txt Denton Cemetery 8-31-2001 Don & Lisa Howell
mart-zoo Martinie-Zook Cemetery 8-17-1999 Don & Lisa Howell
milburn.txt Milburn Methodist Church Cemetery 4-14-2000 Don & Lisa Howell
shiloh.txt Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery 9-18-1999 Don & Lisa Howell

1910 census 1910 Census 2/17/2002 Suzy Martin

Deaths & Obits
b210-001.jpg Bishop, Ninnie Unsell, 1959, Obituary 7/25/1999 Don & Lisa Howell
james_t_hooker.jpg Hooker, James T. 1933, Death Certificate 8/22/05 Charlotte Anne Miller
h6500001.txt Horn, Mrs., 1918, Obituary 2/18/2001
j250-001.jpg Jackson, Jerry S., 1959, Obituary 7/25/1999 Don & Lisa Howell
gdt47james.txt James, Thomas Milton, 1942, Death Certificate 6/18/2004 Mel Thomas
johnson3304gob.txt Johnson, George May 23, 1942 3/22/2006 Brenda Janes
m2630001.jpg Magruder, Elizabeth, 1928, Death Certificate 2/22/2000 Don & Lisa Howell

legis.txt Kentucky Assembly Extracts, 1792-1799 7/15/1997 Bettie Kain
12mar1842.txt Acts of the KY Legislature 3/21/2001 Regina
historic places Carlisle County in the National Register of Historic Places
historic district Carlisle County's Historic Districts
1873_cholera Narrative of the 1873 Cholera Epidemic in Kentucky

s4160001.jpg Mollie Shelbourne to Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Pebles letter, Feb 27, 1882, pg.1 9/11/1999 Don & Lisa Howell
s4160002.jpg Mollie Shelbourne to Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Pebles letter, Feb 27, 1882, pg.2 9/11/1999 Don & Lisa Howell
s4160003.jpg Mollie Shelbourne to Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Pebles letter, Feb 27, 1882, pg.3 9/11/1999 Don & Lisa Howell
s4160004.jpg Mollie Shelbourne to Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Pebles letter, Feb 27, 1882, pg.4 9/11/1999 Don & Lisa Howell
s4160005.jpg Mollie Shelbourne to Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Pebles letter, Feb 27, 1882, pg.5 9/11/1999 Don & Lisa Howell

uss-bosque.txt Personnel Roster of the USS Bosque, WWII Cargo Ship
Civilwar Kentucky in the Civil War Archives
BountyLnd Bounty Land Recipients, Parts 1 - 5 various Sandi Gorin
kyr-204.txt Pioneer Soldiers, 1778 - 1781 12/1998 Sandi Gorin
kypen.txt KY Pension Roll of 1835 9/30/1998 William R. Navey
13kycav.txt 13th KY Calvary, Roster of Soldiers 4/10/2003 Michelle Bowles
koreandeaths.txt Korean War Deaths 10/8/2004 Darrell Warner
gmt45wwii.txt World War II Casualty List, Carlisle Co. 9/20/2004 Sandi Gorin
wwi Fallen KY Soldiers in WWI Annette Peebles
korean.html Korean War Missing Personnel for KY DPMO
vietnam.html Vietnam War Missing Personnel for KY DPMO

coform.html Kentucky County Formations & Courthouse Disasters 2/8/2000 John Picklesimer
lawyers.txt Kentucky Lawyers in 1859 8/25/2000 Lora Young &
Mary Yoder
ky.txt KY Postoffices & Postmasters, 1816 11/27/1998 Gwen Hurst
s4150001.txt Note from Grandaddy Sullivan's Ledger 1/2/2000 Terry Smith
peeb-sen.jpg Peebles-Senter receipt, 23 Dec 1874 8/6/1999 Don & Lisa Howell
kentucky.html KY Digital Map Library in the USGenWeb Archives
ky_map.htm Kentucky County Formation Maps
travelers.html Phelps' Travelers Guide Through the United States, Published in 1850

1912.txt The Carlisle County News, 1912 8/12/2002 Suzy Martin
l500-001.txt Accidental Shooting of Ben Loney, 1901 --- Carol Moody
milburn.txt Milburn News, Aug 1912 8/6/2002 Suzy Martin
suicide.txt Murder or Suicide?, The Carlisle County News, 1934 8/17/2002 Suzy Martin
p200-001.txt Ben J. & Minnie Pease, 60th Wedding Anniversary, 1952 8/12/2002 Don & Lisa Howell

s4230001.jpg Mary, Tommy, Jewell & Ethel Slaughter, 1913 7/30/2002 Jo Vail
s4230002.jpg Mrs. Jewell Slaughter and grandson Jewell Wesley Slaughter, Jr. 1913 7/30/2002 Jo Vail

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