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This County was formed in 1796 from Jefferson and Nelson Counties.
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The Cemetery Records are maintained on a separate web page.
Court Records
The Bullitt County Court Records are maintained on a separate page.
The death and obit Records are maintained on a separate web page.
The deed Records are maintained on a separate web page.
Family Group Sheets
The FGS Records are maintained on a separate web page.
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File Description Size Date Submitter


b550001.txt Bowman / Tilford Family Bible 4.06k May 00 Jan W.
b650001.txt Bryan Family Bible 8.51k 7/29/99 Cindy Walker
e410001.txt Ellaby Masonic Bible 2.12k 1/6/2000
f652001.txt French Family Bible 2.42k 7/30/2000 Terri Claggett
g432001.txt Nelson Goldsmith Bible Records 4.12k 6/12/00 Doug P.
h635001.txt Hardin Bible Records 2.43k 8/25/00 Mary Yoder
h314002.txt Hatfield Bible Records 1.19k 5/04/03 Bob
m635001.txt Mary Frances Grant Martin Bible Records 3.79k 9/20/00 Donna Miller
p620001.txt Parrish Bible Records 2.17k 9/07/00 Brenda Woods & Pat Settle
s315001.txt Stephens, Heathman, Landers 4.3k 10/13/97 Paulina Thorne
l300001.txt John Lloyd Family Bible 1.46k 1/23/2000
o164001.txt John Overall Family Bible 2.05k 1/4/2000
o500001.txt Felix Owen Family Bible 3.30k 8/18/2001 Pat Settle
r635001.txt Jefferson Ross Rairdon Family Bible 3.72k 1/23/2000
s345001.txt Thomas Stallings Family Bible 2.43k 8/23/2000
t635003.txt Hiram Troutman - 1808 3.4k 4/18/97 Maria Troutman
t654001.txt Bible Records for Trunnell Servants (births) 1.69k 9/21/00 Patricia Payne
t654001.txt Henry & Mary J.Trunnell Bible Records 2.04k 9/21/00 Patricia Payne
w460001.txt Weller Family Bible Records Bible 2.60k 9/18/00
w460002.txt Weller Family Bible Records 3.52k 9/18/00
w231001.txt Westfall-McAhron Bible; John Westfall, 1772-1844 6.4k 5/23/98
w253001.txt Roger Wigginton Bible Records 3.25k 8/16/01 Pat Settle
jamesand277gbb.txt James and Anna Margret Kaulfus Mchatton --- Mar 2009 David Williams
Delayed Birth Records for Bullitt County
Delayed Birth Records for Kentucky
birth1852.txt Misc Bullitt County Births, (partial listing), 1852/53 3.53k 09/01/00 Anne Livingston
misc2.txt Misc Bullitt County Births, (partial listing), 1852- 1910 2.57k 03/22/02 Cyndi
c200001.txt Nola Cook, b. 1913 1.10k 7/27/99 Brenda Woods
c552001.txt Beulah Viola Cunningham, b. 1928 1.17k 9/15/01 Barbara
e410001.txt Martha Kay Ellaby 1.0k 11/16/00 Pat Settle
h314001.txt Birth Record: Marie E. Hatfield, b. 1890 1.08k 8/17/00 Brenda Woods
h520001.txt Birth Record: James Leslie Hines, 1913 1.6k 6/15/98
k300001.txt Lloyd Stephen Keith, b. 1912 1.60k 9/30/99
s000001.txt Gilbert Lee Shaw, b. 1911 1.07k 7/27/99 Brenda Woods
t635001.txt Births by mother's maiden name (Troutman) 12.9k 12/23/00 Pat Settle
t635002.txt Troutman, births by child's last name 10.47k 12/23/00 Pat Settle
misc.txt Harris/Nutt/McAfee/Troutman/Bleemel births 1.42k 6/18/00 Marabeth P.
Church Records
bethel1926.txt 1926 Bethel Church W.M.C. Program 1.49k 10/21/00 Donna Hall
shakers.txt Society of Believers, Pleasant Hill, Mercer Co., KY
(listing of folks from Bullitt Co)
4.93k 9/09/00 Anne Livingston
ministers.txt Men who performed marriages in Bullitt County 3.30k 7/5/00 Annette R.
Census Records

1850 Census - HOUSEHOLDS: 1-280 / 281-499 / 500-970

1850 Census INDEX for Bullitt County - provided by S-K Publications
1820  Bullitt County - Shepherdsville / Paris / Mt. Vernon 56k Oct 04 Mary Yoder
1870 Bullitt County - Leaches Pct 48k Oct 04 Mary Yoder
1870 Bullitt County - Mt. Washington Pct 58k Oct 04 Mary Yoder
1870 Bullitt County - Pine Tavern Pct 83k Oct 04 Mary Yoder
1870 Bullitt County - Pitts Point Pct 5k Oct 04 Mary Yoder
1870 Bullitt County - Shepherdsville District 117k Oct 04 Mary Yoder
1870 Bullitt County - Shepherdsville Precinct 12k Oct 04 Mary Yoder
censinfo.txt Information found on the Census 1810 - 1840 3.58k 4/6/00 Brenda Woods
pg533.txt 1850 Agricultural Census (pg. 533) 20.1k 4/14/02 Cyndi Howell
1860ag.txt 1860 Agricultural Census (partial) 1.88k 2/17/02 Cyndi Howell
religion1916.txt 1916 Religious Census 1.79k 9/25/00 Donna Hall
c240001.txt Caswell listings in 1860 Census 2.95k 8/3/00  KyBullitt Mail List
t540003.txt Tinnell & Vaughin, 1860 Census listing 1.73k 4/4/00 Nancy Lloyd
t540001.txt Hail Tinnell, 1920 Census listing 1.51k 4/2/00 Nancy Lloyd
t540002.txt George Tindle, 1900 Census listing 1.63k 4/1/00 Nancy Lloyd
g432001.txt Goldsmith Family of Bullitt County 24.2k 9/30/99
g432009.txt Nelson Sr. & Nancy Davis Goldsmith 3.39k 10/06/00 Linda
l000001.txt Philip Lightfoot Lee 6.62k 10/05/00 Brenda Woods
l300001.txt Lloyd Family Reunion 2.25k 01/31/01 Melody
l320002.txt Lutes Family Info 9.16k 9/09/00
l320001.txt Lutes/Lutz Family Info 3.11k 9/09/00 Anne Livingston
k300006.txt Keith Family of Bullitt County 8.77k 10/31/99
jpearl.txt James Pearl decendants 85.1k 9/26/04 Roy Booker
abrahamc194gms.txt Letters .....Abraham Crigler 1k 3-09-2007 Kathy Cochran
families192gms.txt Letters .....Families Of Handley 1900 2k 3-09-2007 Kathy Cochran
markers.html Historical Markers for Bullitt County Kentucky Connect
1810slave.txt 1810 Slave Owners 5.19k 9/16/00
towns.txt Towns in Bullitt County 2.50k 8/18/01 Pat Settle & Porter
church.txt Business & Churches of the Past in Bullitt Co. 3.72k 8/18/01 Barbara
off1893.txt County Officials 1893 1.70k 8/21/00 Donna Hall
b453001.txt Matilda Blandford to James Burch, Aft 1868 2.89k 10-24-99
c462001.txt R. J. Clark, 1937 2.94k 1-06-02 Jude
c265001.txt Tom Cochran to Charles Harker Hudson Sr., 1925 5.76k 5-04-03 Dorothy
p636001.txt J.M. Coleman to F.T. Porter, 1877 1.43k 05/12/03 Marabeth P.
e345002.txt F.K. Edlen to Eliza, 1864 2.08k 5-15-03 Mary Felts-Nordstrom
e345001.txt F.K. Edlen to Unknown Cousin, 1863 3.04k 5-15-03 Mary Felts-Nordstrom
f236001.txt Benjamin Franklin Foster to Rebecca Horine, 1862 3.41k 5-05-03 Bill H.
f236002.txt Benmagulish Foster to Rebecca Horine, 1862 3.08k 5-05-03 Bill H.
f236003.txt Capt. John L. Foster to Rebecca Horine, 1862 2.88k 5-05-03 Bill H.
benfrank184gms.txt Ben Frank To Beck Kenady 2 Dec 1860 2k 11-26-06 Lynelle Asberry
johnfost183gms.txt John Foster To Rebecca Horine 16 Jan 1862 2k 11-26-06 Rhonda Wathen
williamh182gms.txt William Horine Letter 31 Jan 1862 2k 11-26-06 Rhonda Wathen
fosterbf181gms.txt Foster, B.F - Letter To Rebecca Horine 1861 October 29, 1861 2k 11-26-06 Pat O'Conner
p636002.txt Edna Parrish Hall to Fannie Parrish Porter, 1885 3.80k 05/16/03 Marabeth P.
h620001.txt Diary of Franklin Wayne Harris 26.5k 10/17/00 Marabeth P.
h650001.txt Robert K. Horine to Rebecca Horine, 1865 4.01k 5/31/03 Bill H.
h650002.txt Robert Kennedy Horine to Captain George Horine, 1865 3.78k 6/10/03 Bill H.
l550001.txt Jonathan Layman, Jr. to F.K. Elden , 1863 2.58k 5-15-03 Mary Felts-Nordstrom
h620002.txt Diary of Mary Ann Miller, Harris Jan 1924 - Aug 1925 104k Jan 20001 Brenda Woods
h620004.txt Diary of Mary Ann Miller, Harris Sept 1925 - Mar 1926 35.4k Jan 20001 Brenda Woods
h620003.txt Harris, Reunion, 1925 1.86k 01/10/01 Marabeth P.
p620005.txt Christie Parrish to Clarence Porter, 1888 1.85k 05/10/03 Marabeth P.
p620006.txt Christie Parrish to Unknown Niece, 1888 1.76k 05/09/03 Marabeth P.
p620004.txt Edna Parrish to Mrs. Minton, 1899 2.29k 05/10/03 Marabeth P.
p620002.txt L.M. Parrish to Fannie Parrish, 1883 3.91k 05/11/03 Marabeth P.
p620011.txt L.M. Parrish to Fannie Porter, 1886 4.07k 05/23/03 Marabeth P.
p620007.txt L.M. Parrish to Fannie Parrish and Frank Porter, 1884 2.45k 05/14/03 Marabeth P.
p620013.txt L.M. Parrish to Fannie Parrish and Frank Porter, 1887 3.56k 05/25/03 Marabeth P.
p620009.txt Lucian Minor Parrish to Fannie Porter 2.55k 05/18/03 Marabeth P.
p620008.txt Lucian Minor Parrish to Fannie and Frank Porter, 1884 2.52k 05/15/03 Marabeth P.
p620010.txt Lucian Minor Parrish to Fannie and Frank Porter, 1885 3.58k 05/21/03 Marabeth P.
p620012.txt Lucian Minor, Chris, & Minnie Parrish to Fannie and Frank Porter, 1888 4.53k 05/29/03 Marabeth P.
p620003.txt W.F. Parrish to Fannie Isadora Parrish, 1883 3.19k 05/11/03 Marabeth P.
h625001.txt Jas I. Harrison to Lyman Draper, 1888 1.67k 5-04-03 Dorothy
m265001.txt Paul McAhron to Albert McAhron, 1900 3.72k July 1999 Annette Stanley Rardin
m263001.txt Levi Magruder and James Burch, 1849, 1851, 1856, 1858 13.4k 9/1999
r635001.txt John Thomas Rairdon to Harriett Caldwell, 1863 4.3k 6/26/2003
longrun.txt G. T. Wilcox to Hon. Thomas W. Bullitt, about the Long Run Massacre, 1791 6.5k 3/27/98 Elizabeth Smith
shoptaw.htm Shoptaw Family Letters 18.7k 5-20-03 Shirley C.
t512001.txt Sarah Dunn Thompson to Lyman Draper, 1888 4.12k 5-04-03 Dorothy

American Revolution & War of 1812

theystand.txt Poem - "They Stand" Author Unknown, transcribed by Walter Welch 2.48k 01/20/01 Porter Harned
vets1840.txt Revolutionary Veterans, cir. 1840 1k 2/5/05 Tom Hembrey
News article - Capt. George Little and Sgt. Anthony Thompson 1k
5 July 05 Kathy Cochran
b210001.txt Bishop, Lawrence Pension Appl. - 1832 8.3k 3/31/98 E. Smith
b210002.txt Bishop, Lawrence Pension-1832 8.3k 3/30/03 Donna
b250001.txt Buzan, John  (pension) 3.70k 5/17/02 catmom
b250002.txt Buzan, John Pension File 8.16k 6/11/03 Jimmie Holder
c634001.txt Cardwell, William & Famariah (Hughes), 1829 7.63k 5/01/02 catmom
c140001.txt Chappel, William & Ruth  (pension court order) 6.70k 5/17/02 catmom
c140002.txt Chappel, William  Pension-1832 8.3k 3/30/03 Donna
c654001.txt Cornwell, William & Dictus  (pension) 4.48k 5/17/02 catmom
e352001.txt Edens, John  (pension) 3.14k 5/17/02 catmom
field351gmt.txt Field, Henry May 12, 1819, Pension Virginia Line 15k 11/19/06 Pat O"Conner
f430001.txt Field , Henry (pension) 5.67k 5/17/02 catmom
g432001.txt Goldsmith, Nelson 1882 53.3k 6/17/00 Doug Peterson
h651002.txt Hornbeck, Samuel - Pension Appl. -1832 8.3k 3/30/03 Donna
h65103.txt Hornbeck,  Samuel Pension-1836 8.3k 3/30/03 Donna
h651001.txt Hornbeck, Saml & Susan 1839 2.87k 3/22/00 Keith Kurtz
h120001.txt Hubb, Jacob  Affidavit for Pension-1832 8.3k 3/29/03 Donna
hubbs352gmt.txt Hubbs, Jacob March 4, 1831 Pension  12k 11/15/06 Pat O"Conner
m420001.txt Miles, Jesse - Pension-1844 - pensioner's notice of death 8.3k 3/29/03 Donna
o162001.txt Overstreet, Thomas , Sr (dec'd) .-  1832 8.3k 3/29/03 Donna
p500001.txt Pohon, William  (pension) 3.78k 5/17/02 catmom
p500002.txt Pohon, William  - Pension Affidavit - 1832 3.78k 3/29/03 Donna
r453001.txt Rowland, Samuel - Pension Affidavit -  1832 5.66k 3/29/03 Donna
s130001.txt Shoptaw, John  (pension) - 1832 3.78k 5/11/02 catmom
s152001.txt Spencer, William - pensioner's proof of death - 1839 3.78k 3/29/03 Donna
s365001.txt Stringer, John  Pension - Appl-1832 3.78k 3/30/03 Donna
s365002.txt Stringer, John -  Pension-1832 3.78k 3/30/03 Donna
s530001.txt Smyth, Samm'l Smyth -  Notice of Pensioner's death -1844 3.78k 3/29/03 Donna
s536001.txt Saunders, Joseph - Pension Appl-1832 3.78k 3/30/03 Donna
s536002.txt Saunders, Joseph - Pension-1839 3.78k 3/30/03 Donna
s560001.txt Skinner, Isaac - Pension-1841 3.78k 3/30/03 Donna
little521gph.jpg Thompson, Anthony 1759 - 1834 Sergt. under Capt Wm Houston of Pennsylvania --- --- ---
w452001.txt Williams, Jarrett - Notice of Pensioner's Death -1832 3.78k 3/29/03 Donna
w623001.txt Wright, Elijah - Pension Appl-1832 3.78k 3/30/03 Donna
Civil War 
Brown, Campbell Co B 27th KY Regiment (pension papers 1906) 5.5k Jul 07 Donna Fritz
cw-units.txt Civil War Units of Bullitt County 1k 2/5/05 Tom Hembrey
confedp.txt Confederate Pension Applications for Bullitt Co. 1.77k 8/28/00 Anne Rardin
c120001.txt Coppage/Coppedge,  (Confederate Soldiers) 7.58k 8/31/00 Mary & Lena
skirmish.txt First Civil War Battle in KY 2.3k 10/20/97 Tom Hembrey
walker.txt First Woman - Medal of Honor-1865 3k 10/20/97 Tom Hembrey
Little, John Wright, 1913 / pension 1k
04/26/07 Kathy Cochran
dedication.txt MaGruder, Henry  -dedication of a Tombstone 6.77k 01/20/01 Walter
orphan.txt Orphan Brigade from Bullitt (partial) 3.43k 10/11/00 Brenda Woods
orphanbr.txt Orphan Brigade from Bullitt 16.43k Jan 01 Walter
confedph.txt Photos on file of Confederate Soldiers 3.90k 01/20/01 Walter
w635001.txt Whortenberry, Felix  Co. D 6th Regiment KY Infantry (pension papers, 1907) 6.55k 12/31/00 Brenda Woods
1917draf.txt Bullitt men drafted Sept. 1918 1.42k 10/10/00 Pat Settle
wwone.txt WW-I Veterans Plaque 1.6k 10/20/97 Tom Hembrey
wwii.txt WWII, Bullitt County Boys who made the Supreme Sacrifice 1.16k 9/10/00 Donna Hall
h653001.txt WWII Experiences, by Porter Harned 5.92k 10/14/00 Pat Settle
Korean War
korean Korean War - Unaccounted for Ky 214k 3-12-01 DPMO
Vietnam War
vietnam Vietnam War - Unaccounted for Ky 27.6k 3-12-01 DPMO
Miscellaneous Files
Who's Who in Bullitt County, 1955 | A-D  |   E-K  |   L-R  |   S-Z Nov 00 Pat Settle
Photos Bullitt County Photo Index ----- 2006 G. Barrall & T. Hembrey
bcgs.txt Bullitt Co., Genealogical Society Publications 1k 10/18/97 Tom Hembrey
b400001.txt Thomas L. Bell, 1797-1838 2.1k 10/13/97 boletus
n400001.txt Social Security Application of Raymond Neal, 1956 1k 7/27/00 Brenda Woods
t635004.txt Family of John Michael Troutman, 1738-1814 (errors) 24k 10/31/97 Maria Troutman
countyoff.txt County Officials of Bullitt County, 1893 1.77k 08/20/00 Donna Hall
kycoform.html Ky County Formations 1780-1912 97k 02/08/2000 John W. Picklesimer
academy.txt Ky Girls who attended Abbott Acadamey, Adover, MD 1.49k 08/18/00 Brenda Woods & Lora Young
lawyers.txt Kentucky Lawyers in 1859 all Counties 28k 02/09/2000 Lora Young & Mary Yoder
p620001.txt Thomas Parrish, Mt. Washington, Ky - Blacksmith Shop 5.09k 08/23/00 Sam Brooks
funeralh.txt Troutman - (1st woman embalmer) 2.01k 8/02/00 KyBullitt E-Mail List
medical.txt Medical terms of old days 5.45k 8/24/00 Brenda Woods
middle.txt Old English Law on Middle names 1.33k 8/24/00 Lora Young
p620001.txt Longest Coffin on Record 1.36k 5/12/03 Marabeth
petition.txt 1780 Petition with Bullitt Co. signatures 4.96k 7/31/1999
Tax Lists
A - I 1803 Tax Lists by Surname 11k 6/4/99 Anne Livingston
J - R 1803 Tax Lists by Surname 8k 6/4/99 Anne Livingston
S - Y 1803 Tax Lists by Surname 8k 6/4/99 Anne Livingston
1800tax.txt 1800 Tax Census List of persons in Bullitt County, KY 8.79k 9/06/01 Brenda Woods
tax1862.txt 1862-1866 - Internal Revenue Assessment Lists
(Persons in Bullitt Co. with tax liability)
6.03k 3/19/00 Anne Rardin
tax1863.txt 1863 - Internal Revenue Assessment Lists
(Persons in Bullitt Co. with tax liability)
8.51k 4/20/00 Anne Rardin
taxed.txt Tax Assessment:- Year Unknown (partial listing) 1.94k 9/05/00 Sam Brooks
1880.txt 1880 Tax Assessments - Leaches District
(C thru R surnames only)
3.0k 10/01/00 Sam Brooks

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