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File Description Size Date Submitter
a3430001.txt AYDELOTTE, William E. 2.1k 07/05/1998 Diana Flynn
b2100001txt BAGBY, Daniel M. 2.07k 10/02/2000 Sandi Gorin
b6350001.txt BARTON, John 2.17k 09/25/2000 Sandi Gorin
b6230001.txt BRISTOW, Miss Lillian 2.94k 07/02/2001 Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
c6150001.txt CARPENTER, William H. 1.92k 09/11/2000 Sandi Gorin
c5160001.txt CHAMBERS, C. Scott 6.65k 06/29/2001 Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
c4620001.txt CLARKSON, J. M. 1.57k 11/07/2000 Sandi Gorin
c4520001.txt COLLINS, Marcus 2.00k 10/20/2000 Sandi Gorin
c5600001.txt CONNER, Reuben 1.94k 09/22/2000 Sandi Gorin
c6240001.txt CRISLER, Cyrus L. 1.70k 09/18/2000 Sandi Gorin
d5250001.txt DUNCAN, Edward William 1.83k 10/15/2000 Sandi Gorin
g5200002.txt GAINES Family 3.27k 07/02/2001 Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
g5200001.txt GAINES, Owen 2.03k 09/18/2000 Sandi Gorin
g6530002.txt GRANT, J. Frank 2.91k 10/20/2000 Sandi Gorin
g6530001.txt GRANT, Thomas J. 3.48k 12/05/1999 James R. Baker, Jr.
h5430001.txt HAMILTON, Jesse L. 3.12k 06/20/2001 Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
h5430002.txt HAMILTON, Nance Elizabeth 1.93k 07/02/2001 Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
h0000001.txt HUEY, Mrs. Elizabeth GAINES 3.51k 09/19/2000 Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
k5230001.txt KNIGHT, William P 2.7k 05/20/1998 Phyllis Hill
l2520002.txt LASSING, Judge John M. 4.41k 07/02/2001 Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
l2520001.txt LASSING, Morris 2.08k 11/04/2000 Sandi Gorin
r2630001.txt RECORDS, James M. 2.5k 06/30/1998 Diana Flynn
s2300001.txt SCOTT, Perryander C. 2.41k 10/13/2000 Sandi Gorin
s6300001.txt SHORT, Owens, h/o Mary E. LANCASTER 2.9k 07/26/1997 Diana Flynn
s5300001.txt SMITH, Frank H. 1.67k 10/28/1999 Sandi Gorin
s3600002.txt SOUTHER, Chester & Chas. 10k 06/29/2001 Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
s3600001.txt SOUTHER, Simon W. 1814-1874 2.20k 10/08/1999 James R. Baker, Jr
t5600001.txt TANNER, Joshua Z. 1.82k 09/18/2000 Sandi Gorin
w4200001.txt WALLACE, David Bruce 4.52k 07/02/2001 Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
w4350001.txt WALTON, William H. 2.00k 10/30/2000 Sandi Gorin
w3250001.txt WHITSON, Wm. Marshall 3.58k 07/02/2001 Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
w4250001.txt WILSON, Moses -
to Audrain Co., MO 1834
1.37k 10/22/1999 James R. Baker, Jr.
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