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  KyArchives County Adoptions

Contact the "State File Manager"
Assistant State File Manager

for county adoption assistance.

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USGenWeb Archives Project Guidelines
KyArchives Project Guidelines


     The KyArchives county FM (file manager) is expected to maintain all the archival web pages for the adopted county.  A basic outline for the adoption process follows:

1) Review the USGW Archive Project guidelines and agree to maintain the county web site accordingly 

2) Request adoption of an available county

3) Request access to the kygwarch directory server

4) Subscribe to the KyArchives Administrative Mail List

5) Receive and manage incoming notices from the automated file submission forms from

6) Maintain the archive web pages and directory folders as current and accurate as possible

7) Respond to KyArchive roll calls conducted periodically by the SFM

8) Monitor USGW Archive daily uploads to the county archives

    In addition, a reasonable effort is expected to be shared with other FMs for project support, communication and team work.  The success of the overall project is directly contingent upon the participation of each county file manager.