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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: When I click on a link to a file in the Archives, nothing happens. Why?

A: Several visitors, the majority of them WebTV users, have reported that when they click on a link from the Archives tables of content nothing happens. A recent server software upgrade caused the same problem, now fixed, for almost everyone.

The work-around is the same for both problems:
Change the header in the file name to read After the change your browser will use standard "hypertext" protocols to ask for the file instead of the older "file transfer" protocol.

A test link to see if the fix solves your file access problem follows:

Q: I have data to contribute. What do I do with it?

A: Thank You for thinking of us!! Read the contribution guidelines. After you check them out, attach your file to an email sent to me. If you have questions about large files or files that can't easily be converted to ASCII text please send me a note. , the USGenWeb Archives, Kansas File Manager

Q: I found an error in one of the files. How do we get it fixed?

A: The file content is owned by the contributor. As File Manager, I can't change the content without permission from the person that donated the file. Please send your correction (along with your source data for the correction) directly to the person that donated the file to the archives.

If you don't get a response in a reasonable time frame, it is possible to post an "errata page" for the file in question. Please include a copy of all your correspondence concerning the error in your email to me (Maggie Stewart).

Q: Where is the 1XXX year census in the archives? Where is the xxxx county marriage records? Where is the listing for the xxxxxx cemetery?

A: The answer to all these questions is the same! No one has yet transcribed and donated the documents you need. The best way to get new information posted is for you to volunteer your time to transcribe the unique information you have and donate it to the project. Nothing encourages other contributors more than a steady stream of new donations!

Q: My mother (father, uncle, great grandfather, etc.) is not mentioned in the archived files, please send me the information I need!

A: I wish I could help. However, I have no source of Kansas information beyond the files already in the archives. Our holdings all came from someone like yourself who transcribed a local cemetery index, a county clerk's marriage index, a census district or other primary source material. If what you need is not in the Archives, your best bet is to visit the KSGenWeb County Page and post a Query. Some of the Kansas Counties also have information that is not in the Archives and have links to other sites with databases. For your convenience, the County Index Pages in the archives have links to the KSGenWeb Counties.

I would also suggest you visit the USGenWeb Archives frequently. We receive new contributions daily.

Q: Why didn't Ray Banks transcribe the 1917-1918 Civilian Draft Cards for my Kansas County?

A: Ray Banks' copy of the Kansas draft card microfilm was unreadable for most of the County card files. Ray transcribed the card files he could read and returned the film reels to the National Archives along with a request for a replacement.

It should be noted that the problem appeared to be in the original photography of the cards and not the film. Replacement will entail re-filming the Kansas draft birth registration card deck and will probably take some time for the National Archives to schedule.

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