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Coles County
(Patsy) Mitchell Cemetery

Submitted by Ann Winkler Hinrichs

Allemang, Elizabeth Wife of John 1808 11/01/1873
Barnes, Anne (Houston)*no stone Wife of Wm, mother of Mary Ann Barnes Mitchell 1758 Rockridge Co. VA. 1829
[1]Barnes, William*no stone Husband of Anne, father of Mary Ann Mitchell 1758 1833
Chatwell, James E.   1882 1938
Cheesman, A.B.      
Cheesman, Margaret Wife of A.B.    
Cheesman, Mary Daughter of AB&Margaret 1/30/1888 1/041892
Cheesman, Medford Son of JM and C   1914
Clark, James S. Husband of Rebecca Mitchell    
Clark, Rachel E. Daughter of James and Rebecca Mitchell Clark 1835 1/31/1854
Clark, Rebecca Wife of James, daughter of John and Mary Ann Mitchell 3/5/1806 9/11/1848
Combs, Dorcas Wife of John 3/10/1810 2/22/1898
Combs, John 1st wife was Elizabeth Mitchell daughter of John and Mary Ann Mitchell 1810 1844
Combs, Mary Wife of PM 6/22/1813 10/17/1877
Combs, Minerva Daughter of John&Dorcas 3/30/1838 4/28/1855
Combs, P.M.   5 08/1801 6/22/1866
Combs, T.B. Son of PM&Mary 11/08/1834 3/17/1859
Combs, W.I. Infant of O.M.&C.L.    
Coon, Henry   Ross Co. Ohio 12/17/1819 3/11/1882
Curtis, Ira      
Curtis, John E. Son of Ira and Sarah Curtis 2/1869 9/09/1869
Curtis, Martha Daughter of Ira and Sarah 10/13/1866 2/28/1866
Curtis, Sarah E. Wife of Ira Curtis 1842 11/06/1869
Cutler Family Related to Patsy Culter Mitchell wife of John Bruce Mitchell    
Cutler, Benjamin F. Son of John Riley Cutler and Mary Johnson sister to Patsy Culter Mitchell 2/27/1827 10/29/1908
Cutler, Charles A. son of Issac&Harriet Cutler 2/1872 8/26/1872
Cutler, G.F. son of B.F.& Parmelia 1884 8/23/1885
Cutler, G.W. son of B.F.& Parmelia 1872 9/05/1873
Cutler, George W. son of B.F.& Parmelia 1863 9/16/1871
Cutler, Harriet A. wife of Issac Cutler   2/24/1873
Culter, Harriet N. daughter of Issac & Harriet   2/06/1878
Cutler, Harvey B. son of Wm & Mary Culter   7/07/1871
Culter, Homer   1812 1930
Cutler, Issac son of John&Mary brother of Patsy Culter Mitchell    
Cutler, James B. son of Benjamin & Parmelia Cutler 1847 12/23/1850
Cutler, John C. son of Benjamin & Parmelia Culter 1855 9/05/1873
Cutler, John F. son of Benjamin and Parmelia Culter 1855 8/31/1857
Cutler, Mary wife of John Cutler 1888 10/17/1946
Culter, Mary N. Daughter of Issac&Harriet   3/29/1860
Cutler, Minnie May Daughter of Benjamin and Parmelia Cutler 1872 8/23/1885
Cutler, Parmelia A. Maiden name Hughbanks 7/04/1828 11/06/1897
Cutler, Rebecca A. Daughter of Issac&Harriet 12/1864 9/14/1865
Dobbs, Theodore B.   9/19/1908 11/15/1915
Ealy, James A.      
Ealy, James B. Son of J.A. and Sina Ealy 1893 8/25/1894
Ealy, Margaret 2nd wife of James A.   2/19/1935
Ealy, Sina Ann 1st wife of James A. 1861 4/27/1904
Galbreath, Albert A. Son of Thomas&Catherine, grandson of William Hunter Galbreath, great grandson of William & Phebe 1862 8/13/1863
Galbreath, Catherine Wife of Thomas    
Galbreath, Catherine Fitzhue Wilson Wife of James Adam Galbreath, daughter of John and Mary Wilson 5/27/1866 1/29/1938
Galbreath, Esther Catherine Daughter of James&Catherine, granddaughter of James& Martha Galbreath, great granddaughter of William and Phebe 3/16/1906 11/18/1912
Galbreath, Jarrett Noble son of John, grandson of William and Phebe 1831 11/02/1898
Galbreath, James son of William and Phebe; monument 3/12/1815 8/14/1897
Galbreath, James Adam son of James, grandson of William and Phebe 11/07/1853 10/12/1940
Galbreath, James H. son of William& Louisa, grandson of William and Phebe    
Galbreath, John son of William and Phebe 1799 9/98/1874
Galbreath, John Son of Jaret, grandson of John, great grandson of William and Phebe 1871 12/04/1893
Galbreath, John Melton son of James & Martha, grandson of William & Phebe 4/07/1843 4/10/1848
Galbreath, Louisa Lashbrook daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Lashbrook, wife of William H. Galbreath 1811 3/20/1889
Galbreath, Louisa daughter of William H.& Louisa, granddaughter of William & Phebe    
Galbreath, Martha Houston Mitchell daughter of John and Mary Ann Barnes Mitchell, wife of James 5/12/1822 9/27/1891
Galbreath, Mary Jane York daughter of Abraham& Elizabeth York,Wife of William Houston Galbreath 1842 7/21/1893
Galbreath, Mary L. daughter of Thomas& Catherine, grandaughter of William H., greatgranddaughter of William & Phebe 1857 11/30/1879
Galbreath, Mildred Daughter of William Hunter, granddaughter of William and Phebe    
Galbreath, Phebe Foreman Wife of William Galbreath; marker 1770 3/12/1852
Galbreath, Polly Ann Keith Wife of John Galbreath 1801 3/15/1846
Galbreath, Rebecca K. Hensley 2nd wife of Jarrett Galbreath 6/12/1835 3/26/1915
Galbreath, Susan Dyer Snyder Wife of Robert Vincent Galbreath 1847 10/16/1877
Galbreath, Thomas Son of William H. and grandson of William and Phebe 1835 2/23/1872
Galbreath, Walter Edwin Son of James A., grandson of James, greatgrandson of William and Phebe 9/09/1886 8/14/1962
Galbreath, William[2] son of John and Mary Ann Galbreath of Pennsylvania; marker; military marker 10/01/1757 5/03/1839
Galbreath, William F. Son of Thomas, grandson of William H., greatgrandson of William and Phebe 1854 10/26/1955
Galbreath, William Houston Son of James, grandson of William and Phebe 12/31/1841 4/24/1873
Galbreath, William Hunter Son of William and Phebe 8/17/1809 5/20/1890
Gilbert, Pleasant Son of James &Rosalie Combs Gilbert Abt 1879 8/11/1881
Giblert, William Son of James & Rosalie Combs Gilbert 1863 10/29/1864
Gollady, Henry   3/22/1940 4/12/1956
Graham, Amanda E. Wife of George 1869 1953
Graham, George B.   1867 1941
Hartzell, John [3]   1843 10/28/1878
Hensley, Covington Husband of Sarah Johnson 1841 4/17/1868
Hughbanks, Daniel Son of J&L 1880 9/11/1882
Hughbanks, Elizabeth wife of James, daughter of Joseph and Margaret Blamer 1777 9/14/1851
Hughbanks, George W.   1841 3/11/1863
Hughbanks, James Husband of Elizabeth Blamer 1774 10/15/1834
Hughbanks, James Son of James and Elizabeth married to Sarah Galbreath daughter of Wm&Phebe 1806 10/05/1876
Hughbanks, James F. Son of James and Sarah, grandson of Wm&Phebe Galbreath    
Hughbanks, Phebe Daughter of James and Sarah granddaughter of Wm&Phebe Galbreath    
Hughbanks, Sarah Wife of James, daughter of William and Phebe Galbreath 1805 10/28/1861
Humphries, James A.[4]      
Johnson, Homer Son of Thomas and Margaret Johnson, grandson of Phebe Galbreath Johnson, great grandson of Wm&Phebe Galbreath 1882 10/31/1885
Johnson, Margaret J. Wife of Thomas 1858 1905
Johnson, Mary E. Wife of William 1841  
Johnson, Phebe Galbreath Wife of Vincent, daughter of Phebe & Wm. Galbreath 10/08/1806 7/03/1886
Johnson, Robert Vincent Son of Vincent and Phebe, grandson of Wm&Phebe Galbreath 9/13/1845 4/28/1909
Johnson, Roscoe Son of Thomas and Margaret. Grandson of Phebe and Vincent, Great grandson of Wm&Phebe Galbreath 1879 1/26/1881
Johnson, Sally A. Daughter of Wm and Mary granddaughter of Vincent and Phebe, great granddaughter of Wm& Phebe Galbreath 1866 1/09/1867
Johnson, Sally Ann Daughter ofVincent and Phebe, granddaughter of Wm.&Phebe Galbreath 1835 12/08/1836
Johnson, Vincent Husband of Phebe Galbreath 1810 11/30/1852
Keigley, Maggie Wife of Willis 4/23/1860 4/28/1901
Keigley, Willis C. Son of Henry and Leurette Keigley 4/28/1860 11/16/1883
Lanman, Omer B. Son of J.& L.M. 1890 3/03/1890
Lashbrook, Jarret Son of George and Nancy Galbreath Lashbrook 11/22/1867 10/24/1929
Lashbrook, Nancy Wife of George, daughter of John and Polly Keith Galbreath granddaughter of William and Phebe Galbreath   5/05/1886
McLain Infant son    
McLain Infant twins of C&SE    
McLain, James U. Son of Christian and Sarah E. Galbreath, great grandson of Wm&Phebe Galbreath 1868 11/18/1871
McLain, Lillie A. Daughter of William & Mary Ann McLain 1864 8/30/1865
McLain, Mahola Daughter of Christian and Sarah great granddaughter of Wm& Phebe Galbreath 1862 10/19/1867
McLain, Mary Ann Wife of William McLain 1825 4/11/1866
McLain, Permelia   1852 2/18/1854
McLain, Permelia Daughter of Christian and Sarah, great granddaughter of Wm & Phebe Galbreath 1859 4/01/1866
McLain, Phebe Daughter of Christian and Sarah great granddaughter of Wm & Phebe 1864 8/23/1865
McLain, Roberta Daughter of Christian and Sarah great granddaughter of Wm & Phebe Galbreath 1869 8/01/1871
McLain, Sarah E. Wife of Christian, daughter of John and Polly Galbreath, granddaughter of Wm& Phebe Galbreath 9/30/1833 3/17/1909
McLain, William Cos G Husband of Mary Ann, Son of Mark McLain &Margaret Hughbanks 1830 12/24/1890
Merriweather, Jessie B.   1/06/1878 12/10/1926
Mitchell, Elizabeth Zimmerman Wife of William Barnes Mitchell 3/01/1824 2/17/1862
Mitchell, John Bruce[5] Husband of Patsy Cutler and son of John and Mary Ann Barnes Mitchell 11/02/1817 3/23/1849
Mitchell, John [6]*no headstone, buried under evergreen tree Husband of Mary Ann Barnes, son of Adam Mitchell and Elizabeth McMachen [text file] 5/04/1774 1843
Mitchell, Mary Ann Barnes* no headstone Wife of John, daughter of William Barnes and Anne Houston [text file] 9/29/1776 1844
Mitchell, Mary E. Wife of………..Daughter ofJohn B.& Patsy Prince 1839 1900
Mitchell, Mary J. Daughter of John B & Patsy Mitchell    
Mitchell, Patsey Wife of John Bruce, daughter ofJohn Riley and Mary Johnson Cutler

2nd husband John Prince
1818 7/26/1882
Mitchell, William R. Son of John B and Patsey Mitchell. Died of Typhoid fever 1839 4/01/1860
Newby, Edmond[7]     8/15/1864
Newby, Joseph Husband of Mary Ann Galbreath, 3/09/1842 5/10/1917
Newby, Mary Ann Wife of Joseph, daughter of Martha and James Galbreath, granddaughter of Wm.&Phebe Galbreath 11/15/1847 4/16/1873
Newby, Sarah A. Wife of Edmond daughter of William and Elizabeth Mitchell 1843 6/05/1864
Newby, John     3/07/1876
Newby, Palina Infant daughter of John & SE. Newby   10/09/1858
Newby, SE      
Nicholson, J.B.     5/24/1873
Nicholson, Marylin Daughter of JB   7/11/1881
Nicholson, Pleasant Son of JH &GD   7/11/1881
Prince, John B. 2nd husband of Patsty Cutler Mitchell 1/12/1818 1/05/1905
Prince, Phebe 1st wife of John Prince 1/12/1819 4/14/1841
Roberts, James E.     12/03/1851
Shaub, Georgia     6/23/1883
Shrader, Joseph   1854 1939
Shrader, Rebecca Jane Wife of Joseph daughter of George Lashbrook and Nancy Galbreath, great grandaughter of William and Phebe Galbreath 1859 1919
Smith, Eula B. Wife of George 1901 1953
Smith, George H.   1896  
Snyder, Susana   1818 9/07/1881
Stewart, Andrew J. Husband of Phebe Jane Galbreath 2/25/1852 1942
Stewart, Martha Daughter of Andrew and Phebe, great granddaughter of William and Phebe Galbreath 8/29/1891 9/28/1892
Stewart, Phebe Wife of Andrew, daughter of James and Martha Galbreath, granddaughter of William and Phebe Galbreath 11/01/1851 10/22/1930
Stockdale, Eliza Wife of John 10/23/1818 1/24/1909
Stockdale, John   Abt. 1813 10/10/1888
Swinford, GR      
Swinford, Lavilla Infant daughter of GR and Mary   7/22/1876
Swinford, Mary V. Wife of GR 1860 3/16/1877
Thomas, Pauline Wife of Perry 3/16/1891 4/17/1931
Thomas, Perry   12/02/1892 7/23/1965
White, Elmer[8]   1898 6/27/1918
White, Malvina Wife of Peter 1841 6/30/1875
White, Margaret Ann Wife of William N. 4/21/1872 2/19/1935
White, Peter      
White, William N.   1862 1906

Information originally complied by Grace Ashmore of Oakland, IL
David Coy of EIU, Decatur, IL
Additional information research by Ann Winkler Hinrichs 3/2008

[1] Service in Revolutionary War

[2] Service in Revolutionary War as a Sergeant in William Shannon Co. PA

[3] Service in Civil War as a Private Co.H 79th, ILL INF

[4] Service in Civil War as a Sergeant Co. H.3rd MO calvary

[5] Service in Mexican American War as a Pvt. Co I, Ill

[6] Service in War of 1812 State of KY

[7] Service in Civil War died as a prisoner at Andersonville

[8] Service in WWI, PVT Bat B 9th F art

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