Adams County Illinois

Jo Hughes Fri Jan 17 15:23:57 1997
ELIJAH ALLISON is my ancestor whose death certificate states he was born in IL in 1812. In my search for him and his family, I understand there was an Elijah ALISON in the 1840 Federal Census for Adams County, page #86. Is there anyone who can identify this ALISON? He married in IL in 1835 and had at least one child who was born in IL. I appreciate any information. Sincerely, Jo Hughes, Seattle

Cindi Eberle Tue Jan 14 20:47:58 1997
I am interested in any information about my grandmother whose name was Minnie J. Lueninghoener Holtman. She was born Oct 17, 1890 and died May 25, 1971. Her brothers were Elmer Holtman, Walter Holtman and Herbert Holtman. Sisters were Lillian (married Frank Schifflett, Davenport, Iowa) and Bertha Berblinger (Quincy, Illinois) She Married George Eberle in 1909. Any help would be appreciated.

Roger Thompson Mon Jan 13 18:15:19 1997
Query on Elmer Lee Thompson. Correct birth date should read 9/2/1886, not 1882.

Kenneth R. Cade Sun Jan 12 11:22:37 1997
I am looking for information on the OGLESBY family which lived in Madison County around the 1840's. They owned a farm around Edwardsville. Related family names which we would like information about are MOORE and STITES or STYTES.

Jim Newman Sun Jan 12 18:57:22 1997
GOODING I am looking for information on John and Frances Lemon/Lamond Brown Gooding. The information I have is that they were married in Adams Co. 20 Jun 1800. I know Adams wasn't a county until 1825, but it was probably in the area. Their children were Mary Findlay, William Brown, Sarah Brown, Frances Lamond, Abraham, and Elizabeth. Can anyone help me? I'd appreciate any information you can give. Thanx

Maureen Reed Fri Jan 10 13:18:10 1997
I have info on Wendel SCHAEFER/SCHAFER family, arrived Quincy 1850 from Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. Wife: Anna DAUM. Children: Margaret REITER, Wilhelm, Marie EBERT, George, Eva SCHUMAN. Will share info with other researchers.

Maureen Reed Fri Jan 10 13:22:06 1997
Looking for info on John (Johann) REITER, b. 1817 Germany. He married Margaret Elizabeth (Lizzie) SCHAFER 12/12/1848 at Quincy, Adams Co, IL. They moved to MO in 1859 from Burton, Adams Co., IL. I can find no record of John in the 1840 census so I am assuming he arrived from Germany between 1840-1848. Can anybody help?

Susie Martin-Rott Fri Jan 10 14:47:29 1997
Seeking any information on these three people: (from SSDI) BUCKLO, PAUL 325-18-6134 (IL) b. 03 Jun 1906 d. Jul 1984 lr. 62301 (Payson, Adams, IL) lp. 62301 (Payson, Adams, IL) BUCKLO, PAUL 357-03-4557 (IL) b. 26 Jun 1881 d. Sep 1962 lr. IL BUCKLO, DEVONA 359-20-0710 (IL) b. 21 Mar 1905 d. Oct 1985 lr. 62301 (Payson, Adams, IL) or anyone connected to surname BUCKLO. I have a Mary Ann BUCKLO (no other info) married to James B. ROTT. Son Samuel B. ROTT b. NJ son Kenneth ROTT no information. Are these Adams Co BUCKLO connected to my Mary Ann BUCKLO. Only 5 people came up on SSDI for the BUCKLO surname. Obituaries of any of the above three people would be greatly appreciated!

Susan Bockoven Wed Jan 8 11:24:15 1997
Seeking information on the STITES/STILES and the CROW/CROWE family of Adams Co., IL 1830's forward

Joyce Witt Sat Jan 4 12:31:06 1997
Interested in the following Adams Co. IL families: WITT, HUNTER, SHRADER, JAMES, BREWER Will gladly share information. 1827-1920's.

Matthew Nugent Tue Dec 31 13:13:06 1996
I am looking for any information on the family of LOUIS LABRASH and his wife CATHERINE (HOY). LOUIS came to the Adams county area in the mid 1860's, and stayed in central Illinois until his death there between 1900 and 1910. He also moved around Illinois, living variously in Hancock and Shelby counties during 1863-1910. His wife, CATHERINE, was born in the northeastern U.S. in the 1840's to JAMES and MARGARET HOY. There were thirteen (!) LABRASH children born from 1866 until 1889. There are too many children to list here, but it is safe to assume that anyone with the last name of LABRASH is a relative. It would also be unbelieveably helpful if anyone has access to an indexed copy of the 1870 Census for Adams, Shelby or Hancock County. The only alternative open to me is to plow through the entire county, name by name. Doesn't sound all that appealing, does it? LOUIS, if it is any help, was a blacksmith. Please help, if you can. I've hit a wall!! You can also contact me at: 4366 Maryland Ave. #108 St. Louis, MO 63108

Marge Farmer Sun Dec 29 09:55:00 1996
Looking for information on the husband of my aunt, Rena Mae Ramsburg HARMON. I do not know his first name, or anything about him. I believe he was quite a bit older than Aunt Rena, but am only guessing. Aunt Rena worked for the old Thor Washing Machine Co. in Chicago. Family story is that her husband died of a heart attack while driving to work in Chicago. Any information or ideas of where to search would be appreciated. Aunt Rena's last address was 726 N. Austin Blvd., Oak Park, Il.

Bill Amman Sun Dec 29 19:47:42 1996
Seeking info on Josef S. Tabernacki b.Chicago 1888d.1971 Adams Co. m.Josephine Adamczyk abt.1911. Had 2 sons Joseph b.1912-d.1913, Robert Josef b.1915d.1982.Second marriage to Bertha???. He left Chicago for Peoria after 1920 census and is rumored to have worked for Catapillar and as a Justice of the Peace. Would greatly appriciate any info on above, or ANY Tabernacki family member(living or deceased) Thank You Bill

John Bousman Thu Dec 26 10:20:53 1996
BOUSMAN, Ethel (spelling may have changed) lived in Chicago area about 1943. May have birthed one son name unk. Also serching for BOUSMAN, ATKINS, PHILAMLEE, LESTER, CONNETT in any time or areas.

Sally Furuiye Thu Dec 26 12:21:09 1996
Searching for information about Ebenezer TURNER and family. The story goes that Ebenezer and a large number of his family came to Adams county from Maine by way of Pittsbur, by boat on the Ohio and Mississippi to St. Louis and then by foot to Quincy. (1833) Thomas Willey Turner owned the "Hunky Dory" farm just south of Quincy. Any confirming information or other family history greatly appreciated.

Mary M. Koch Tue Dec 17 15:49:48 1996
Looking for Schuyler county records on David CHAPMAN, his wife Angelina BURCHARD Chapman and their son David M. Chapman. 1870 Illinois Census: County: Schuyler Location: Birmingham Twp. Pg. 26, Dwel# 179 Fam# 182 Chapman, David: age 62, farmer, Bp NY. Angelina, wife, age 48, keeps house, Bp NY. David M., son, age 13, works on farm, Bp OH. 1880 Illinois Census: County: Schuyler Location: Birmingham Twp. Chapman, David: age 72, Retired farmer, Bp NY. Angelina, wife, age 56, keeps house, Bp NY. David M., son, age 23, works RR Depot, Bp OH. In 1880, the son, David M. Chapman, married Margaret HUTCHISON in Quincy, Adams Co, Illinois. Margaret was from Hancock County. His older half/sister, Minerva Chapman MURPHY, also lived in Schuyler county and died in Rushville on March 31, 1912 (age 82). She is buried in Brooklyn, Schuyler, IL. Minerva A. Chapman and Allen Murphy had 14 children. Looking for the burial site of David Chapman and Angelina C. Burchard Chapman. and Allen Murphy had 14 children.

Walter O. THOMPSON Wed Dec 11 23:45:26 1996
I am searching for any information and descendants of my ancestors Alfred Carl THOMPSON (b.1829 NASHVILLE, TN d.@1876?) and Martha Washington [SNETTAKER] (b.1839 IN?/IA? d.1923) d/o Adam SNETTAKER and Mary [BOWEN] SNETTAKER. Alfred died in BROWN CO., IL. and might be buried in Hersman? or Gilberds? Cem.??? Martha died in Mounds Station and her death record stated buried in Thomas Cemetery. Where is Thomas Cem.? Brown or a surounding county? Maybe ADAMS CO.?? Their children married in to FRANKLIN's, GRANT's, UPCHURCH's and CLEME's. They are listed in 1860 APPANOOSE CO., IOWA and 1870 BROWN CO., IL. Censuses. I am also searching for any information and descendants my ancestors Seaborn MAYFIELD (b.1814 OVERTON CO., TN. d.??) the s/o James and Nancy [GORE?] MAYFIELD. Seaborn md. Sarah CHENOWETH in 1838 PIKE CO., IL. Some of their descendants went to PUTNAM CO., and DALLAS COS., MO., BROWN, PIKE, ADAMS, and KNOX COS.,IL. and ENID, OKL. Their descendants married into FRANKLIN's, CLAYTON's, MIDDLETON's, KUNKEL's, THOMPSON's, SIX's. FRANKLIN's and MAYFIELD's were in the PIKE/BROWN area before 1830's. I am gathering info on all FRANKLIN and MAYFIELD surnames in this area. Walter O. THOMPSON, Sr. e-mail snail mail Rt1 Box 11, ELLERY, IL. 62833 (618) 445-3304

Rick Sat Dec 7 21:41:41 1996
Looking for info on a John M. (Martin ) Bell who married a Mary Ann Smith. They resided in Clayton, Adams Cty, 1850 census. Mary Ann Smith Bell died Jan 17 1872 probably Adams County, but I have no info on her line whatsoever. I know that they had several children in Adams Cty: Frances E. b: 1853 William B; 1855 Marcellus b: 1857 Ema B; 1859 Reuben S. 1865 Mattie b: 1871. I know they were married in Brown Cty by a Reuben McCoy, and that somehow there is a link to a Hanna Smith McCoy, but I can't put it together. Anyone who can share info would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick.

Sandra Boyse Sat Dec 7 21:52:36 1996
Looking for info on JAMES SKEEN born 29 Mar 1811 in Lancaster Co., PA died 12 Oct 1859 Sangamon Co., IL. Spouse: Lydia A. Moore born 13 Feb 1813, Lycoming Co. PA. married Nov 1834 in Lancaster Co. PA. CHILDREN: 1. ELIZA F. born 21 Sep 1825 married WILLIAM PARSONS lived in Camden & Miller Co., MO 2. SAMUEL born 7 Dec 1837 3. SARAH A. born 26 Feb 1840 married JOHN ALLEN 4. MARY S. born 19 Dec 1843 married (1) MOSES O. BOOKER (2) JAMES DAVENPORT 5. NANCY born 23 Jun 1845 married BRYANT FAY 6. REUBEN born 4 Jan 1847 married CATHERINE SHRYER, dau of EPHRAIM SHRYER. What happened to CATHERINE & RUEBEN? Lived in Quincy, IL Their young children were left with Reuben's sister ELIZA PARSONS. 7. LYDIA C. born 23 Nov 1949 married JOHN DAVENPORT 8& 9. WILLIAM F. & ISABELLA born 29 MAR 1853 10. AGNES F. born 18 Mar 1858

Sandra Boyse Sat Dec 7 21:55:32 1996
Looking for info on JAMES SKEEN born 29 Mar 1811 in Lancaster Co., PA died 12 Oct 1859 Sangamon Co., IL. Spouse: Lydia A. Moore born 13 Feb 1813, Lycoming Co. PA. married Nov 1834 in Lancaster Co. PA. CHILDREN: 1. ELIZA F. born 21 Sep 1825 married WILLIAM PARSONS lived in Camden & Miller Co., MO 2. SAMUEL born 7 Dec 1837 3. SARAH A. born 26 Feb 1840 married JOHN ALLEN 4. MARY S. born 19 Dec 1843 married (1) MOSES O. BOOKER (2) JAMES DAVENPORT 5. NANCY born 23 Jun 1845 married BRYANT FAY 6. REUBEN born 4 Jan 1847 married CATHERINE SHRYER, dau of EPHRAIM SHRYER. What happened to CATHERINE & RUEBEN? Lived in Quincy, IL Their young children were left with Reuben's sister ELIZA PARSONS. 7. LYDIA C. born 23 Nov 1949 married JOHN DAVENPORT 8& 9. WILLIAM F. & ISABELLA born 29 MAR 1853 10. AGNES F. born 18 Mar 1858

Francis C. Gill Sun Dec 8 15:59:33 1996
RANKIN/SMITH/MOORE/O'NEAL/BERRY-Seeking information on the Elias RANKIN family. Elias RANKIN b. in 1795 in Pendleton Dist., S.C. married Matilda Herring on January 19, 1820 in Caldwell Co., Ky. They arrived in Adams Co. prior to 1840. Their daughters married John SMITH, Enoch MOORE, Samuel Whitfield O'NEAL, and Caleb A. BERRY. Their sons were named Robert RANKIN and Jesse RANKIN.

Mary Alice Dell Sun Dec 1 22:08:35 1996
I am interesting in exchanging information with any one who is researching the families of JOHN T. or JONATHAN CLAY WILLIS. John T. married Alice Bruner, daughter of ABRAM BRUNER and ELIZA DEVER. I am also interested in exchanging information with BRUNER and DEVER researchers.

Marilyn Kucera Tue Dec 3 14:32:04 1996
Seeking descendants and information on John McADAMS, b. 1791, TN; d. 9 June 1849, Adams Co., IL. Married Eda HORN 22 Sept 1814 Logan Co., KY. Children: Willliam, Mary, Samuel, Thomas, Nancy, Joseph, Nathan, James, Sarah, John H., and Eliza. This family moved to Adams County ca. 1838. They lived in Lima Twp.

Marc Bulandr Wed Nov 27 20:44:21 1996
I'm looking for any information on Florida aka "Rida" Williams, that was born on July 4, 1896 and died in California in 1977. She lived on Kedzie Avenue in Chicago until about 1976.

Susan Peters Zmrzel Wed Nov 27 21:06:18 1996
Adams Co., IL, 11-27-96, MORAN, MANN, WALKER, WAIT, BROWN, ROBINSON My maternal 3rd. great grandfather, John MORAN was born 1807 in Chatham Co., NC the son of William Thomas MORAN Jr. and Delilah MANN. He married 2 Oct 1834 in Randolph Co., NC to Sarah WALKER (daughter of David WALKER). He died 9 Sept 1865 in Adams Co., IL. John and Sarah had the following children: Jesse W. b. 1836 in Randolph Co., NC, m. Sarah ca. 1866 and died 15 June 1891 in Eureka, Greenwood Co., KS; Delila Elizabeth b. 1838 in Randolph Co., NC, m. 8 Sept 1863 to John P. WAIT; Caroline b. 1841 in Adams Co., IL, m. Feb 1877 to J. W. BROWN; Mary b. 1842 in Adams Co., IL; Nancy Marriah b. 14 Jan 1849 in Clayton TWP, Adams Co., IL, m. Samuel M. ROBINSON on 5 June 1866 in La Prairie, Adams Co., IL, and she died 18 Aug 1923 in Blackwell, Kay Co., OK. (these are my 2nd. great grandparents). Susan Peters Zmrzel P.O. Box 10097 Ft. Mojave, AZ 83427 e-mail ( (These are the surnames that I research) ANDREWS, BATES, BECKER, BEVIS, BOGARD, BORDINGH, BRACKNEY, BRILL, BROWN, CHATHAN, CLEMENT, COLLINS, CONTINI, CRISS/CRIST, CUVELLIER, DAVIS, DWIRE, ELLIS, FEDRIGA, FERJANCIC, FISHER, FOGLEMAN, FRANCE GATES/GOTZ, GRIZZLE, HARRIS, HAWKINS, HEADY, HETTENBACH, HUDDLESTON, KRESS/CRESS, KOKEC, LUNDBECK, MANN, MARSURYNS, MAYHAM, McDOWELL, McINDOO, MENONI, MISENHEIMER, MORAN, NASH, NICHOLAS, NOFFSINGER/NAFZGER, NOWLIN, OWEN, PERKINS, PETERS, ROBINSON, (3) SMITH, SOOY, STEHELI/STEELE, STILLWELL, STUCKEY, SYMON, TILLMAN, TOLAN, VAN TIENHOVEN, VIGNE, VILLETT, WALKER, WICKS, ZMRZEL.

Marie Pickett Thu Nov 28 13:32:59 1996
I found out about your site today. I am curious as to who you will add to your list. I was born in Quincy in 1920 and left in 1949. There are still relatives in Quincy. I have been researching my Grandfather on paternal side; KROGMAN, Alfred and his wife Josephine. I have all the information on them except I would appreciate how to find his citizenship papers. He was naturalized in 1888 on Oct. 29th. He also owned a saloon on the north east corner of 7th & Maine in 1886. Can you help me? Marie

Mary Lou Lloyd Thu Nov 28 20:07:08 1996
I am Looking for Henry Watkin HUETSON and Jeannete (Janet or Jenet). Henry was born in Lincolnshire, England. Jeannete was born in Springfield IL or maybe even in Scotland. They both had lived in Evanston, IL and they both died in Chicago, IL. Thye had 10 Children. There could be more Huetson living in Chicago. I am looking for the Grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters of Henry Watkin Huetson and Jeannete Moffat. I do know that all the

Nicola Bradbury Fri Nov 29 14:11:47 1996
I am researching the Bulpitt family in Uk and would like to know the origins of the Bulpitt town in Christian County,Illinois, eg was it founded by a Bulpitt and when ?

William H. Adams Tue Nov 26 22:50:42 1996
I would like to hear from all ADAMS kin whose ancestors got to Quincy, IL before 1830 or so. My 3G-grandfather, George Washington ADAMS, had two brothers in Kentucky. Their father apparently abandoned the family. One son stayed in KY, one son went to Quincy, IL, and in 1817 George W. Adams took his mother, Elizabeth, with him to Monroe Co., IN. Elizabeth (possibly Bledsoe??) was born March 1761 and died May 1846.George was born May 20, 1796 in KY and died July 13, 1853 in IN. Not sure if Livingston or the unknown named brother went to Quincy. If the families had further contact it is unknown. Would appreciate hearing from ADAMS researchers.

Matthew Nugent Mon Nov 25 14:14:18 1996
I am seeking information on the Louis LaBrash family (or any LaBrash) living in Illinois in the mid to late 19th Century. .

Priscilla Scanlan Mon Nov 18 12:54:05 1996
Searching for Chidester Ancestors..... Orpha Ella Chidester was born around 1861 in Quincy, Illinois.....her parents were Andrew and Delila (Pennell) Chidester. Can anyone in Adams County help me find my ancestors??? Thanks!!!! Priscilla Scanlan 4060 Huntsville Road

Susie Bryant Wed Nov 13 20:07:39 1996
I am searching for information on Priestly Parks b. 1834 IL who married Martha Mary Evans b. 1845/47 IL. They were married in Richland Co, IL Their children: James b. 1871, Charles b. 1868, Martha Rosia b. 1875; Martha Jane b. 1873.

Jennifer Day Tue Nov 12 17:50:19 1996
John L. BRUFFEY married Mary Rosella JACOBS on 9-25-1884 in Adams Co., IL Looking for information on Mary JACOBS parents, John W. JACOBS(b. 1836 in IN) and Emily E.(b. abt 1840 in IN), and siblings: Florence-1859, ---A.-1865, Anna-1866, and Edgar-11-1869

Bill Henderson Wed Nov 6 21:55:20 1996
I am looking for information about my great-grandfather, Adam Keck. He was from Quincy, but moved to Parsons, KS with the railroad. His son, my grandfather, was Robert Adam Keck, born 6/7/1885 in Quincy. Other sons included Frank, Gerry and Joseph. His wife was Louisa Mae Koenig, also of Quincy. Her father was an owner of the Koenig and Luhr Wagon Factory of Quincy. Any information would certainly be appreciated!

Diane Korten Mon Oct 2120:26:49 1996
LUNG / ASKINSSearching for parentage for Jonas B. LUNG b. 1789 TN m 1821Garrard Co., KY to Anna ASKINS, d. 12 September 1879 Clayton,Adams Co., IL. Children: Dr. John A., Justine, Margaret,William H., Jonas R., Susan, Strawther Marion and Mary Ellen.Any help would be most appreciated.More information on homepage:

Sue Ikerd Wed Oct 23 1996
Researching BOYCE, GRANT and CLAIR. I have been unable to find the family of Alvin Boyce who md. Rebecca Grant in the 1860 Census. Their son, Edward md. Rosa Clair in the 1880s in Adams Co. Also interested in finding the family of Rebecca Grant and Rosa Clair. Alvin Boyce's father was Thomas Boyce. Would like information on any of these families or to contact anyone researching these names.

Terri Oct 27 1996 Looking for info on Holden Adams and son Holden Adams early 1800's -1880's. Possibly migration pattern of New York to Ohio and Indiana and Illinois and then down the river to New Orleans and then migrating across the south to La and Texas. Intermarriaged with Brossait family. Families closely associated Hutchinson, Rhodes, Utley, Thayer, Beecher, Johnson. Please email Terri at

Shari Handley Thu Oct 24 21:43:54 1996
Looking for evidence of births and marriage of: George CLAYTON, b cir 1871 in Rockford IL and Mary PURTLE, b cir 1875, also in Rockford IL. The birth certificate of their son, Daniel George CLAYTON, b 1903 in Lily, PA, gives the information on their places of birth.