The Price of Our Heritage
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This book is all about the men who died during WWI who were from Iowa.  The book includes information on the battles followed by short biographies and photos of the men who died.  The text files are listed below.  If you find a person who has 'photograph' after their name, that photo is linked to on the Index & Photographs page.

Index & Photographs

picindx.htm Index of names & Links to photographs New Page 08/2002 Cay Merryman
3rdiowa.txt History of the Old 3rd Iowa (Photos:  26-37) 19kb 08/2002 Cay Merryman
lorraine.txt Battle of Alsace Lorraine (Photos: 48-101) 59kb 08/2002 Cay Merryman
chateau.txt Battle of Chateau Thierry (Photos: 161-275) 110kb 08/2002 Cay Merryman
champagne.txt Battle of Champagne-Marne (Photos: 117-153) 39kb 08/2002 Cay Merryman
salient.txt San Mihiel Salient (Photos: 282-323) 42kb 08/2002 Cay Merryman
argonne.txt Argonne (Photos: 329-389) 52kb 08/2002 Cay Merryman
sedan.txt Drive to Sedan (Photos: 395-397) 6kb 08/2002 Cay Merryman
rhine.txt Occupation of the Rhine (Photos: 405-410) 13kb 08/2002 Cay Merryman

See Also:

1918.txt Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa
For the Biennial Period Ended June 30, 1918
3kb 09/2002 Cay Merryman

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