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Text Description (Click here for text, Photo Link for Image) Photo Link Date Submitter
Cemetery and Tombstone Photos      
High School Assembly Sabula, IA 1920-1921 Image 47K Sep 2003 Nettie Mae Lucas
175th Birthday Party - City Of Maquoketa August 4, 201 Image 67K Sep 2013 Ken Wright
Brown, Norris Image 165K Dec 2012 Ken Wright
House, A. J. Image 159K Jul 2012 Ken Wright
Maquoketa Downtown Fire, 2008 January 19, 2008 Image 126K Jan 2011 Ken Wright
Maquoketa Downtown Fire, 2008 January 19, 2008 Image 146K Jan 2011 Ken Wright
Iowa Flag Image 14K Jun 2010 Ken Wright
Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Baldwin, Iowa 2004 Image 61K Jun 2010 Ken Wright
Boardman, William C. Image 250K Sep 2009 Ken Wright
Boardman Window Image 124K Sep 2009 Ken Wright
Clarke, James Image 159K Oct 2010 Ken Wright
Crawford, Lt. James M. 1944 Image 165K Jan 2011 Ken Wright
Dawson, Hon. A. F. 1910 Image 169K Jun 2010 Ken Wright
Fairfield Indepent School Image 104K Jan 2011 Ken Wright
Garryowen School Image 101K Jun 2010 Ken Wright
Garry Owen Image 216K Jan 2013 Ken Wright
Grant Wood Scenic Byway Image 53K Sep 2013 Ken Wright
Grand Army Of The Republic Image 185K Jun 2010 Ken Wright
Gruenwald, Thelma July 4, 2005 Image 10K Jun 2010 Ken Wright
House, A. J. Image 211K Jun 2010 Ken Wright
Hurst, Alfred 1910 Image 136K Jun 2010 Ken Wright
Hurst, William K. 1910 Image 139K Jun 2010 Ken Wright
Hurstville Dam 1955 Image 29K Nov 2011 Ken Wright
Jaynes, Charles Image 216K Jan 2011 Ken Wright
Keck, F. H, Image 119K Sep 2009 Ken Wright
Keck, Levi 1880 Image 103K Jun 2010 Ken Wright
Kimball Family Image 180K Nov 2010 Ken Wright
Metz, Floyd 1911 - 1994 Image 37K Mar 2006 Renee' Robbe
Metz, Ronald Ray Image 96K Mar 2006 Renee' Robbe
Millikan, Robert A. Image 16K Nov 2010 Ken Wright
Murray, J. C. 1910 Image 136K Aug 2010 Ken Wright
Palmer, W. H. 1880 Image 202K Jun 2010 Ken Wright
Palmer, W. H. 1910 Image 91K Aug 2010 Ken Wright
Pendray, Carolyn C. Image 236K Jan 2011 Ken Wright
Roberts, Warren Image 265K Nov 2012 Ken Wright
Scholl, John 1963 Image 218K Aug 2010 Ken Wright
Smith, Platt June 30, 1875 Image 288K Jun 2010 Ken Wright
South Garry Owen Image 246K Jan 2013 Ken Wright
Sunday, Billy September 12, 1919 Image 280K Feb 2011 Ken Wright
Swift, Sr., Dr. Frederick Image 181K Oct 2010 Ken Wright
Telephone Operators - ca 1928 Image 217K Sep 2003 Nettie Mae Lucas
B. F. Thomas, Esq. Farm 1875 Image 351K Sep 2009 Ken Wright
Wentworth, William Image 19K Jan 2011 Ken Wright
Willman, Elizabeth January 24, 2011 Image 214K Jan 2011 Ken Wright

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