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Text Description Size Date Submitter
Adams, Charles A. December 20, 1938 2K Nov 2007 Jackie Conry
Adams, Mary Ann April 12, 1948 1K Nov 2007 Jackie Conry
Blake, Alice May December 1, 1917 2K Feb 2011 Ken Wright
Cleveland, Celia Wright February 29, 1896 1K Dec 2009 Ken Wright
Crandall, Minnie Wingate July 28, 1958 2K Oct 2009 Carolyn Jarvey
Cruse, Frank J. 2.9K Mar 2005 Cheri Cruse
DeWald, Dora 3K Jul 1998 Mary Dorsey
DeWald, George 6K Jul 1998 Mary Dorsey
Donohue, Thomas J. October 20, 1923 2K Nov 2010 Ken Wright
Donohue, William August 1, 1896 2K Dec 2009 Ken Wright
Green, David G. 2.42K Jul 2001 Sceletta J. Shell
Murray, Alex Ray 2K Jul 2007 Jana Murray
Van Antwerp, Gen. Harman September 14, 1843 1K Dec 2009 Ken Wright
Wright, David January 22, 1919 2K Mar 2010 Ken Wright
Wright, David March 18, 1907 2K Mar 2010 Ken Wright
Wright, Guy Alfred August 20, 1969 2K Mar 2010 Ken Wright
Wright, Ida Elmira Trott January 26, 1939 2K Mar 2010 Ken Wright
Wright, Isaac Lincoln February 4, 1918 2K Mar 2010 Ken Wright

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