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Text & Description (Click this Link for Description, Photo Link for Image) Photo Link Date Submitter
11th Avenue School Class Photo Ca1950 Image 56K Feb 2009 Maryann Caldbeck
11th Ave. School Early 1950s Image 168K Feb 2009 Maryann Caldbeck
Albany Jr. High School, Albany, GA 1958 Image 56K May 2005 John R. Johnson
Alfriend, Dr. E. W. Image 35k Jun 2004 Naomi McFadden
Bland, Mrs. Students Piano Recital 1957 Image 78K Sep 2009 Maryann Caldbeck
Broad Avenue School, Albany, GA 1957 Image 48K May 2005 John R. Johnson
Brosnan, Bridget Dunlavy Image 69K Jul 2008 Jennifer Uy
Brosnan, Daniel Joseph Image 84K Jul 2008 Jennifer Uy
Brown, Milton Nathaniel Image 22k Feb 2002 Gerry Hill
Carter, Eliza Oliver Image 49k Jun 2004 Naomi McFadden
Carter, Evelyn Page Nelson Image 42k Jun 2004 Naomi McFadden
Carter, Thomas Image 27k Jun 2004 Naomi McFadden
Cooper, Sallie Shine Barksdale Image 35K Apr 2004 Renee Werth
Felts, Rossie Nancy Barksdale Image 33K Apr 2004 Renee Werth
Davis, Dr. W. M. L. 1821 - 1872 Image 39k Jun 2004 Naomi McFadden
Drake, Minnie Young Image 33K Nov 2002 Starla Ferrera
Drake, Waddie & Minnie Young Image 49K Nov 2002 Starla Ferrera
Hilsman, Dr. Paelemon L. Image 32k Jun 2004 Naomi McFadden
Johnson, Jewell T. Image 47K May 2005 John R. Johnson
Lincoln Oak, Historical Tree in Radium Springs Image 36K Nov 2006 Steve Davis
Mamie Brosnan School 2nd Grade 1955 Image 94K Feb 2009 Maryann Caldbeck
Mamie Brosnan School 2nd Grade 1956/57 Image 168K Feb 2009 Maryann Caldbeck
Miller, James Shine II Image 73K Apr 2004 Renee Werth
New Albany Hotel, Albany GA Image 68K Oct 2002 Penny Postcard Project
Plantations For Sale By Hamlin Cook 1859 Image 54K Oct 2007 Don L. Clark The Registry
Rhodes, Lillian W. Image 37K Jan 2012 Lorie A. Clements Everson
St. Nicholas Hotel After Tornado 1940 Photo 79K Jan 2004 K. P.
Wilkinson, Elizabeth Jane Miller Image 55k Apr 2004 Renee Werth
Yankey, Worth E. Image 25k Jun 2004 Naomi McFadden

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