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Bethlehem Methodist Episcopal

Submitted By Liz Jenkins (lizzieprj@aol.com)


Description and/or Directions:

Total Records: 52
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1AtkinsMary Frances ??/??/1978??/??/1980
2BaileyBenjamin 12/16/18847/18/1932
3BaileyJeanette ??/??/????/??/??(b:No Date)(d:No Date)
4BlackMannie ??/??/18918/28/1956
5BriscoRev. DC 8/12/1872??/??/1926
6BrownEster ??/??/????/??/??(b:No Date)(d:No Date)
7BrownWillie 11/18/18924/5/1952 "WWI PVT. 151 Depot Brigade"
8DanceyRev. SD ??/??/18366/29/1911
9DancyMary 7/18/1887??/??/??(d:No Date)
10FordMissouri 10/12/1910??/??/??(d:No Date)
11GilesKatie 5/15/18743/14/1926
12HainesAmos ??/??/18489/??/1905
13HainesAngil ??/??/1903??/??/1930
14HallAda L. 6/??/1876??/??/1933
15HollinsElla 10/30/1956??/??/??(d:No Date)
16HutsonEva Dancy 3/3/1908??/??/??(d:No Date)
17JohnsonAlice 10/15/1892??/??/??(d:No Date)
18JohnsonClinton ??/??/1888??/??/1921
19JohnsonJohnnie 4/28/18924/26/1968
20KingEloise 12/20/18366/5/1936
21KylerF. C. ??/??/18645/26/1917
22KylerFrank ??/??/1930??/??/??(d:No Date)
23LenardBessie 11/3/18979/3/1902
24McginnisEddie 10/13/1949??/??/??(d:No Date)
25MckinneyClister 12/24/18638/11/1892
26MckinneyElbery ??/??/????/??/??(b:No Date)(d:No Date)
27MorganRev. AB ??/??/????/??/??(b:No Date)(d:No Date)
28MotonRev. CT 12/15/18562/6/1920
29PetersonSir. ??/??/1848??/??/1928
30PettusGladyes 10/19/1972??/??/??(d:No Date)
31PeytonJosephine 5/8/1968??/??/??(d:No Date)
32RawlsCorene 1/25/18926/19/1937
33RawlsEdgar ??/??/????/??/??(b:No Date)(d:No Date)
34RawlsSarah 6/9/1923??/??/??(d:No Date)
35RogersGladies 11/11/1967??/??/??(d:No Date)
36RutledgeKenyou V. ??/??/1980??/??/1986
37SamsIsabella ??/??/1876??/??/1940
38SamsJuliann ??/??/18265/19/1926
39SamsLeola ??/??/19196/2/1941
40ScottElizabeth 3/5/18673/25/1927
41SheppardJanie 6/14/1967??/??/??(d:No Date)
42SmithDavison 7/3/18723/30/1970 "PVT. Co. C555 Engineers"
43SmithRoser 1/30/18685/30/1921
44WalkerGracy 3/9/1924??/??/??(d:No Date)
45WalkerJohn ??/??/????/??/??(b:No Date)(d:No Date)
46WhiteElizabeth 9/18/19058/18/1963
47WhiteEthel Jr. 6/15/19183/20/1925
48WhiteMary J. 1/29/1955??/??/??(d:No Date)
49WhiteWillie 2/16/19284/8/1947 "PFC. 1332 AAI Base Unit W.W."
50WilliamsHerbert ??/??/????/??/??(b:No Date)(d:No Date)
51WilliamsTom 1/19/1953??/??/??(d:No Date)
52WilsonMartha 7/3/1926??/??/??(d:No Date)

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