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Description Filename Submitted by
Blackiston Methodist Church, Millington blackist.txt Iva Thompson
Oddfellows Cemetery, Smyrna oddfello.txt Donna Harris
Oddfellows Cemetery, Camden oddfell2.txt Briana and Katie Barnhart
Old Quaker Cemetery, Little Creek - Cowgill Burials quaker.txt Claiborne W. Cowgill
Ralston - Related Graves, Various Kent Co. Locations ralston.txt Timothy Field Beard
Sandtown Cemetery, Mt. Olive sandtown.txt Iva Thompson
Silver Lake Cemetery, Dover (African-American) - partial listing silverlk.txt Peggy Brooks-Ukpabi

Census Records
Description Filename Submitted by
1860 Kent County Census Images Please Read First
Table of Contents
Sam Hoff, Delaware State University
with permission from SK Publications

Court Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Collins, Benjamin - 1885 Probate collins.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, John - Orphans Court Petitions, 1816 and 1830 graham7.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, John W. - 1875 Orphans Court Petition graham26.txt Jerri Burket

Description Filename Submitted by
History of Chester Bethel Methodist Church (Clouds Chapel) - page 1 (image) cloud1.jpg Marie Pittman
History of Chester Bethel Methodist Church (Clouds Chapel) - page 2 (image) cloud2.jpg Marie Pittman
Kent County Libraries (as of 28 Jul 2002) kentlbry.txt  

Land Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Graham/Lafferty Land Transaction, 1814 lafferty.txt Jerri Burket

Military Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Officers, King George's War 1744-1748 officers55gmt.txt Joy Fisher
Rev. War - Boyer, Daniel Pension Application, 1832 boyerd.txt Barbara Boyer
Rev. War - Boyer, Sarah Widow's Pension Application, 1839/1853 boyers.txt Barbara Boyer
Militia Officers, French & Indian War (1758) militiao61gmt.txt Joy Fisher
John Caton's Company, French & Indian War rosterof59gmt.txt Joy Fisher
Officers, French & Indian War 1756 officers57gmt.txt Joy Fisher
War of 1812 - Shorts, Nathan Pension Application (Abstract) shorts-n.txt Barbara Terrill
WWI - Civilian Draft Registrations, 1917 - 1918, Surnames A-G kcivreg1.txt Raymond H. Banks
WWI - Civilian Draft Registrations, 1917 - 1918, Surnames H-P kcivreg2.txt Raymond H. Banks
WWI - Civilian Draft Registrations, 1917 - 1918, Surnames Q-Z kcivreg3.txt Raymond H. Banks


Tax Records
Description Filename Submitted by
1693 Tax Assessments, Kent County kent1693.txt Glenna Sytsma

Vital Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Death - Frank Harrison, 29 Jan 1944 harrison7gdt.txt Krystal Wilson
Marriage-Burton, Jessie L - Wheatley, James Howard March 12, 1927 burton11gmr.txt Cathie Jones

Wills and Probate Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Brown, Benjamin, 1767 Will benbrown.txt Jerri Burket
Brinkle, Elizabeth, 1741 Will brinkle.txt Iva Thompson
Cain, Thomas, 1799 Will cain2gwl.txt Patricia O'Connor
Dyer, John, 1861 Will dyer.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Christianna, 1815 Will graham.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, John B., 1859 Will graham10.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Joseph, 1877 Will graham11.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Samuel, 1832 Probate graham12.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Robert, 1853 Probate graham13.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Mary (Lewis), 1869 Will graham14.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Samuel, 1861 Probate graham15.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Susan, 1888 Will graham16.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, William, 1793 Will graham18.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Wheatley, 1859 Probate graham19.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Emory, 1860 Will graham2.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Ruth Ann, 1905 Will graham21.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Robert, 1908 Will graham22.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Samuel G., 1911 Probate graham23.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Mary E., 1910 Will graham24.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Mary Elizabeth, 1911 Probate graham25.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, John, 1900 Will graham27.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, William, 1920 Will graham28.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, John, 1903 Will graham29.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Benjamin, 1842 Probate graham4.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, George, 1807 Will graham5.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Clarence E., 1913 Probate graham6.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, George, 1826 Will graham8.txt Jerri Burket
Graham, Jacob S., 1916 Will graham9.txt Jerri Burket
Hall, Thomas, 1772 Will mason-a.txt Pat Mason Harris
Hazel, William L., 1865 Will hazel.txt Jerri Burket
Lewis, Mark, 1800/1809 Probate lewis.txt Jerri Burket
Lewis, Lancellot, 1720 Will lews.txt Jerri Burket
Mason, Abraham, 1755 Will mason-a.txt Pat Mason Harris
Mason, Daniel, 1852 Will mason-d.txt Pat Mason Harris
Mason, Isaac, 1743 Will mason-i.txt Pat Mason Harris
Mason, Isaac, Jr., 1743 Will mason-i2.txt Pat Mason Harris
Mason, John, 1814 Will mason-j2.txt Pat Mason Harris
Mason, Joseph, 1786 Will mason-j.txt Pat Mason Harris
Numbers, Peter, 1773 Probate numbers.txt Jerri Burket
Numbers, Sarah, 1785 Will numbers2.txt Jerri Burket
Raughley, Shadrack, 1883 Will raughley.txt Jerri Burket
Virden, Absolem, 1778 Will virdin.txt C. J. Towery
Williams, Reynear, 1745 Will williams.txt Iva Thompson
Williams, Reynear, 1775 Will williams2.txt Iva Thompson
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