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County Description Date Contributor
Hartford Bachiocchi, Craig S. 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
Tolland Bachiocchi, Mary E. 01 Sep 2001 ABishop
Tolland Bagley, June L. (Garneau) 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
Hartford Bajorski, Emilia (Maselek) 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
Hartford Bailey, June (Siteman) Sep. 2001 ABishop
Hartford Bailey, Barbara (Grant) Sep. 2001 ABishop
Windham Bailey, Mark D. 19-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford Bak, Andrew F. 30-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford Bakulski, Francis P. 19-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford Banas, Vivian Moir 10-Jun-2001 ABishop
Middlesex Bankoski, Joseph Anthony Mar. 2003 ABishop
Hartford Bangasser, Edna C. (Wilson) 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
Hartford Banning Sr., Lewis D. 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
New London Baranowski, Joseph Mar. 2003 ABishop
Tolland Baricak, Elizabeth Ann (Liebman) Sep. 2001 ABishop
Tolland Barnett, Duane C. 10-Jun-2001 ABishop
New Haven Barnett , Jean E. Apr. 2003 ABishop
Hartford Baron, Carolyn 01-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford, Tolland Barron, Julia 01-Sep-2001 ABishop
Tolland; Springfield, MO; VT Barstow, Henry C. Apr. 2001 ABishop
Hartford Bartolucci, Domenica (Fornabi) Ducharme Oct. 2001 ABishop
Hartford Bassett, John O. 22-Aug-2001 ABishop
Hartford Bayer, Vivian M. (Frisk) 30-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford Beauchesne, Joseph G. 01-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford Beaumont Sr., Edgar Apr. 2001 ABishop
Hartford Beaupre, Anna (Lagasse) 29-Apr-2001 ABishop
New London Bechard, Alfred 01-Sep-2001 ABishop
Hartford Beckstead, Connie L. (Coury) 04-Oct-2001 ABishop
Hartford Bedner, Antoinette M 30-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford; Quebec, Canada Begin, Theresa (Bolduc) Mar. 2003 ABishop
Middlesex Behrens, Josephine (Otfinoski) 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
Hartford Belasco, Mary (Holyst) Mar. 2003 ABishop
b4100001.txt - not found Beliveau, Richard R. ABishop
Coventry; North Adams, MA Bellard, Roger L. 10-Jun-2001 ABishop
Hartford Bellico, Sadie (Cannone) 29-Apr-2001 ABishop
Tolland Bennett, Gladys E. 19-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford; Brighton, MA Benson Jr., Peter E. 06-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford Berggren Sr., Richard J. 10-Jun-2001 ABishop
Hartford Berlin, Svea (Peterson) Carlson 29-Apr-2001 ABishop
Hartford Bernier, Joseph 01-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford Bertrand, Robert E. 06-May-2001 ABishop

Bessette, Normand M.

22-Aug-2001 ABishop
Hartford; Naples, Italy Bianchi, Louis 17-Aug-2001 ABishop
Unknown Bill, Alexander T F Nov 2007 Kim Klein
Hartford (Bronislwa Biedron), Sister Mary Floritta 19-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford Biz, Anna 30-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford Blaisdell, Thelma (Quinlan) 17-Aug-2001 ABishop
Hartford Blasaiewicz, Frances 01-Sep-2001 ABishop
Hartford Blinn, Russell E. 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
New Haven Blondin , Paul Aubertin 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
Hartford Blowen, Eleanor (King) 10-Jun-2001 ABishop
Hartford Blowen, Florence 01-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford Boissonnault, Jeanne (Tanguay) 19-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford Bombard, Steven L. 29-Apr-2001 ABishop
New Haven Botero, Norma E. 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
Hartford Bourez, Irene Y. (Larose) Poulin 10-Jun-2001 ABishop
Hartford; Lowell, MA Bourque,Gertrude R. (Kennedy) 17-Aug-2001 ABishop
New Haven Boyce, Robert J. Apr 2001 ABishop
Hartford Bozio, Irene (Kopaczek) 29-Apr-2001 ABishop
Hartford; Agawam, MA Brackoneski, John F. 29-Apr-2001 ABishop
Hartford Bragg (widow of L. Bragg) Sawyer, Marjorie 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
Hartford Brahman, Rita M. (Cormier) 06-May-2001 ABishop
Tolland Braley, Terrence D. 22-Aug-2001 ABishop
Tolland; Forestville, MD Bressan, David 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
Hartford; Holyoke, MA Briggs, Claire (Joyal) 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
Hartford Brin, Donna (Lariviere) 29-Apr-2001 ABishop
Hartford Brooks, Raymond J. 06-May-2001 ABishop
Tolland; Watertown, NY Brough, Rose Marie May 2001 ABishop
Middlesex; Burlington, VT Brown , Deloris D. 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
New London; Austria Brown, Dorothy "Dora" (Rogan) 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
Middlesex Budzik, Delphine 03 Apr 2003 ABishop
Hartford Burke, Francis J. 29-Apr-2001 ABishop
Hartford; Lawrence, MA Burns, Helen (Jennings) 01-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford Butler, Elizabeth (Wodal) 29-Apr-2001 ABishop
Hartford Button, Martha (Steele) 19-May-2001 ABishop
Hartford; Ashland, England Byron, Emmett J. 30-May-2001 ABishop


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